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Each lady wants to be proud of her man. None of the women would like to be with a man that has no qualities. Moreover, some ladies might call such a man ¨vegetable¨ not because of his physical disabilities, but because of the lack of great qualities in a man. Being a real man is not easy because society's demands and expectations are very high nowadays. The vast majority of charming ladies would say ¨No¨ to a person without best man qualities. 

So what are the good qualities of a man?

These are the qualities of a man that make a woman excited, motivated, interested, safe, secure, healthy, happy, joyful, etc. In other words, it is a quality man that would open up the hidden power inside of a woman and make her want to live her life to the fullest for as many years as possible. The bad qualities of a man would frustrate his female partner and make her feel sad about their relationship. Sometimes, the lack of top qualities in a man would make his girlfriend depressed. Let´s check out the main ideal man qualities and compare them with the worst ones. Are you ready?

So what are the top 10 qualities of a good man all women are looking for?

  • Loyal.

Being faithful seems to be so rare today. This quality is just like gold in modern society. All ladies are looking for a loyal man. None of them would like to date and even marry a guy that would deceive and cheat them with someone else. Forget about those stories of some men you know who want to look cooler than they are and boast of the huge number of girls they had sex with. Most of them are lying. If you want to have a normal relationship and a happy family with your woman, you would better become a loyal person instead of sending love signals to all girls you meet.

  • Persistent.

Persistence is a trait of character that helps a quality man reach all his life purposes. This is a kind of quality that makes their way on their road to success. Thanks to persistence, a man finds a job, earns money, and becomes financially independent. Every girl would like to be with a guy that has achieved some life goals as long as they look more mature, stable, and seem to be a shoulder to lean on. If you remain persistent, you will win the heart of every girl you like. Persistence is like water that makes the stones lose their sharp angles. 

  • With a sense of humor.

The sense of humor is like sugar. It makes life sweeter and tastier. If a man has a good sense of humor and uses it adequately, ladies would like him. Develop your sense of humor. Avoid dirty jokes because most girls hate them. Try to be funny but not turn to be a clown because the vast majority of women would refuse to be a clown because they do not find him to be a sexy man. You may play jokes about yourself but do not over joke. Normal self-esteem is what every girl is searching for. 

  • Gentle.

Every gentleman has to be gentle. Being gentle does not mean that you have to pay compliments all the time and smile. It is all about the way you treat your beautiful lady. For example, a true gentleman should open the door for a woman, help her take sit in a restaurant chair, etc. Just show your love towards a specific lady. Make her feel that you like her. In other words, being gentle is being able to show signs of attention to your girl. 

  • Sincere.

Honesty is one of the best man qualities. Women hate liars. Even if you think that this lie would be okay and she will not mind it or will never notice it, you are wrong. You should be almost transparent to a girl you like as long as you are building trust, right? So you will have to base this trust on honesty and truth. Sincerity is one of the basic qualities in a man that each girl wants to be present in their boyfriend. 

  • Smart.

Intelligence is a rare but top quality in a man. It is impossible not to fall in love with a smart guy for a lady, even if he is not very rich. Brains are a good sign that will help a couple get through all possible bad situations and get over all the obstacles in the future. A serious girl would notice a guy with a high IQ. Even if you do not look handsome so far, it is okay. Being smart will help you recreate your appearance and impress your beloved woman when you meet one more time. 

  • Wise.

Wisdom is one of the ideal man qualities. You do not have to be old or with grey hair to be wise. Even young guys can be wise in some situations. Wisdom is the quality of a man who cares about the quality of his life. If he cares about it, he will care for the quality of the life of a charming lady. For example, it is wise to say ¨Thank you¨ when you buy a product in a shop, right? The cashier might be your future wife. So you may impress her by saying such wise words and make her interested enough to start the relationship. 

  • Kind.

