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  • 22.11.2022 How To Buy a Virtual Gift?
    The significance of virtual gifts in a long-distance relationship is undeniable. It is always more than just a token of appreciation or a piece of memorabilia. You can buy some online presents today following a brief guide given to help you out.
  • 14.02.2022 Top 5 Valentine's Date Ideas
    The truth is you don’t have to do anything special on Valentine’s Day, just lay around in bed counting freckles on her velvet skin as usual. But suddenly a hammering gaze of her blue eyes sustained for a moment would make your heart rate drop and your eye fall on the clock. Might be uneasy to find something memorable outside the box at the last moment, but you better give it a try.
  • 26.11.2021 Black Friday In Different Countries: Any Gaps?
    November's shopping bonanza is the best time to meet up with your woman! Yesdates offers you to save up to 70% on all communications!
  • 24.06.2020 Can I Get a Hot Girlfriend If I'm Not Hot Enough for Her?
    Some people constantly wear masks or play someone else’s role in the hope of attracting some charming representatives of the opposite sex. It seems to them that they are not good enough the way they are, and it means they do not deserve respect and love.
  • 25.06.2020 How to Get the Power Back in a Relationship: Tips for Men
    Ideally, we all want to have healthy relationships and be happy with our significant others. Unfortunately, relationships in which partners are truly happy and equal are rather rare. In the real world, when you meet single girls, you need to spend days working on your relationships to make sure that everything works well.
  • 22.06.2020 What Is Cognitive Dissonance in Relationships? How Does It Affect Couples?
    People are naturally prone to live in harmony with themselves, their worldview, beliefs, principles, and philosophy. This is what allows us to feel holistic and satisfied. But often in our everyday life, we can encounter such a phenomenon when some contradictory ideas, reactions, values, clash with each other in our minds.
  • 29.05.2020 When to Leave a Relationship: 8 Obvious Signs
    People in love know how difficult it is to maintain a balance in a relationship, put up with a partner’s shortcomings, and stay together for a long time. However, not all relationships have a continuation, and they come to an end sooner or later. It makes no sense to torture each other.
  • 19.05.2020 15 Tips on How to Be More Masculine
    Nowadays, men, more than ever before, feel confused. This is because they don't understand what it means to be a man and what role should they play in our rapidly changing society. From early childhood, men are told to sit still, be quiet, listen to their mothers, obey parents and teachers, hide their aggression, and follow the rules.
  • 19.05.2020 What to Do If Somebody Talks Too Much on a Date
    According to experts, there is some connection between how people choose partners and how much they talk. It turns out that in a five-minute conversation, a person decides whether he or she wants to continue a date. So, it means that the first impression is really important.
  • 17.04.2020 Polyamorous Relationships: Rules, Psychology, Tips, and Taboos
    Few of us spend our whole lives with our first love. Besides, there are a lot of unfaithful people around, and you definitely know men and women who are torn between two loved ones and can’t choose the one.
  • 31.03.2020 Top 15 Hottest Female Golfers
    Is golf a game only for wealthy men? It is this opinion that has taken root throughout the world. A golf set as a gift has always been considered an elite way to congratulate some very important person.
  • 24.03.2020 Basic Relationships Patterns and Guide to Cope With Them
    Relationships “once and for all life” are becoming less and less common phenomena, and there are more and more divorces. Not only men but also women are in no hurry to put a stamp on their passports. Men, in general, are increasingly choosing new patterns of relationships for themselves and also look for easy relationships with singles girls online.
  • 07.11.2019 Hot Eastern European Women Looking for a Date
    Consequently, a great number of men dream of dating a girl from Eastern Europe. But how to let an Eastern European girl know you like her? Why you should date Eastern European women? What to do to make a romantic relationship with such a lady happy and long-lasting? Today, we are going to provide the answers to these questions and give you some useful tips on how to date an Eastern European woman.
  • 07.11.2019 Long-Distance Relationships: Tips for Men
    Some find a loved one in the global network, others leave for work, and still, others live worlds apart for various reasons. But do long-distance relationships work? How to deal with long-distance relationships to live happily with a person you love? What are the pros and cons of long-distance relationships? Let's go into the matter.
  • 04.10.2019 30 Best Tinder Taglines for Guys
    Millions of people daily use Tinder, and it is very hard to make someone swipe you right. And this is when a Tinder tagline comes to rescue. What is a Tinder tagline? The answer is very simple: it is a small white bar on your screen.
  • 27.08.2019 How to Start a Conversation with a Girl Online
    Many Internet users make typical mistakes in filling their profiles and chatting to a girl online. So, if you want to succeed, you should be aware of how to create the perfect profile on a dating site and how to talk to girls online and make them interested in the continuation of your communication.
  • 27.08.2019 How to Start a Conversation with a Foreign Girl
    You never know when this can happen. You can walk along the street, have dinner in a restaurant, hang out in a nightclub or have a picnic with friends in nature, and suddenly you see a beauty and like her very much. But she is a foreigner. And how to date a foreign girl if you don’t know her language?
  • 27.08.2019 How to Text a Girl You Like: Examples and Advice
    To start off, let’s talk about the art of picking up girls on Facebook and various online dating services. Then we will move on to topics like “the art of closing the deal with a girl,” “how to text a girl you like and examples,” and “things to text to a girl.” How to text a girl?
  • 21.08.2019 How to Text a Girl Younger Than You
    In modern society, the Internet plays a very vital role, without it, people would riot. One of such ways in which the Internet has changed our lives forever is the way we find people in this world. Online dating is at its most popular, and there seems to be no stopping to this trend.
  • 21.07.2019 What Is Micro-Cheating in a Relationship?
    Things that seemed weird several years ago have already become our reality. Modern technology has become a part of our life, and we can hardly imagine our everyday routine without it.
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