Refund policy
To ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase made, relies on the Refund Policy. It is sufficiently stated in “Membership Terms and Conditions” under both the refund policy and the application policy. They are required to agree in prior, before joining our service. 
After the services have had been used, we stick to a no-refund policy. In case the error or malfunction in the operation of the site occurred or deceitful abuse of the payment method occurred, the refund is open to question. Please contact us with you reasons for calming a refund if you suggest our services being defective in any way (include a copy of your registration details that we have sent to you upon joining the site, or else we will not be able to assist). Your request will be answered within a maximum of 48 hours by our support team. 
If valid proof or reasons for claiming a refund are included, your request will be accepted and discussed within a maximum of 48 hours. 
Contact us at the following address for any reason:
Sono RC LP
16/5 West Pilton Rise, 
EH4 4UQ, 
United Kingdom


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