Can You Fall in Love with the Wrong Person?

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Falling for the wrong person is possible, at least, once in a lifetime. Some people say that if you step on the rake once, it might be by a mistake, but if you step there twice, it is your choice. So if you say ¨I fell in love with the wrong person¨, you might have a reason to say that. If you realize that you are not happy in these relationships or when your love is one-sided, it would be better to get to know why you have those feelings and, maybe, change something. 

What happens when you fall in love with the wrong person?

Sometimes we fall in love with the wrong person because they make us feel the way we have not ever felt, but at the end of each day, we are dying understanding that we were just used by these people. We may do it impulsively, by the recommendation from our friends, or because of the pressing from society, but, in the aftermath, we are unhappy. There might be other reasons why people fall in love with the wrong person. Let´s review them!

Why do we fall in love with the wrong person?

1. You are afraid of being alone.

Many guys and girls fall in love with the wrong person because of the influence of social media and a culture constantly reminding them that it is not okay to be alone. They say that it would be better to date someone rather than stay at home by yourself. Partially, they are rational when they say it. However, they forget to add that your feelings matter too and there is nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who does not love you but just uses you.

2. You do not love yourself enough.

According to Abhijit Kumar, if you do not love yourself enough, it would be easy for others to manipulate you and make you do what they want. Usually, manipulators try to find the pain buttons in your soul and push them to make you act the way they need it. Unhealed people are commonly the objects of pick uppers who will never love you the way you deserve.

3. You believe that the wrong person will change.

Unfortunately, many people tend to treat people they love better than they really are. If you say ¨I always fall in love with the wrong person¨, you might have noticed that you treat this man or woman as an ideal person never actually focusing on their flaws. One day, you stop being blind and see who they really are and what they do. The reason why I fall for the wrong guys might be the lack of desire to see the person´s disadvantages and face the truth. In other words, you just justify the terrible attitude of those people. 

So you are tired of this vicious circle and even have a fear of falling in love with the wrong person, right? Do not worry because we offer you a way out to step out of it and find your Mr. or Mrs. Right. 

How to stop falling in love with the wrong person?

1. Do not envy happy couples in love.

When you see those happy families you might get impulsive and start to build relationships with the wrong person just in order not to lag behind and be in tune with the norms of society. Instead, you would better get inspired by these couples and never rush to have your own. It is normal to have healthy relationships, but they must be at the right time. So get ready for your future relationships and try to arrange your life for it to fit these relationships. For example, you might focus on your career to have a stable income when it comes to dating so that you will be able to split the bill.

2. Actively love yourself.

Do not be too strict with yourself just like your parents might have been. Praise yourself for little efforts and even be grateful to yourself for some choices and decisions. Take care of your body and pay attention to the way you dress. If you do not want to draw the attention of the wrong person, you should not look the way that is acceptable for this person. Respect yourself and never let people manipulate and take advantage of you, Saying ¨No¨ should not be your biggest phobia because it might protect you from wrong relationships.

3. Do not hold to the past.

Now you know why you fall in love with the wrong person, but you should also know that the possible way how to stop is by trying to find new ways to build the relationship. Practically, it means that you should analyze your previous crushes and why did you fall in love with them. Then, you would better look for other methods that might contradict the models of behavior you used to stick to if it came to love. For example, do not go to the bar to seek your love if it ended up in heartbreak the last time you went there. Past should be your teacher but not an example. 

4. Work on your character.

Training yourself both physically and as a personality must become your top priority for the nearest time. If you do not want to fall in love with the wrong person, you should start cultivating the traits you did not have not to draw the attention of the wrong person. When you learn to respect yourself and teach others to do the same if it comes to you, you will never be asking the question ¨Why do we fall in love with the wrong person?¨ anymore and meet your future husband or wife with whom you will be happy. 

Final thoughts

When you look the way you have always dreamed about and love your job and hobbies and are actually happy, you will attract the right person to your life. You would better do your best to become the best possible version of yourself to be introduced to the right guy or girl. 

Hope that now you know what to do with that ¨wrong¨ love. With YESDates, you are sure to find your true love. Go ahead and register now to test it!

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