15 Tips on How to Be More Masculine

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Nowadays, men, more than ever before, feel confused. This is because they don't understand what it means to be a man and what role should they play in our rapidly changing society. From early childhood, men are told to sit still, be quiet, listen to their mothers, obey parents and teachers, hide their aggression, and follow the rules. No, we are not saying that being a masculine person is equal to being a jackass who doesn't respect anyone and behaves the way he wants. We are only saying that it is in men's nature to sometimes violate rules and take full responsibility for their actions.

Without a single doubt, feminism is very important because we all must understand that men and women are equal and can't live without each other. However, modern feminism sees masculinity as a dangerous enemy, and this is a horrible mistake. Thus, modern men, have problems with winning female attraction because they simply don't know how to behave when some women try to play masculine roles expecting men to be more feminine. Surely this approach lowers masculine energy and prevents men from being successful in this life. After all, how can you possibly be successful if you constantly feel out of place? Today, we are going to discuss ways how to become more masculine to help men deal with this matter.

how to be a masculine man

Can a Guy Become Masculine from Scratch?

To begin with, it is crucial to understand that masculinity is not something that people are born with. No, surely, some men, from their birth, look stronger and are more masculine, while others have slim bodies, patchy beards, and generally more feminine faces. At this point, it is important to know that masculinity consists of two parts. The first part is your look, just like in the previous example, with a strong or slim body, thick beard, and so on. The second part is your behavior. Both parts can exist separately. However, if you want to be more masculine, you need to work on both aspects.

Another important fact is that masculinity can be built. Of course, it becomes harder with age because the older you are, the harder it will be to adopt new habits and change your body. But even if you are 40 years old and whole your life you have been living among girls who considered you their "girlfriend," it is never too late to begin changing yourself. You can change yourself, and, in this article, we will share some tips on how to be more masculine. Your desire to transform yourself is the most important factor that will influence your success when it comes to working on your masculinity.

So, how to be a masculine man, and where should you begin? You need to work on both parts of your masculinity: look and behavior. At the same time, if you plan to date a single woman online, then, first of all, you need to pay attention to your looks to create new profile pictures. Also, it is much easier to adopt more masculine traits and habits when you look masculine. In this case, you will subconsciously feel stronger and more confident. People who surround you will also feel how your energy has changed. In simple terms, a masculine look helps radiate confidence and other masculine traits.

What Do Women Think Are Masculine Traits in Men?

So, before learning how to be masculine, it is necessary to understand the final goal, which is a set of masculine traits that you need to obtain to impress and date nice women. As you know, today, it is a very disputable topic because some people believe that those traits are pure stereotypes. However, you can't fool women who search for men who possess these traits, and these women are the majority of the population. Nevertheless, you should never go too far with these masculine traits because you may seem too aggressive. Otherwise, instead of attracting women, you will scare them off.

1. Dominant

Being a dominant man is not as hard as you think it is. You only need to know what you want and how to achieve it. Yes, it is so easy! You can't even imagine how women love men who are not afraid to dominate them. But you must pay attention to your woman's desires. In simple terms, your task is to tenderly make her do what you want.

2. Strong

Want to know how to appear more masculine, and attract more women? Work on your body! Women love strong men, and this is a fact. They love men with a strong will because they are dominant, and they love men with strong bodies since they can protect them. Plus, you can always lay on his abs, and it feels just awesome.

3. Independent

Remember, in women's eyes, only independent men are capable of achieving success. This explains why those men who still live with their mothers helplessly struggle to find women. You may not have your own house or even a car because it is not about property. It is about your ability to be self-sustained.

4. Assertive

Everyone understands that this life is full of problems, and more than once, a person may fail before he or she successfully resolves an issue. Women want to date only those men who are assertive enough both to win them and to resolve daily issues and problems. So, forget about giving up after the very first attempt.

