Do boys prefer girls with or without makeup?

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If you wonder do men like makeup, you are in the right place and not alone. Many girls get confused trying to figure out the answer to this question because there are two main controversial ideas. 

On the one hand, some guys like makeup. According to the study where 1200 women´s profiles on Zoosk were analyzed, females with makeup gained 3 times more views than those without makeup. However, many guys claim they prefer girls with no makeup. So do men like women with makeup?

On the other hand, according to another survey on Qualtrics with 60 men, only 22% of guys swore they prefer girls with makeup. The vast majority of this group (78%) did not like girls with makeup. Therefore, it gets more and more confusing to get to know whether men like makeup or not. 

Why do men like makeup on women?

  • All the most beautiful parts of girls´ faces are highlighted.

If you wonder do guys prefer no makeup, the answer is ¨Not all of them¨. Some men do like it when their girls highlight some features of their faces that makes them look even more attractive. If a girl wants to pick up a man and get noticed, she can do it with some lipsticks, eyeliner, and blushes. 

  • Makeup gives guys the first message.

Some women do believe that they might show the first signal to men that they are free and ready for relationships through makeup. So men will clearly understand that this woman would not refuse him if he asks her on a date. That is why makeup is a kind of love language that expresses what people feel inside and assists them in exchanging information. 

  • It helps to get to know the personality more. 

One more reason why guys like girls wearing makeup are that it is much easier for them to figure out whom they are dealing with. For example, if they are looking for a creative person, they can tell whether a woman is through the way she wears her makeup. If a woman is easy-going, she might use many bright colors or when she is shy, her makeup might not be so appealing and striking. 

Why do guys prefer natural beauty?

  • Guys do not want to get confused when they wake up with you one morning.

If you wonder do men prefer women without makeup, the answer is ¨Yes, they do¨. Men are created to set long-term goals. If they plan to be next to you for the rest of their lives, they definitely do not want to be disappointed by the way you look in marriage. If they plan to marry, of course. None of the men wants to go to bed with one woman and wake up in the morning seeing his girlfriend changed completely and maybe, there is a counterfeit. 

  • They believe that such women are more confident.

One more reason why guys like girls with no makeup is that they think such women are more confident, intelligent, and caring. They think that ladies with no makeup are so confident about the way they look that it is much better to keep in touch with them because none of the men prefers to be with a girl that has low self-esteem. 

  • There is some mystery that a girl may be hiding that attracts men more. 

Such ladies have some charisma and charm to make each man interested. They tend to attract the opposite sex not by their physical appearance, but by their inner power of the soul. Some men find such women to be even more interesting and sexier if compared to girls that will not step out of their house without applying mascara on their eyelashes. 

So do men prefer women with or without makeup?

It is true that some guys like girls with makeup, but it is also true that others like it when a woman represents herself the way she naturally is. Therefore, if you are a girl, there is nothing wrong with you whether you wear makeup or not. Either way you choose is nice because you will just draw the attention of your type of man. 

Finding your Prince Charming through wearing makeup is a great way. Some males will not take their eyes away from you when you do. Tastes might change over time and if a man used to like girls with makeup, he might change his mind when he meets you. Therefore, do not get so confused about whether to apply makeup or not. Just listen to your heart and do what appeals to your soul the most. Normally, it is the chemistry that matters the most in a relationship, not just makeup. So you should not worry much about that and upload the photo to your dating profile that you find the most beautiful, either with or without makeup. 

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