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According to Dan Brennan, philophobia is falling in love fear. It might be also a fear of not being able to maintain relationships and getting into relationships. At some life points, people might experience a minor phobia of love. The phobia of falling in love is not a mental illness, however. So there are no pills that can help you overcome the phobia to fall in love. However, it might be interesting what might cause the fear of falling in love phobia. Let´s find out the main triggers of it. 

What are the causes of philophobia?

There are several possible causes of the fear of falling in love with the wrong person:

  • Negative past experiences. 

If you think that ¨I have fear of falling in love¨, you might not lie to yourself. Probably, you might have had a negative past experience. For example, someone might have broken your heart, or you had a divorce or someone betrayed you. In order not to experience the same pain, one might have philophobia. 

  • Cultural experiences.

In some cultures, there is great pressure on people who did not marry at a certain age because they are expected to marry at a certain time but they did not. They do not want to marry anybody whom they will meet for the first time or because their parents want them to do it. Therefore, they have a fear of falling in love. 

  • The fear of rejection. 

It was proven scientifically that if a person experiences rejection, they feel physical pain. Not to feel that terrible pain once again, individuals tend to undergo the fear to fall in love. We guess none of us would like to get abused and hurt, right? So it is quite natural to have the phobia of falling in love. 

What are the symptoms of falling in love fear?

When you define philophobia as one of your problems, you might have the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety.

When you are in a relationship, you might be in worry all the time. You may worry and have various other fears. For example, you might be worried about the relationship ending and the results of it. You might be afraid that you will lose him or her, so you will not want to go deeper and open up your heart for love to let your partner into it. Therefore, it might be difficult for your partner to build relationships with you because, first of all, they should deal with your anxiety. 

  • Fear of your partner or their emotions.

One more symptom of anxiety is that you might be afraid of your partner´s possible emotions. In other words, you might not know how you will deal with them. The individual might not be aware of how to adequately react to certain emotions of their partners. In that case, you would better find a good therapist for your partner or try to heal them with your love by yourself. 

  • You end the relationships abruptly or push people away from you. 

When your partner does not have a stable relationship or pushes you away from them unintentionally and you feel it, it might be a symptom of the fear of falling in love. If you love your partner, you would better try to help them, not just judge or criticize them. 

How to work on the fear to fall in love on your own?

Psychologists recommend doing the following exercises if you wonder how to overcome the fear of falling in love:

  • Evaluate your previous relationships. Try to write your history of them and underline the mistakes you or your partner have done and how you would behave then knowing that it will end up that way.
  • Try to identify all those negative voices in your head that do not let you get involved in new relationships and be happy again. Figure them out and block them by saying positive things about your further relationships.
  • Release. Let yourself feel and experience all those negative emotions from your past. You may dance, shout, sing, or try kickboxing. Do whatever makes you feel free from all those feelings and emotions and gives you relief and peace of mind.
  • If you had certain notions or prejudices about relationships, you may start to question them. Ask couples that live a happy life as a family to give you some pieces of advice. Invite them for a cup of tea into your house and get inspired by their love story. 
  • Catch all the defenses. Recognize all those stumbling blocks inside your head that do not let you feel happy with a person you like. Do not let them destroy your life. Sometimes, you might just block your happiness from you yourself. Find these things and try to work on them with your therapist. 

How to get rid of the fear of falling in love?

Choose a worthy partner

In order not to step on the same rake once again, it would be better to have an image of an ideal partner. If you do not have a relationship so far, you might create a list of the qualities and features of your ideal man or woman. Once you are ready with it, you can start searching for the perfect match. YESDates is the perfect website for you to find your bride or groom. You will spend the least of your time searching for the one. 

On YESDates, there is a wide variety of people looking for love. Why not register and find the one who is worthy? Selecting an ideal candidate to win your heart might require some time, but it is definitely worth doing. Many happy couples that created families already knew that secret and managed to create their accounts on this awesome dating site. 

Know that it is okay to be sensitive

Being vulnerable is normal. We are all human beings who can cry and feel bad sometimes. If you are not lucky with the first person you meet, it is normal. You might get hurt and have tears in your eyes, but it is okay. It is normal to have negative emotions, but it is abnormal to hide or freeze them. Many scientists believe that the main reason why people begin to get ill is because of blocking their negative emotions and not letting them burst out. It is absolutely great if you are an emotional person. It means that the risk to fall ill would be much lower for you. 

However, it does not mean that if your partner makes you feel bad all the time, hurts you, or abuses you, run away from them. Stay away from people who make you feel less worthy or not deserving of love and be happy. 

Understand that it might be time-consuming

You might have wounds in your soul and it must take you some time to get healed and overcome this [pain. Sometimes, time does not cure and you will need to find a good friend or therapist to help you overcome the fear of getting involved in a new relationship. 

Even surfing a dating website like YESDates might require you to be patient. The perfect match might not be right there when you register on the site. Often, you will need to wait and continue to use the site actively. 



  • What is the fear of falling in love in short?

The definition of philophobia is an inner block that a person has if it comes to letting another person into their life. An individual wants to love but is afraid to get hurt once again and experience physical pain. 

  • What is the cure for the phobia of falling in love?

There are two main ways how to overcome the fear of falling in love. First of all, you may do it by yourself through certain exercises. Secondly, you may ask a psychotherapist to help you get rid of it. However, there is no such medical diagnosis as the ¨fear of falling in love¨. 

  • How do I know if I have philophobia?

The biggest sign that a person has this fear of being in a relationship with someone is a big fear and anxiety. A person is afraid of the potential of their relationships. They doubt whether the feelings of their partners are true and demand proof all the time being scared that their behavior will lead to a collapse. 

Final thoughts

To sum up, the fear of falling in love might spoil your life extremely. It is very unpleasant to constantly undergo the attacks of this fear to fall in love. Especially, your partner might suffer a lot from it. Therefore, if you notice one or a few symptoms of philophobia, you would better start doing the exercises mentioned above to get rid of this fear. Additionally, you might ask a therapist to help you overcome it. If the sessions do not help you, you can ask your best friend to give you their valuable advice or ask people who are more experienced in love issues and romance for some recommendations. 

Do not hide your emotions and let them out. It is necessary to express what you feel either orally or on paper. For instance, you may start writing a diary and find out the root of all evil in your past relationships and the reason why it did not work. You will not be doing that for others but you would be doing that for yourself and that is beneficial. Imagine yourself in a role of a researcher and find it out why it hurts and invent a cure or a possible way of how it might have worked then. 

YESDates is an excellent site to find your love and enjoy romance with your partner. It will not take you years to find your perfect match. Also, practicing communication with different people on YESDates will help you get rid of the fear of falling in love. Isn´t it what you are looking for?

Do not hesitate to register on YESDates right now and have astonishing results! Your perfect match is at hand, so stop being single anymore and find your love ASAP! Good luck and have a great day!

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