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Before knowing how to, you might wonder why bother buying a virtual gift. Solely due to its power to deliver a pure emotion of a gentleman trying to win the affection of a classy lady. A virtual gift is, beyond doubt, a perfect way to show your love from a distance. When you are miles away from her — the world is cold, but she will know you’re thinking of her and how she looks tonight.

To purchase a virtual gift, use the guideline below:

Step #1: Visit YesDates and click the "Ladies" button on the top menu bar.

Click the Ladies button

Step #2: Choose any girl you want to make a gift. Then click on the photo to see her profile.

Choose any girl

Step #3: Pay attention to the red part of the menu on the right. Click on "Send virtual gift" here.

Click on Send virtual gift

Step #4: Move the cursor down. Please select a gift category and click on it to choose a particular present from the dropdown menu.

Select a gift category

Step #5: Press the "Send Gift" red button. If you need more Credits, please refill your account.

Press the Send Gift

Now you know how to pick and purchase a virtual gift for a lady who truly deserves it. With all your warmth, it will touch her heart, putting a smile on her beautiful face and making her think of you. She will only know this is the way you feel tonight.

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