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Maybe, you have noticed the weird thing that some couples stay together for a long time while others split up soon. What´s the matter? Why do people get attracted so fast but end up with broken hearts? According to Harini Natarajan, there is a spark, called ¨chemistry¨ which defines the success and potential of any relationship. 

Chemistry is like glue to any relationship that makes them last. There are several signs of chemistry between man and woman that will show you whether it is worth dating a certain girl or guy. If you know this chemistry with someone signs, it will be easier for you to understand and make up your mind whether to move on with someone. Definitely, some relationships are even not worth starting in order not to have a broken heart because there is no future. However, being aware of signs you have chemistry will make it easier for you to decide. Let´s review the main signs of chemistry between strangers if someone invited you for the first date.

Signs of chemistry on the first date

Here is a list of typical signs you have chemistry with a guy or girl:

  • You have a similar sense of humor.

One of the romantic chemistry signs is that you both laugh at the same things and keep your mouths shut at certain things. It means that you have similar moral values and things you find to be funny. You are at the same intellectual and emotional level when you have chemistry. Your core view of the world is almost the same or very close to each other, therefore, you understand each other very well. 

  • You smile.

The next portion of signs you two have chemistry is that you cannot stop smiling when you are next to your partner. You like the way you look and it intrigues you what is under the clothes. You have tension that makes you want each other, but you just do not show it vividly and limit yourself to a smile. If both partners smile during the date, it is a good signal, meaning, they are crazy about each other and would like to have intimate relationships. 

  • You enjoy every touch.

Even if your partner touched you so to say ¨by mistake¨, it wasn´t by mistake, trust us. When there is chemistry between both of you, you will have that sense of longing for each other. Literally, you will not be able to resist the temptation and, at least, touch the object of your affection to test how they will react. If you see or feel that a person smiled or relaxed when you touched them, chemistry is between you. 

  • You feel harmony when you are next to them.

When you are close to each other, you will feel safe and secure. There will be absolute peace of mind when you talk to your partner and no anxiety and uncertainties anymore. All your inner battles and storms will calm down when you meet someone to have chemistry with. It is harmony to be looking for if you want to be happy. So do not ignore this one of the most essential signs of chemistry in a relationship. 

  • You have fast eye contact.

With chemistry, you will see each other even if you are a long distance away. You will be able to recognize and maintain eye contact easily which is a sign that you have chemistry. If you manage to find each other quickly in the crowd or hold a long look at one another, it is the chemistry that makes you do that. 

  • You do not pay attention to people around you. 

It seems like all other people do not exist when you stay with your partner. Even if you are with others at the party, car, or cafe, no one else exists for you. It is just two of you in this world - this is how it feels when there is chemistry between partners. It seems like you are separated from the world by an invisible boundary and no one can still your joy and feelings to each other. 

  • You are ¨you¨ with your partner. 

You do not need to pretend to be stronger, smarter, more interesting, or funnier than you actually are. You are you and you do not need to act like someone else. It is advantageous to have chemistry with your partner and that is what you are meant to be searching for. You can be happy enjoying who you both are accompanied by a person you have chemistry with. 

  • Time flies fast.

One of the signs of chemistry between a man and a woman is that you do not want your date to be over. You would like to stay with each other for as long as possible. You do not want to let each other go and you cannot count the hours. Also, you cannot wait to meet each other and always get inspired and excited about every forthcoming date. 

  • You want each other.

It is not a secret that there are pheromones that create sexual tension and the desire of lovers to be together. It is normal for a man and woman to be eager for sex. Unfortunately, many people think that so-called ¨platonic¨ relationships are all they must be searching for. However, marriage is designed for sex. So ideally, people must not only have a friendship but also sexual desire towards each other. These are signs of sexual chemistry between man and woman not to ignore. 

To sum up, you would better mind these signs of chemistry on the first date. Chemistry is a must in every serious relationship. If you want to enjoy your marriage, you would better not ignore the absence of these signs. You are a creature who is developed both physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Finding a partner who will make you feel great on each of these levels is vital to be happy. Isn´t happiness all you are looking for? We guess you know the answer yourself. Have a great day and find a person you have chemistry with on the YESDates platform! Good luck!

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