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If you wonder how to become more attractive to women, you are not alone. Many guys who want to draw the attention of the opposite sex, ask this question. Despite the fact that you should dress in a certain way or behave specifically to become a more interesting guy in the eyes of a charming lady you like, there are other methods how to become more attractive to girls. It is a must for you to know all of them because one day they will be in handy. Are you ready to check out the most available ways how to be more attractive to your girlfriend? Check them out!

11 ways to be more attractive to women:

  • Wear red.

According to a study by the American Psychological Association in 2010, women tend to perceive guys wearing red as more sexually attractive if compared to those who don´t. When a person wears red, it activates the instincts that are responsible for reproduction in the brain of their partner. If you want to know how to become more sexually attracted to your girlfriend, you can test this rule and add a red element of clothes to your style. It might be jeans, shirts, trousers, shorts, backpacks, whatever. Just wear red and make her interested.

  • Exercise.

All men who exercise in a gym look sexier than those who don´t, even if those who don´t are smarter than them. Dating your girl, you should not forget about taking care of the physical state of your body. All women are intrigued by the biceps, triceps, shoulders, abdominals, quadriceps, etc. So if you want to know how to make yourself more attractive to women, just look at the photos of famous sportsmen and get some inspiration.

  • Grow stubble.

Some men think that growing a beard would attract more girls, but this is a lie. According to research by the University of New South Wales, heavy stubble was the top choice of most women who took part in the survey. So do not grow a beard. Stubble is enough. Besides, a beard would make you look older and ruin your first impression. Instinctively, a girl might think that you are old-fashioned and less sexy. So keep your facial hair, to sum up, but do not overgrow it. This is how to seem more attractive to a girl.

  • Pay metaphorical compliments.

So you ask ¨How do I become more attractive to women?¨ - use kind words! Chinese researchers claim that women choose those men who compare them to some objects of nature. For example, you may say to her ¨Your eyes are like a ray of sun¨ to make her happy and sometimes even please her ego. Women like poetry even if they say they don´t. However, we recommend you be selective when you send poems to her or cite them because some of them might sound too odd. 

  • Cook.

If you want to know how to become more attractive to your wife, you just need to stop being lazy. Start with doing little things for her like morning coffee, a dinner together, or an evening barbeque. Get to know all her tastes if it comes to food and cook her favorite dishes. Women like to eat delicious and exclusive food just like men. So you should never think that they do not care what they put into their stomach.

  • Swag your shoulders.

If you want to become more attractive to women, you should mind your posture. Move your shoulders with sway. If you do it right, all the girls living next to you will notice you and view you as a potential crush. When you walk, you should do it confidently. However, if you feel like you cannot move like a top model, you can practice and try to copy their moves just by watching some videos. 

  • Do not smile too much.

All men who do not smile a lot tend to look more serious to females. Girls treat them as more responsible for their future relationships if possible. Men who post photos where they smile and laugh are perceived as boys, not men. In other words, if you are not smiling at your profile photo, your potential bride will reply to back even sooner and treat you as a more attractive guy and the one to focus on. So if you wonder how to become more attractive to a girl, control your emotions and get mature.

  • Look directly into her eyes.

When you have a conversation with a girl you like and wonder how to become more attractive to your girlfriend, you should look into her eyes when you talk to her. Maintaining eye contact makes you look sexier, according to experts. They say that if a man acts like that, it means that he is a confident one who is not afraid of being sincere and honest. The vast majority of girls are dreaming about guys who are like this. 

  • Be kind to others.

Girls find men who help others to be potential long-term partners. They tend to be likely to build trust with a man who does acts of kindness. Her heart would become softer if you begin to treat others with love, compassion, care, and support. For her, it might mean that you would treat her the same when you begin to date. So stop asking ¨How can I become more attractive to women?¨ and love other people and show them that you care.

  • Become successful.

There is no better way how to make yourself more attractive to girls than possessing some material things and having a successful career. Such men appear to be more likable and desirable for most women because latently all ladies dream about guys who will be richer or, at least, have similar income as they have. Moreover, some women even leave their husbands for someone who seems to look more successful. There is no need to judge whether it is ethical to do so, but the reality is the way it is. So if you want to become more attractive to your wife, focus on the material side of your relationship.

  • Read.

Reading is one of the most effective ways to develop your brain and grow intellectually. There is no need to become a nerd but some tips and insights from the book you read may improve your life enormously. Also, some women would rather date a guy who is smarter than they are because it makes them feel like they do not need to compete anymore. The men who seem to be intellectually less developed are not interesting to girls. 

Hope that now you know how to appear more attractive to women. On YESDates, you will have an awesome opportunity to find a girl to test those tips! Go ahead and register there now!

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