Love vs Lust: Is There a Difference?

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Many people cannot tell the lust vs love difference and suffer because of that. Here we are going to help you tell the difference between these two phenomena and live happily ever after. Are you interested to have a complete life to the fullest? What is lust vs love?

Let´s start with the lust vs love definition. 

Lust vs love meaning

According to Morgan Mandriota, lust is a strong sexual desire based on hormones, looking for sexual intercourse only. On the contrary, love is a deep interest in intimate relationships in order to form a strong bond. 

There is a big difference between love and lust. Most people do not see it and even are not looking for it to find and make the same mistakes again and again. As for them, it is a kind of generational curse, but to tell the truth, this curse might be broken now. 

9 signs of lust vs love:

Here, we are going to name the essential components that differentiate love from lust. Lust is radically different from love, if only you get attentive to see these features. Check out the 9 main differences between love and lust:







Lust always wants to get. It never gives a person what they need or just gives a part of it and then takes it away. You will never feel complete if you feel lust for a certain person. Another person might look attractive to you, but it is their appearance that is all you like in them. You only want to benefit from it and that´s it. 


Love shares and makes other people satisfied. It is generous and does not demand the things back if it gave them to you. Love is not focused on material things and is interested in a close spiritual relationship. In other words, you feel a deep connection with a person you are in love with. 



Lust wants to get pleasure and everything from you to be satisfied. It does not care how you feel about it and it takes advantage of you as much as it is possible. Lust can not only be for the body but for money, fame, and material things. 

Ready to sacrifice.

Love is sweet and it is of divine motives. Only higher intentions and motives move love. It does not mind waiting and sacrificing if it is needed. For example, people who love you would rather donate a kidney if you are ill and require it and never blame you for that or get proud of it. 


Takes advantage.

Lust uses other people. It never treats them like living beings who deserve respect and care. Lust only sees what it wants to see. It is never for another person but is always for itself. 


Love does not mind serving others and never has all the rewards and praise. Most people who are in love serve their spouses just because they love them and do not get some bonus or benefit from it. 


Based on instincts.

It is instincts that start the mechanism of lust. Basically, animals are driven by this mechanism and start their relationships based on chemistry. 

Based on a mature decision.

On the contrary, the decision is based on the mature desire of the soul and heart, as well as the brain is what makes the love move on. This is how we are different from animals. 



Lust lasts for a short time. There is a theory that love lasts only for 3 years. However, we are sure that the author of the book ¨Love Lasts Three Years¨ by Frederic Beigbeder meant the term ¨lust¨, not ¨love¨.  This is how we might explain the fact that some people have a hundred partners for a short time which they call ¨love¨.


Love is eternal. The piece of love lives inside each one of us. When we find our soulmate, it feels like the parts of the heart puzzles fit each other. Love can last for all the life we live and if you believe in eternal life, your life will be still there with you. This is the main purpose of all the marriages on earth that appear. No one wants to be separated when they truly love each other. 


Can be evil. 

Lust may laugh at you when you feel weak or somebody else is in trouble. Lust is mean. Lust is cruel and always judgemental. Even though being strict is okay and more like a feature of love, being too strict is abnormal. 

Sees good in a person.

Love sees the weak points but it focuses on a long-term perspective and the potential of some person. It never criticizes without showing a way out and tends to see more strengths and downsides. It is happy for you when you succeed and never jealous if you have more than it has. 


Does not wait to get what it wants.

Lust is like a stream of wild wind. It moves fast and disappears fast living damage on its way. It does not want to take into account all the wise recommendations and pieces of advice. Instead, it wants everything at once. 


Unlike lust, love is ready to wait as much as it is required. Even if it wants sex, it will wait before marriage when the right time will be. Love never ruins and it only creates something new, and unique, as it has never been before. 



Lust cannot stand when someone is better at doing something. It is always jealous and proud of itself. It wants to show off and make other people praise them. Lust always wants to be number one and cannot stand the competition. 


Love is humble and adjusts to all circumstances. It never boasts, is meek, and sometimes might be shy and hidden. However, within time, it will become big and phenomenal. Love is strong despite the fact it is humble. 


Is skeptical. 

If a person is in lust with you, they will keep on being skeptical about you. They will never completely believe you for what you say to them. Lust lies and accuses others of lies too. 


On the contrary, love trusts another person. It will even trust too much but it is still love not absurdity. As long as love sees the good in people it will never accept the fact that their partner might betray them. This is what the meaning of pure love is. 


Would you rather be in love vs in lust?

Real love vs lust: Which way to choose? Hmm… You see that making a decision about which way to go is crucial as long as the quality of your life depends a lot on it. Moreover, often you cannot think logically when you meet a beautiful girl and it is your instinct and hormones that move you. What shall you do then if you do not want to be in lust but choose love?

True love vs lust: How not to stumble?

If you want to be in love, you should analyze your previous relationships and find the elements that prevail in them. Define whether it was love or lust. Possibly, if these relationships were in past, it might have been lust, not love because love never ends. 

Once you conclude and find out that it is time to move on and search for love, then, it is time to actively search for love. You may start looking for your charming lady right now. Just register on YESDates and find your true love!

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