Is It Okay for My Girlfriend to Have Guy Friends?

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Do you wonder if it is normal for a girl and a guy to be friends? This is a kind of eternal question that makes people doubt all the time. Some people strongly believe that if my girlfriend has a guy friend I should be worried. Is there a reason to be worried about why some men cannot stand their girlfriends´ guy friends? Let´s figure it out now!

Benefits when gf has guy friends:

  • The girl´s self-esteem gets higher.

Women with male friends tend to have better self-esteem. They are more confident and usually more intelligent than those without male friends. Such a girl with all guy friends seems to be liked by every member of her guy company and everyone would like to get closer to her. Therefore, her confidence boosts even more. 

  • A woman is happier.

Dating a girl with a lot of guy friends might be risky because you will have to compete for her heart all the time. She may just compare you to every other member of her guy company and you will need to fight for her attention as long as these guys may really do their best or just be more up to her taste. Usually, if your girlfriend has male friends she is jolly and chirpy when she is in their company. It might be rough to squeeze through and win her attention. So watch out!

  • The girl becomes a well-rounded person.

Typically, women who only have male friends tend not to talk about feminine topics such as fashion, makeup, etc., but they discuss more political, sports, and car topics. Therefore, having guy friends while in a relationship is advantageous because you will feel more understood and heard. It would be much more interesting to communicate having male friends girl as long as her brain will be more likely and close to yours but she will remain a woman still. 

  • A lady stops gossiping and becomes a logical thinker.

If she only has guy friends, she is becoming more like your soul mate. On the one hand, it is good if my girlfriend has too many male friends becomes you will not need to try hard to understand her. Such women with lots of male friends tend to think logically more if compared to girls who do not have such company. Therefore, as long as we live in a man´s world, it seems like such girls with only male friends tend to be more successful. 

  • No more jealousy.

Dating a girl with guy friends would be great when accompanied by a friendship between you and guys from her friendship circle. If you build strategic boundaries in your relationship and do not let other guys even dream about your gf as a gf, you will avoid jealousy. Her guy friends, also, will not get jealous of her unlike girls friends who tend to envy their friends all the time. Probably, women who prefer male friends tend to avoid female companies because of their constant jealousy. 

Disadvantages when she has guy friends:

  • Some girls with many male friends become less feminine.

It is not a secret that most girlfriends with male friends are becoming more like men when they communicate with other guys all the time. Some of them dress in male clothes and even wear male shoes. Such girls are tomboys, mostly. They have difficulty communicating with other girls and are very bossy. Not all men like such ¨masculinized¨ women and tend to avoid them, not building romantic relationships with them. The vast majority of women with male friends do not have female friends because of that. 

  • Girls who are only friends with guys tend to have difficulty choosing one.

Because of a wide variety of potential love options, a girlfriend with male friends is a very spoiled person. It might be complicated for her to select the one to love. She might switch from one man to another one searching for love and never finding it. It is a kind of vicious circle that not all girls can get out of. She might become a sex partner to all her guy friends and other girls will hate her for that. 

  • Ladies might follow and stick to the bad habits of their guy friends. 

Most females with male friends begin to smoke, drink, use drugs, and swear. They are becoming ruder and sometimes misbehave. Therefore, they cannot find a common language with their moms and other female parts of society. However, when a lady loses her male friends, she might get rid of her bad habits as well. 

What do guys honestly think if their gf has a lot of guy friends?

Here, you may check out the honest testimonials of guys who had female friends in their friend zone and whether they respected them. It would be interesting for many girls to read them:

  • ¨As for me, dating a girl with guy friends only is such a nightmare. It is trouble and I would not like anyone to have such an experience. My girlfriend would be not from my male´s company.¨ Tom K.
  • ¨I guess that all the ladies who hang out with males only are looking for some attention. They are not from my kasta, for sure.¨ Fahrrad J. 
  • ¨I believe that everyone can decide which kind of company to select their girlfriend. I like communicating with boys and girls and think that it is absurd to judge whom to respect and who not to. All girls are worthy and designed perfectly. It is up to them whom to hang out among. However, honestly, I would choose a gf not among my friends.¨ Jacob S. 

How to deal with a girl with lots of guy friends?

  • Don´t be jealous.

It is easy to be jealous if your gf has many guy friends, but you should not do it if you want to keep her. Do not worry when she is in their company at the very moment but trust her. Building healthy relationships based on trust must become your top priority at this stage of your romance. 

  • Don´t be mad at her.

You should not get mad at her when she has been hanging out with her male friends and did not hear your phone ringing or was late for a date because of that. Do not give ultimatums to her and never ban her to do something you do not want. Remember that you are not her husband so far, so you cannot command her. 

  • Don´t manipulate her. 

If you dislike the fact that she has male friends, you do not have to manipulate her and tell her what to do and what not to do. Never control her and spy on her. It will only ruin your relationship if you start to think that she is your property and you can do with her whatever you want. Until you are a husband and wife, there are certain boundaries between you. 

Can you have guy friends in a relationship?

Nobody can tell you whom to be friends with and whom not to. However, note that your future directly depends on the type of company you stay in. It is your friends that shape your personality and your way of thinking the most. The key ideas that will guide you through life might be cultivated during hanging out among your friends. If your girl does not need girlfriends, it might be weird because she refuses her femininity. If you do not want her to be another man in your house, you would better avoid dating such a girl. However, if you do not mind your girlfriend being the one who prefers to be among guys, you should boost your confidence and keep on doing it all your life. You will have to win her heart and fight for her every day if your girlfriend has male friends. 

To sum up, there is no big deal if it comes to dating a girl with guy friends. You will only need to be a strong person. However, if you prefer more feminine girls, you may select not among such girls with male friends. It is you to define whether it is worth doing, minding all the pros and cons mentioned above. 


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