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No matter whether you are single or have a girlfriend, you might want to look attractive to a certain female and make her want you more. It is not simple to do but if only you set a goal and work a little bit harder on yourself, you will no longer be alone or your charming lady will be more interested in you as a man. 

19 ways how to make a girl like you more than a friend:

  • Offer her to date.

If you wonder how to make your girlfriend love you more, you should start by moving on from the stage of being just friends to becoming a guy and a girlfriend who dates. Just invite her for a date to some cafe. Start from some place or activity you both find to be comfy and she will love you for being a brave man who is not afraid of his feelings to be shared. 

  • Share your opinion.

Another way how to make my girl want me more is by telling her what you sincerely think about this or that certain phenomenon. For example, you may honestly tell her whether you liked a movie that you both visited. Do not be scared that she will not understand you but be who you are to make her respect you for being the way you are. 

  • Show how much you love her.

Expressing your love the right way must be your next step if you wonder how to make a woman want you more. According to Gary Chapman, there are 5 main ways how you may do it: touch, presents, words of appreciation, time spent together, and acts of service. Pick up the one or a few you think will work. 

  • Give her that love look.

All girls like it when a guy gazes at them. One more effective method of how to make my girlfriend want me more is by staring at her. If you do, she will want you more because all girls know that guys like with their eyes. So for her, it will mean that you are serious about her and like the way she looks. 

  • Do something unusual together.

Your time together must be special. If you want to know how to make your girl love you more, you should spend time interestingly and excitingly together for both of you to remember it forever. You may ask your friends or search online about the most extraordinary way to spend your time with her. 

  • Communicate.

Talking to her is essential because all girls love with their ears. If you wonder how to make women want you more, you should learn the art of talking and expressing your ideas. You do not need to interrupt or criticize her. Just talk minding the rules of dialogue. Every woman likes to be heard and express their thoughts. 

  • Give her special attention.

Your woman must feel special for you and like the only girl in the world. Therefore, it is you to make her feel this way if you wonder how to make my gf want me more. You may send her unique poems every day to lift her mood and show your attention if you are trying to figure out how to make her want you more over text. Send a quote to her each day to motivate her and make her day. 

  • Prove to her that you care.

Most girls need proofs that you like them. So go ahead and give them to her! For example, you may send her flowers or give her sweets each time you meet up. Buy her a cup of coffee or some other drink to show that you care. Help her to carry that heavy handbag. This is how you should act if you wonder how to make a girl like you more. 

  • Get to know each other better.

Knowing each other better must be your top method of how to make your gf want you more. The girls are designed the way to want a man more if they trust them. So to move on in your relationships from point A to point B you should check out her interests, hobbies, books that she likes, movies she finds the most fun, moral values, and beliefs. Open up your heart to her and create the atmosphere for her to open up her heart. 

  • Listen to her attentively.

Your crush will be grateful to you if you respect her when she talks. Modern girls are rather feministic and independent. So they need and are eager the respect from men to feel worthy. Therefore, wondering how to make your girlfriend want you more, you should acquire listening skills. For example, you might start to learn a foreign language with her and practice these skills on the spot. 

  • Treat her differently.

Your girl must feel like a girl. Moreover, she must feel like a special girl to you. so do not hesitate to invent something unique when you treat her. Do your best to make her get what she wants in your relationship. No need to humiliate and put her down because you will lose her at once. This is how to get girls to like you more, friend. 

  • Tell her your biggest secret.

Of course, you might be hiding something from your past. However, if you manage to share something personal and exclusive with her, you will win her heart. For example, you may tell her the details about your first love. Encourage her to do the same and build intimacy between you. If you want to figure out how to make your girl want you more, you should do this without a doubt. 

  • Have a fun hobby.

Ladies like it when guys have an interesting hobby that makes them interesting personalities. Find a hobby you have always wanted to try but had no time to do and finally, find some time to start it. For instance, you may go fishing with your friends, skating, whatever. You should be more like Jack who is only focused n his daily job and how to make both ends meet. If you find some hilarious hobby, you will no longer look for information on how to make her love you more. 

  • Use your sense of humor.

A girl might simply fall in love with you as a guy if she checks out your sense of humor. Do not hesitate to play jokes when you are with her. Make your time together an interesting journey. Do not be afraid of the possible way she might think about you. If your senses of humor do not match, it is okay and a sign that you are not meant for each other. However, if you feel like you are, you will only need to develop your sense of humor and adjust it to her. 

  • Be a gentleman.

If you want to know how to make your gf love you more, you should start by behaving. Be a gentleman. It all starts with doing little things that will improve her life. For example, you may say to her how beautiful she is, help her get out of a car, or pull her chair when you are in a restaurant. All these things matter if you fell for her and wonder how to make a girl want you more. 

  • Find your similarities.

It would be awesome if you find out what unites you the most. For example, if you go to the same high school, work together, and visit a church, you should discuss it and find the things you both like and dislike about that. It would be interesting to know each other´s opinions and find the similarities. It is essential to do it to base your relationships on a firm foundation which are your similarities. Go ahead and do it if you want to know how to make my girlfriend love me more. 

  • Stay close to her.

You should remain in her sight to make her like you more. The more she sees you, the more she will focus on you and becomes guessing ¨Why is this guy always around me?¨ Try to find areas where you may cross paths or even move to a place where she lives to get closer to her. She will appreciate it if you do try to get to know how to make your girlfriend like you more. 

  • Mind personal hygiene.

Being tidy and clean is a sign for a girl that this man takes care of him so he can take care of her too. All women want to be with men who smell good and dress to impress. If you do not want to be alone, you should mind your hygiene. Do not forget to shave and clean your teeth before you go out. That´s how to make her like you more effectively. 

  • Boost your self-confidence.

To do that, you may start by exercising and reading books. If you become strong physically and intellectually, all women are yours. It is vital to be healthy and smart and each girl will notice you if you work on it. Your self-confidence will grow at the speed of light if you do these two things and the right girl will notice you. If you wonder how to get my girlfriend to want me more, you should develop yourself both as a personality and as a defender. 

Hope that these recommendations of how can I make a girl like me more will inspire you!

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