How to Make a Woman Fall in Love with You?

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So you are head over the heels about her, right? You want her to love you but you do not know how to make her fall in love with you, don´t you? There are several ways how to get a woman to fall in love with you, but watch out because they do not work if your feelings are not true. However, if you do love her why not know how to get her to fall in love with you? Are you ready to get inspired? 

17 ways how to make your female friend fall in love with you:

  1. Be generous

There is nothing better than giving presents to your girlfriend. Actually, this is one of the most effective ways how to make your wife fall in love with you again. Just try it. Try to spend all your extra money not on you only but on her. Give her valuable gifts and flowers. Do not buy her the cheapest stuff because she might get to know that and leave you. So never try to save by her sake. Instead, you should be ready to give more than you receive. This is how it works!

  1. Develop your personality

It is always boring to date a guy who is bored with being on his own alone. Try to acquire new skills and knowledge. It is interesting and fun to talk to a person who never stops learning. Moreover, if you keep on developing your personality and grow, and get yourself educated, the risk to have dementia will be lower by 11% when you become older, according to the study. Also, you will always have a topic to discuss with her. The more you invest in your self-growth and education, the sooner she will get interested in you and maybe, falls in love with you. 

  1. Focus on her

If you wonder how to make a girlfriend fall in love with you, it means that you care. However, caring is not enough, though. You should not care about every lady that is next to you expecting her to get attracted to you. No. You should concentrate on a particular person. A certain woman must be the object of your attention. If she feels that she is the only one for you and there is no other woman who competes for your heart, she will open up her heart sooner and you will win her. 

  1. Be persistent

If you like a certain girl, you should remain persistent when it comes to giving her signals that you like her. This is how to make a woman fall madly in love with you. You should send her presents regularly, say nice words every day, and pay compliments each time you meet her. Never lose an opportunity to make her interested and draw her attention to you. Even if you are not the most popular or handsome guy, you can win the heart of a woman you like, if only you remain persistent. 

  1. Use various methods

If one of the methods to show her that you like her does not work, you should try a combination of methods how to make her fall in love with you again. Embrace your girlfriend with your love and make her feel special. Always give her attention and make little things to make her happy. If she likes ice cream, you should visit cafes where it is being sold more often. You will have to make her feel as if she is in a cocoon of your love. So sooner or later, she will transform into a beautiful butterfly because of the influence of your love. 

  1. Dress to impress

It is a lie that girls love with their ears and do not care about the way a man looks. Just look at the popular TV stars and artists. Do they look ugly? Why do so many girls go crazy about them not even knowing them well? That´s because a team of the best stylists and designers work over their image on stage. You do not have to perform to make a girl love you, but you can just copy the way they dress. If your woman likes a specific artist, you may try to follow him if it comes to the way he looks. That´s will make you look more impressive in her eyes and is such a great way how to make your gf fall in love with you.

  1. Work on your literacy

If you wonder how to make a girl fall in love with you through text, you should work on your literacy. If you want to make her interested in further communication with you, make sure your messages do not contain any mistakes. Knowing how to make a girl fall in love with you by texting will give you a chance not only to say your words to her but to send various quotes and poems that would make her day and make her inspired. With them, you will be able to keep her amazed by your creativity, sometimes, even not being aware that you weren´t the author of those poems, but that´s okay. 

  1. Accept her the way she is

According to Michele Meleen, one of the best ways how to make her fall in love with you every day is by letting her be herself. Therefore, you should never put her down publicly deliberately and create the atmosphere for her to spread her wings. She must feel scared to say something that might irritate you. Instead, do not criticize her and encourage her to share her opinion. Sometimes, she will not be able to shut her mouth because of too much desire to talk, but you have to be patient and let her express herself.

  1. Listen

The next way how to make your girlfriend fall in love with you is just through listening. Having listening skills is a must for every man to have in stock, by the way. If you do not have them, go ahead and begin to study a foreign language to acquire them. The main target of listening is showing respect to your partner by remaining silent. It means that you accept everything your partner says and try to understand them without judging. Listen to her if you wonder how to make her fall back in love with you. 

  1. Share your emotions

If you manage to reveal what you feel inside when you are next to her, she is almost yours. Tell her what thoughts come to your mind when you are with her and what you feel. Do not be afraid to share your real emotions when you are with her. Doing this will make her feel safe and secure, and more ready to reveal her own emotions and thoughts. Try this awesome method how to make a girl fall in love with you fast. Looking vulnerable in front of her will not make you look miserable but, on the contrary, will boost emotional intimacy between you.

  1. Understand her love language

Gary Chapman, the author of the book ¨Five love languages¨ recommends his readers and followers learn the art of giving love the way your partner is able to receive it. For example, if your partner likes to be praised, you should keep on saying kind words to them to make them feel loved. According to the doctor, there are 5 main love languages such as gifts, words of appreciation, quality time spent together, service, and touches. Your girlfriend might receive love through not only one of these channels. You may try a few of them and conclude which one is the most efficient. This is how do you get a girl to fall in love with you ASAP.

  1. Be you

Being who you mean being confident in your skin. Do not complain to her and do not try to look miserable in her eyes to make her feel sympathy for you. None of the normal girls would like to date a weak man who is not able to cope with his own problems or asks her to borrow him some money. Only desperate women would put an eye on such unreliable men. If you do not want to have a romance with such a lady but are more interested in relationships with a beautiful and hot one, you should become confident. To do that, you may find a person who would give you good advice accordingly to your specific situation or just google to get some valuable recommendations.

  1. Prove to her that you are a good friend

According to Charm Villalon, the best way how do you make a woman fall in love with you is by proving to her that you are a reliable guy and a good friend. She must feel that she can count on you and that you are always there to help her, lighten her load, listen, care, and give solid advice as no one else can give. Also, you must prove that you keep your word and do not just promise but never keep it. She must feel like you are a worthy man, not a boy who is not responsible so far. 

  1. Use your sense of humor

A great advantage of a real man is his sense of humor. Even the least handsome man may cultivate the interest of a charming lady and win her heart actively using his sense of humor. However, do not act like a clown because most girls just laugh at them never really feeling anything deeper towards them in their hearts. Just mind the balance and do not humiliate her not to make her sad. 

  1. Do not lie to her

Lies, either white or black, are never welcome for a serious girl. If you wonder how to make any woman fall in love with you, you should start by not lying to yourself. Be honest with yourself, first of all. Then, tell the truth to your friends but be wise enough not to hurt them. Only if you manage to build trust with your closest surrounding, you will be able to build trust with females, to tell the truth. Every girl who is looking for long-term relationships will notice you if you are sincere and transparent. 

  1. Wait

Waiting for good things is definitely worth doing. All the best things come to those who are patient. Of course, if you are not looking for junk fast-food kind of relationships, you may not wait but we recommend you preserve all your passion and energy for the most fun part of the relationship which is marriage. You should not be afraid of the word ¨marriage¨ because it was created for good and high-quality advanced relationships. Never speed up to have premarital sex because you might not simply be ready for such intimacy. Instead, build your relationships on a solid foundation of trust, love, and understanding. 

  1. Believe in yourself

According to Vin Serai, you should believe that you are good enough to win her heart and that you will finally do it. Do not just expect a girl to believe in you either in relationships or marriage, but have faith and hope that you are enough to overcome every obstacle on your way. Actually, you should have love and respect for yourself and always expect the best things to come. 

Hope that these recommendations inspired you and that now you know how to make a lady fall in love with you! Register on YESDates to find your love now!

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