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Have you ever been in a situation where you see a beautiful girl but do not have a clue about how to approach a woman? You might really like her but are not aware of how to approach a girlfriend right. It is not about being shy or not brave enough, but more like wisdom to do it right to make her interested and start a conversation. Once you know how to approach a woman in public, you will get closer to each other faster. In this guide, we will give you practical tips on how to approach a girl you like and give you examples of what to say when approaching a girl. If you are ready, then let´s start!

14 ways to approach a girl:

  • Watch.

One of the best ways to approach a woman is to observe the situation and territory. Just imagine yourself being an animal during hunting. What is going on? What people are there? What can you do to make her feel chosen at the moment? How can you show her that you like her? Where you are and what are the rules of proper behavior at the place you are together with? Try to act adequately to the situation and make the first move towards her. For example, if you are in a restaurant and noticed an interesting girl, you may ask a server to give her your business card. Do not rush to make further moves but wait until she gets interested in you as well. No way you should follow her on her way home. If she likes you and gets curious, she will call you back.

  • Plan.

If you wonder how to approach women in the street, you should know that you should get ready for it. Therefore, we recommend you plan your behavior and dialogue ahead. You may just imagine the possible conversation with her and try to act it in front of the mirror. Role-play the dialogue with your friend so that you will not get shocked or scared when you see her one more time. This is how to approach girls at school as well. When you manage to anticipate the forthcoming ways of reaction, you will succeed and won´t let her run away from you. Good planning is your guarantee of success during the first conversation with a girl you like.

  • Comment on her photos.

If you want to know how to approach a girl on Instagram, you may start by liking and commenting on her images. Send her messages to speed up the process and she is almost yours. Girls like compliments, so write something nice on her page and add smiles. Kind words of appreciation might make her interested to continue relationships with you. So if you wonder how to approach random girls, you may start by sending cute messages and comments on social media. Most girls like such signs of attention and you will win her heart if you remain stable doing this stuff regularly. So do not just send a message to her and then start to give signals to another girl, but focus on the one who seems to be the best.

  • Wait.

Wondering how to approach females, you should know that not every moment is ideal to make the first move. Sometimes, a girl might be too busy, in a bad mood, in grief, and heartbroken. Wait until she gets ready to open up her heart for love. You may speed this process up by doing little and secret signs of attention to her to help her focus on you and forget her past mistakes and problems. Make her feel like a woman and special. To do that, you may send her a flower every Friday evening if you know her address to prove to her that she is not alone and there is someone that likes her for who she is. Just use your imagination and find your own best way to approach girls. Step by step you will make her heart melt if it was frozen. 

  • Boost your confidence.

Wishing to know how to approach a girl you love, you may start will working on your character and self-confidence. When you manage to respect yourself and make other people in your life do the same, you will make a girl like and respect you too. If you lack self-confidence and have low self-esteem, you may read some books that will make you get proud of yourself more or you may also begin to exercise in a gym to become a stronger man. Love yourself by doing little things to yourself every day to make you happy. Only then, your self-perception will improve and you will send the right signals to a girl you like. 

  • Start with a conversation starter.

Some men forget or are not aware of the rules of holding a dialogue with ladies. They mess up trying to find the right things to say when approaching a girl when the only thing they need to begin is to say hello. To tell the truth, girls are not as complicated as the vast majority of men think. It is effortless to approach a girl you like if you do it according to the rules of etiquette. So smile at her and greet her. Pay a sweet compliment about anything you find special when you see her. 

  • Do not do bad things to her.

Some men think that if they hurt or abuse a woman, it will make her like them and they will get everything they want from her. However, girls get smarter today and know all the wicked schemes of typical manipulators and pick-uppers. So if you behave just like them, you will lose her. Instead, be kind and protect her, no matter whether you are with her or hanging out with your friends. She must not be an object of the accusation and definitely not a victim. This tactic must be your top priority if you wonder how to approach a beautiful woman, especially, if she is intelligent too. 

  • Use your sense of humor.

Make your girl laugh if you want to draw her attention to you approaching her. You may say something to her out of the blue and say a joke which is adequate to the situation. However, you should never play jokes or humiliate her. Just remain neutral when using your sense of humor. Say something funny about the weather, place, music, etc. Also, we do not recommend you make fun of yourself because she might think that you are an idiot and will no longer want to talk to you and respect you anymore. In other words, just be you, nothing more or less. 