5. Brave

Don't expect a woman to value your relationship if she had to make the first step to begin it. Yes, sometimes women choose timid or even cowardly men, but these are not a very healthy relationship. The majority of women believe that a perfect man must be brave and have no fears.

How to Become More Masculine: 15 Tips on Style, Health, and Behavior

masculine traitsSo, as you can see, even though modern feminists started a real war on men and masculinity, the majority of women still believe in the concept of the real man. Consequently, by working on your masculinity, you will significantly raise your chances of meeting a special woman with whom you will build a healthy and long-lasting relationship. In this part of our article, we will share with you 15 best ways of how to become a more masculine person. Nevertheless, be warned that you should never focus on your masculinity too much and become hyper-masculine. In such a case, you will freak out everyone around you. Hypermasculinity is neither attractive for others nor useful in life.

1. Work on your confidence

Your first task is to work on your confidence. If you don't truly feel confident (after all, it is not possible to be confident in every situation), you must learn how to look confident even if you don't feel so. Leaning to fight self-doubt is a pretty complicated challenge, and it will take a huge amount of time and effort. Pay special attention to your body language and posture. Additionally, don't forget about your arms. Thus, by having a confident posture, you will make a positive first impression, especially on women.

2. Take risks

Of course, you can't always take risks because this will lead to a very unstable lie. Here we are talking about your ability to push yourself to make wise, but for whatever reason, scare choices. To begin with, you should analyze your life and find things that hold you back. For example, you may be staying on your bad job only because you fear to change it. Or you have been procrastinating simply because you fear to do something wrong. Women feel when men have such fears, and never choose those who can't deal with these matters.

3. Don’t complain

Want to learn how to sound more masculine? Of course, you may try to force your voice to sound deeper, but this will be way more harmful than useful. Remember, the best way to sound masculine is to once and for all forget about complaints. Men don't complain! You should never try to win sympathy from other people by complaining. However, don't fear to ask for help if you have some serious problems. Because you must be brave to ask for help when you need to. Thus, this won't damage your masculinity, and it should never decrease self-confidence.

4. Set clear goals and work to achieve what you want

Here we are talking about your ambitions and confidence in your goals. Women love these traits in men. Just focus on your goals and forget about the worrying stage that always comes before the stage of acting. No matter what you want to achieve, you must always see the final result and be able to find the best path to achieving it. Don't fear to ask hard questions if something bothers you, and don't avoid hard work. Also, it is totally fine if you see that you can't achieve something right now because it much harder to achieve your goals than you have thought before.

5. Learn how to deal with hyper-masculinity

You see, when working on your masculinity, it is very easy to lose balance and become hyper-masculinity. A truly confident and masculine man always knows where he can apply his masculinity and where he should use more feminine approaches. Unfortunately, beginners often overdo with their masculinity. This is because, in their attempts to look masculine, they embody all possible stereotypes of masculinity. This works against them. If you know that you have this problem, you can participate in sports or competitive games to let this energy loose and actually benefit from it.

6. Control your emotions

Nope, you should never turn yourself into a rock that has no emotions at all. It is not a secret that men also have emotions, and there is no shame in expressing your emotions. Thus, don't fear to express your emotions. People who try to hide them are more likely to suffer from depressions and anxiety. Sometimes, by expressing your emotions, you can even support your masculinity. However, this works only if you know when and how you should express your emotions. Therefore, make sure that you control your emotions because girls don't like men who behave too emotionally.

7. Say what you think

Here is a golden rule on how to radiate confidence: don't fear to say what you think. For example, if you have something constructive in mind during your work meeting, you must say it. Masculinity is also about a man's willingness to give voice to his opinion, even if this opinion may be wrong. However, if you need to communicate in mixed-gender groups, you should never interrupt women. This is because being a gentleman is also a very masculine trait. At the same time, you must never allow anyone to interrupt you, including women.

