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Are you sure you want to make a girl smile? If you want to uplift her mood, you will need to know some secrets about something to make her smile. According to Dipali Turakhia, the most important thing about how to make her smile is a sincere wish to see a big and bright smile on her face.

What are the things that make her smile?

Use these ways to make girls smile:

  1. You may order her favorite food from a restaurant. It is one of the best things to make her smile because it deals with her senses and body. 
  2. You can make her feel like a little kid by singing a song to her before she falls asleep. This is one of the cheapest things to make your girlfriend smile. All you need, however, is some musical taste and a musical ear. 
  3. You may send a message to her while she is sleeping. Therefore, she will wake up and the first thing she will read is your text. This is how to make your girl smile in the morning.
  4. Keep on sending messages that you miss her throughout the day. This is how to make your girlfriend smile often.
  5. Bring her flowers for no certain reason. It must not be Valentine's Day or her Birthday to send or give her flowers. So, this is how to make a woman smile for no reason. Just because you love her.
  6. Create her a card. You may do it with your hands so it will be a unique one. Impress her with this one of the most impressive things to make your girlfriend smile. Especially, if she is a fan of hand-made stuff, this option is the exact one for you. 
  7. Buy her earrings. Each time she will put them on, she will remember you and you might notice a smile on her face. 
  8. When you enter a restaurant, you should open a door in front of her. Every gentleman knows this method, but when it comes to reality, he might just forget. This is something to make your girl smile guaranteed.
  9. If your woman has some ambition, you should support her. Also, you might motivate her to apply more effort to reach all of her life goals. It is essential to know certain things to tell her to make her smile once you are doing it.
  10. Tell her about your first talk with you and reveal to her what was the first thing you liked about her. Also, you might remind her about your first fight.

These are the best things that will make your girlfriend smile, so do not hesitate to use them. 

What are the things to send to your girlfriend to make her smile?

If you want to know how to make your gf smile, you should try to message her with these phrases:

  1. You colored my life, dear. Seriously. It was all black and white before you entered it. Now, I am so happy that you are my girlfriend.
  2. My heart melts when I see you smile, my darling. Keep on smiling and shine as much as possible!
  3. It is you who makes me happy and smile every day. Maybe, some would say that I am an idiot, but I do not care. All I care about is you and me.
  4. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life. I will never be the same since I met you. I became a totally different person. 
  5. I cannot imagine my life without you. You are my love, my happiness, my all. Just be next to me and we will get through it all. 
  6. I am so happy to live in paradise with you. You are the best I have in this life and I do not need more once I got you. 
  7. Each time I see you smile makes me love you even more. So make me a happy person once again now.
  8. Even if there are miles apart, I feel that you are in my heart, darling. You are my rib and the part of me I need the most.
  9. I just believed that angels do not exist before I met you. You proved me wrong the first time you smiled at me. 
  10. When you are next to me, I have no fears or phobias. It is you who makes me the best version of myself, so I am not afraid anymore. 
  11. You are the star that I own. Your glow and shine make me who I really am, the man I am supposed to be. Thank you for choosing to be mine.
  12. Since we met, you are becoming more and more beautiful each day. We are on the right track, definitely.
  13. You brighten up my life and this is all I want. To see you close to me and be with you forever.
  14. No song or poem would describe what I feel to you, but I will still keep on singing to you your favorite songs. 
  15. Thank you for coming into my life! My life became a dream come true since you are there. 
  16. Everyone agrees that I am the luckiest person in the world as long as it is you who chose me.
  17. You are beautiful both inside and out. I am so happy to be your man. 
  18. I wish I could spend more days with you. However, when we are together, it seems like the time we were set apart is compensated. So I am grateful to the Lord to give me you, my girl. 
  19. Your smile is like a treasure. When you smile at me, it seems like I am the richest man in the world.
  20. Your eyes are like galaxies to me. I always discover new and new worlds there. You amaze me so much!

Note that the main thing that makes a woman smile is your total devotion. If you remain to send those messages to her, she will smile even more!

What are the cute things to say to your girlfriend to make her smile?

If you wonder what to tell her to make her smile, use these nice and cute phrases to make her day and how to put a smile on her face:

  1. We are like two parts of a puzzle. We fit each other perfectly. That is why I am so happy that we finally met.
  2. It is impossible to measure, explain, and define my love for you. All I feel is peace and butterflies in my stomach at the same time.
  3. When I hear your voice, I get goosebumps. You do not even have to say something extraordinary or sing. We were meant to be together to experience this feeling every day.
  4. If you are happy, I am even happier. Therefore, your happiness matters to me the most. Thank you for being my girlfriend to give me those emotions.
  5. I completely fell head over the heels when I saw your smile. Can you give me a smile one more time, dear?
  6. All wonders of the world are nothing in comparison with you. You are a unique miracle that is so rare to find.
  7. No romantic movie would compare to our love story. You gave me such chills each day since we found each other. It is a destiny that made our hearts beat in unison.
  8. I am not aware of what the future might bring, but when you are with me, everything is possible and there is no need to fear. I am glad you are mind!
  9. I am so grateful to God who gave me you. You were my dream to come true. Now, when we are together, I even do not know what to wish for.
  10. You are the one that motivates me the most in my life and I will never be the same person again with you. You see the best of me and that is the most inspiring thing.
  11. Your heart is so kind. It is made of gold, therefore, I fell in love with you so deeply. 
  12. You are my soulmate. We can communicate even without saying anything out loud. It is so precious to be with a person like that.
  13. I love the way I feel when you are with me. You made me believe in myself.
  14. I love the way you speak and sing, but most of all, I love the way you smile.
  15. I will be always with you trying to make you smile with the most stupid jokes I know. You always laugh at me and that is so rewarding.
  16. There are no words to express how deeply I fell in love with you. 
  17. I thought I would never fall in love, but you captured my heart.
  18. My heart refuses to beat every time you laugh. 
  19. They might think that you are something for them, but for me, you are everything.
  20. When we met, I thought I had known you for a billion years. I want to spend the next billion years with you too, though. 

Try out these cute things to make your girlfriend smile and receive a portion of good mood for a day!

The sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her smile:

  1. You are so stunning that I want to look at you forever.
  2. I saw forever in your eyes when I looked into them. You are the one for me and I had always known that.
  3. I would like to be a dimple on your cheek to never miss each time you smile.
  4. I am so addicted to your love. The more I receive it, the more I want it.
  5. How can you look so beautiful every day? I keep on falling deeper and deeper…
  6. I am not a songwriter, but each time you smile at me inspires me to write one more song.
  7. I thought that relationships have limits but your love set me free.
  8. With you by my side, I feel on top of the world, hunny. I like this feeling and want to have it forever.
  9. The lady that hears these words is the favorite woman in the world.
  10. I had a certain image about my possible perfect match, but you surpassed all these images and entered into my life so unexpectedly and without a confirmation which I don´t mind. 

We hope you will use these sweet things to say to a woman to make her smile. Every girl deserves such cute things to make her smile, so do your best and express your love this way! If you learn how to put a smile on her face, you will both be happy. Isn´t that all you are looking for in a relationship with a charming lady?

We wish you the best in your relationship with your crush and encourage you to practice these things that will make her smile every day!

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