A kind heart is better than a pocket full of money. You cannot buy certain things in your life but being kind is available for every person. Usually, kind men are the modest generous ones. So if a lady does not want to split the bill on the first date, she must be looking for a kind-hearted man. It is an advantage to have a kind heart for a man because a woman would have a relationship with a personality, not appearance only. Stay away from ladies that prioritize the way a man looks primarily, therefore.

  • Brave.

Bravery is one of the good qualities of a man that are on a demand by most girls. Each charming lady wants to feel that someone protects her from any potential danger. Therefore, ladies choose brave guys who are not afraid to reveal their feelings to them and can fight for a woman they like. You do not have to dress extraordinarily to show her that you are a brave person, but it is your behavior that must speak out. 

  • Loving.

We guess a high-quality man must be a good lover. It is not about physical interaction but the attitude towards life, his friends, relatives, and other people. For example, if a man treats every waiter with love and kindness, it is a good sign for you to check it out. Fortunately, he will treat you the same loving way when you get married. Do not blame him for cheating you just because he gave a few bucks to a server and appreciate his kindness and loving heart instead.  

Which bad qualities in a man distract women?

Now, let´s go to the list of the most terrible qualities of men. What are they?

  • Laziness

Your mama might be okay if you are a lazy person. However, each charming lady would rather date a hard-working guy, not a lazybones. What is more, the vast majority of couch potatoes do not look very attractive. So a pretty woman would rather skip your profile if you are so. 

  • Obscene language

Dirty words sound like horrible music to every female´s ear. It is abnormal for a man to swear in front of a lady. It makes them sound disgusting. You would better get rid of the habit to say bad words when you register on this website to date someone. 

  • Untidiness

Bad breath, dirty shoes, and messy clothes - are those things about you. You should take care of yourself more if you are planning to date a girl. Clean your teeth, go to the gym to fit your muscles, and so on. Try to be the best version of yourself and you will find the best version of her. 

  • Bad habits

Smoking, drinking, and drug addiction - all of these are the worst qualities of man. You should get rid of them as soon as possible if you want to build a normal family life. Do not destroy your health and rebuild it if you have such bad habits. 

  • Being rude

Aggressive men are only cool and handsome in photos. However, girls prefer sweet guys who behave. You do not have to do bad things to draw the attention of a girl you like, just like it might be in a movie. Real life is different, you see. 

How to cultivate good man qualities?

So you are on your road to cultivating good qualities, aren´t you? If you realize it, it is good for you. A man can change despite the fact most people think that people do not change. What should you do to become a better person, according to Kendall Wood?

  • You can read lots of quality books.
  • You might visit seminars and conferences to get some inspiration.
  • You may view motivational videos and listen to good music.
  • Become a good listener.
  • Meet new people.
  • Do not compare yourself to others, but compare yourself with yourself in your past.
  • Learn to communicate with different people and find a common language with them.
  • Give up your bad habits.
  • Donate money to charity organizations or just give them to needy people. 
  • Know yourself better.
  • Take action to achieve your life goals and make your dreams come true.
  • Empathise with others.
  • Slow down sometimes to get healed. 

Doing these little things can significantly change your life for good. If you practice all these methods, you will become a completely different person within some time. Do not worry if it does not work the very first time, try it again. Maybe, you will need the assistance of a personality coach or mentor, and that´s normal. Once you are ready to become a better person, it is cool because you are on your high way to success with girls. Are you ready to pick up the best lady online?

Final thoughts

All things considered, your dating experience might be much better if you get rid of your bad qualities. Note that your bad qualities are possible to be modified and you may change with time. Try to cultivate positive qualities in your character to draw the attention of the right girl. Ladies on YESDates are here and there for you. So take the courage to advance your personality level to attract the best girl online. It is very important to be the best version of yourself if you want to find the prettiest girl. Are you interested in falling in love with the cutest lady online? We guess, you are on the right track.

Go ahead and start using all the advantages YESDates gives to you to find your crush! You are almost there to be the happiest man!

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