5 tips to create a perfect dating profile

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In the era of online dating when people meet each other so often that it has eventually become a mainstream trend, creating a perfect dating profile is essential. It’s not only you who chooses whom to text and whom to reply to; it’s your potential interlocutors who often rates you and decides whether to reply or not to your message.

Your online dating success strongly depends on how well your dating profile is written. Interestingly, numerous people underestimate the importance of a well-written dating profile and, as a result, get no positive feedback from online dating in general. That’s why they get disappointed because of their own mistakes and misconceptions. So how exactly do you create a perfect dating profile on the international online service? Let’s find out!

perfect dating profile

Hide your negativity

If you think that it’s impossible to demonstrate your attitude towards life via the Internet, you are terribly wrong. People rather feel your mindset in every word you write, in your bio, in your photos—basically everywhere. And what irritates them the most is the negativity you radiate through your dating profile. To avoid this, you should upload a photo where you smile and look cheerful instead of a gloomy shot. Likewise, you should not include information about things that annoy you. You will have a chance to discuss everyone and everything you hate and adore. But until then – only reserved positivity and cheerfulness. That’s a rule.

Choose your name wisely

While filling out your dating profile, you will be asked to enter your name. Not all the services require you to enter your actual first name but rather choose a nickname or something like that, which means that you have a plethora of choices. Instead of choosing something as screaming as The_Lover_of_Your_Dreams you can go with something more reserved. It can be your name with the year when you were born—Johnathan82 would look just right. You may also choose something referring to your hobbies or profession—WildBiker sounds exciting! By far, you can choose whatever you want unless it sounds saucy or offending.

Your photo is a must

What do you focus your attention on when scrolling through dating accounts? The photos, obviously. It might be relevant to say that we choose partners by listening attentively to them and learning their personality. But on the Internet, we concentrate on attractive photos and it’s perfectly fine. Therefore, you should upload a photo that would represent both your appearance and your inner world sufficiently. It should be a high-quality shot with your face and body on it. And, oh Lord, please don’t upload photos of sunflowers and kittens. It’s the 21st century!

Fill out the gaps

Some dating sites and applications only require you to enter your name and age while others offer you to basically describe your life entire life and include all your habits etc. It’s your choice whether to include or not any piece of information. Nonetheless, including your height and weight is essential if possible. You would be surprised how many people choose partners based on their height!

Clear out your intentions

Some dating services are created for exclusive purposes (dating bureau, for instance). However, most of them are just dating sites where you are free to build your communication with other users. To fully take advantage of online dating, you have to understand and disclose your intentions. What kind of relationships are you looking for? That’s the first and the most important question you need to answer prior to creating a dating profile. It will help you get the most out of it.

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Don’t you think if I am too positive and sweet, I will look fake? Everyone knows that this world is not about rosy unicorns, so it’s okay to be negative and gloomy sometimes.
02.03.2020 09:37
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