8. Admit your mistakes

First of all, you should never fear to join a discussion, dialogue, or even a verbal confrontation. Another important point is that if for whatever reason, you are wrong, you should easily admit your mistakes. However, don't let anyone blame you for being wrong. You see, quite often, hypermasculine people see this as a weakness and try to use the fact that you've admitted your mistake against you. In this case, you can graciously suggest a change. However, don't dwell on your mistake, and never apologize too much. Besides, you must always be ready for situations when someone tries to "out-male" you.

9. Work on your sense of humor

Without a single doubt, men tend to make more jokes than women. Women tend to find funny men more attractive because a nice sense of humor is a great indicator of wit. Thus, your ability to make nice jokes will make you look more masculine. Also, sometimes it is nice to make witty observations and crack people up a little bit, just make sure that you don't offend or insult anyone. To improve your sense of humor, you can try watching various standups and shows. Unfortunately, you will need a lot of time to develop your sense of humor, but the positive side is that it won't take much effort.

10. Change your clothes

As we have already said before, your more masculine outfit can help you build masculine habits and self-confidence much faster. All because your look has a huge impact on how other people see and treat you. In the majority of cases, a typically masculine look involves darker or neutral tones, few accessories, adequately lose trousers, and generally casual style in clothes. In the majority of cases, masculine men don't carefully select their clothes and avoid buying too expensive items. So, your new look may not be as expensive as you think it will.

11. Facial hair

If you have already been searching for ways how to make your face look more masculine, then you definitely have already encountered advice that you need to grow your beard. Of course, men with beards look much more masculine. But you must understand that a beard requires a proper context. However, in the majority of cases, even small stubble is better than a completely trimmed style. Yet, if your facial hair is patchy, then your stubble should always be pretty short. This will allow you to hide all bald spots on your face.

12. Haircut

You can ask any woman, and she will tell you that a man must have a suitable haircut. Therefore, if you want to look more masculine, then you will have to forget about long haircuts. Your choice is modern short haircuts for men. Also, it is better to avoid dying your hair. At this point, you can consult with your masculine friends to find the best hairdresser where they work with masculine men. The reason for this is that only a professional can find you the most suitable haircut that will suit your body and general style.how to be a masculine man, masculine traits

13. Work on your body

Recently, we have already mentioned that you must work on your body to make it look more masculine. No matter what type of body constitution you have, you can always make your body look nice and masculine. This is true even for very obese people, with the only difference that you will have to spend way more effort and time to get your body in order. Look, no offense, undoubtedly Body Positive Movement has a right to exist, and you should never feel guilt for being obese, but there is another fact that slim women prefer slim or fit men. While obese people tend to date people of equal body type. Thus, if you want to be more masculine and date slim beauties, you will have to work hard in your local gym.

14. Don’t fear physical work

If you want to become more masculine, you will have to get physical. Yes, that is right. Men are not afraid to fix their cars, paint houses, mow the lawn, or do any other types of household chores. Stop fearing dirt on your body. Even though none of this will make you a real man, but it will be very beneficial on your way to it. Women love men who know how to work with their hands and who don't dodge when there is a need to fix something at home.

15. Get new masculine hobbies and interests

The last but definitely not the least tip is that, to become more masculine, you need to get new masculine hobbies. You see, unfortunately, there is no point in trying to force yourself to change if you simply don't like all this masculine stuff. Maybe it is just not your thing and, by forcing yourself to be more masculine, you will simply act against your nature. However, if you feel that you are interested in some masculine things, then you definitely should turn your interest into a hobby. For example, it can be sports, carpentry, fishing, sports, or even shooting.

We hope that this article will help you become more masculine and become more popular among women. You must remember that everyone possesses certain masculine and feminine traits. People are not born with those traits. We obtain our masculinity or femininity during our lives. Thus, if you truly feel that you need to become more masculine, you will be able to do this. Some people have more masculinity in them, while others have less, but all this can be changed if you apply decent effort and give yourself enough time. Just be the person you want to be, and slowly improve yourself to achieve what you want.

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