  • Meet challenge.

If you wonder how to approach women at work, you should face the truth that there might be competition there. Your colleagues might also want to approach your girl, so you must get ready to prove that you are better than them. How can I do it? Well, you may do your job the best way possible and stand out in the crowd getting promoted. Also, you may pin some cute notes in her office just to show you care. The key is to do it in public, not secretly. You should make her feel that you are responsible for your words and are ready to reveal your feelings openly. 

  • Improvise.

One of the best ways how to approach ladies is to get ready to adjust to the situation and play around. It means that you would better develop the skill of being a good actor because it may be useful. If you think you are bad at improvising, you can always start having acting classes to become more confident among girls and able to hold a conversation. 

  • Focus on topics she might like.

One of the most useful tips for approaching a girl is to keep on talking about topics that sound interesting to her. Try to listen more than you talk and let her express herself. Do not interrupt her while she is talking and sharing her thoughts. During the conversation, nod from time to time and back up her opinion with your comments. Your conversation should look like ping pong with equal time for each person to play. Ask her about her education, hobbies, job, favorite food, etc. Try to make her willingly involved in a chat with you. This is how it works and how to approach a woman online as well. 

  • Do not over forecast.

Some men are afraid to approach a girl because they think too much ahead. Remember that saying hello to a girl is only saying hello to a girl and not marrying her so far. Keep in mind that you are just testing the water and she is doing the same too. There is no need to anticipate things too much and you would better concentrate on the current moment. 

  • Get presentable.

When you know that you are going to meet a certain girl at a specific time, either at work, the gym, or the cafe, you would better make sure you look actually good. So you will be confident and draw her attention faster. If you wonder how to approach women at work, you would better adopt a habit to look good every day. If she notices that you are always stylish and neat, she might like you as well. So go shopping and purchase something outstanding.

  • Ask a question.

If you ask a question, she might treat as a more serious guy if compared to others who are only interested in her physical appearance. A smart question from you may make her think that you treat her as an intelligent woman who is able to give solid advice. It means that you value and appreciate her brain, not her body only. It is the best compliment for her to hear you asking for some words of wisdom. Many girls like to be asked for recommendations. It makes them feel unique and appreciated. 

What to say when you approach a girl?

  • Get simple and honest.

If you wonder what to say when approaching a girl you like, you should get to know that you must find the simplest and the most honest words to tell her at first. For example, you may say ¨Hello! I noticed you. Do you like this place?¨

  • Ask her name.

The next thing you need to practice is asking her what her name is and if she replies to you, repeat it. You may follow this question by paying a compliment like ¨What a beautiful name!¨ or ¨It is the first time I met someone with this rare name¨.

  • Pay a unique compliment.

Once you know her name, it is time to defreeze her heart by saying kind words of appreciation. You may say ¨Your bag is so bright. I like it.¨ or ¨I like your eyes. They are captivating¨. You may admit the fact that her style is stunning or her earrings make her eyes sparkle. 

  • Ask her how she is doing.

When approaching a girl, the next things to say should be ¨How are you doing?¨ or ¨What´s up?¨ phrases. Every girl would appreciate the sincere interest in her personality and life. So make her feel wanted and at the center of your attention.

  • Introduce yourself.

What to say when approaching women so that they will remember me? Of course, you should introduce yourself to her and state your name. It might be like ¨Hello, I´m Jack. What´s your name?¨

  • Intrigue her.

If you wonder how to approach a girl for the first time, you must use the conversation starter to make her intrigued and excited about talking to you. For instance, you may ask her to share her story with you with phrases like ¨What is your favorite writer?¨ or ¨What music do you prefer?¨

  • Ask her about her passions.

The best thing to ask when approaching a girl is a question like ¨What is your hobby?¨ or you may ask her directly ¨What are you passionate about?¨. Also, you may ask her whether she has any pets.

  • Notice a minor detail.

You would better get more attentive and try to notice something special about her. It might be a tattoo, hairstyle, shoes, etc. Highlight that it is unique with a phrase like this ¨What a beautiful T-shirt! I love it.¨

  • Ask her to give you her number.

Be polite and kindly ask her to give you her number. Pass her your business card and ask if she is able to give her business card to you if she has one. 

Hope that you get an idea of how to approach random women, so now it´s time to practice! Register on YESDates and find a woman to love! Have a good day!

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