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Is golf a game only for wealthy men? It is this opinion that has taken root throughout the world. A golf set as a gift has always been considered an elite way to congratulate some very important person. Golf has recently become a bit of a fashion trend for many women around the globe. It’s a new yoga or Pilates nowadays. Even though women can belong to different social strata and have different skills, their abilities are individual and, as a result, while someone plays at the level of beginners, others become champions. Modern international golf tournaments for women are full-fledged competitors for men because they attract no less, and sometimes even a greater number of both spectators and sponsors. Who doesn’t want to watch the game, enjoying the performance of hot golfers women?

hot women golfers

Is Golf Only a Male Sport?

Golf is considered to be a male sport. This stereotype, for example, is strongly supported in movies where wealthy men drive around freshly cut grass in miniature funny cars and proudly swing golf clubs. There is even funny decoding of the word GOLF: Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. It was at first. But everything has recently changed dramatically, and now you can even meet hot girls online.

The opinion that golf is an exclusively male game is hopelessly outdated. Nowadays, everyone strives to improve the quality of their life, try themselves in new sports, look for new activities that will restore their energy level. Many people think that only elderly pensioners play golf because they are not capable of anything else. They can hardly walk without help, that's why they move around the field on electric cars, drink whiskey and smoke cigars all the time. Is it the case? Of course, it is not! Let's find out more about this fashion trend.

During the II Olympic Games, which were held in Paris back in 1900 and were timed to coincide with the World Exhibition, women were first allowed to participate in competitions, but only in 5 sports: tennis, croquet, equestrian sports, sailing, and golf. And the first "gold medal" that a woman received at the Olympics was precisely for winning the golf tournament. The winner's name was Margaret Abbott, and the “gold medal” was more like a porcelain cup.

Professional women golfers made their presence known in 1950 when the Women's Professional Golf Association was established. Since then, women's golf has reached a new stage of development. Thus, there are eminent tournaments and great prize funds. A perfect example is amazing Michelle Wie, laureate of the Laureus World Sports Awards in the “Breakthrough of the Year” nomination. Nike signed a multi-million-dollar contract with the girl, but, nevertheless, her name is known to a fairly narrow circle of people. It is possible that women golfers will soon become world-famous, but so far, alas, golf remains an exclusively male sport for most people. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no very skillful female golfers who can easily win over male players and give them several long-distance relationships tips.

Top 15 Hottest Women Golfers

Golf is a unique sports game that allows both genders to play together. Besides, unlike tennis, for example, you can play on an equal footing with a very experienced companion. This is achieved through a handicapping system when you are given a handicap for a certain number of swings. The female body seems very fragile compared to the male ones, and the female face is cuter and charming. But, in fact, women can be much stronger than men. And it shouldn’t be noticeable externally. Many women, having worked full time, come home, cook dinner for their family, and do some other household chores. Such women are an excellent symbol of female power. Below you will find hot women golfers. Many people will agree with the prevailing stereotype that golf can be a spectacular and good game only with the participation of men, but we don’t think so. One should just look at the hot photos of women professional golfers. Therefore, we have created a list of sexy golf girls.

1. Paige Spiranac

Paige is not only one of the hot golfers but also one of the most beautiful athletes in the whole world. She prefers to put on provocative but cutest golf outfits, and that is why she is always in the top ten beautiful women golfers. She is also a wonderful gymnast, and her worldwide popularity is confirmed by the fact that her Instagram page has more than two million followers. If you want to enjoy hot women golfers pictures, then you should definitely visit her profile.

hot women golfers

2. Christy Yun

This amazing woman with an exotic appearance is not only a sexy golfer but also a famous fashion designer. So, she is one of the top ten hot golfers in the world and the creator of an amazing girls golf outfit. This woman has achieved a lot in golf and in the fashion industry, and she is really a beauty worthy of the top women golf.

female golfers

3. Kathleen Ekey

Kathleen is a young golfer for whom this game has become the reason for living. She has been playing golf since she studied at university, but nowadays, she is well-known as one of the female golfers who have been playing golf for the whole life. She also played golf at the University of Alabama. She has never worked as a model, but her stunning appearance deserves to be included in the list of hot girl golfing.

professional women golfers

4. Meghan Hardin

Megan was so much interested in golf, being a kid that in high school, she created the first team of male golf players and became the captain of this team. This girl is really gorgeous, and she is considered the sexiest girl in her city because she was chosen for the cover of Wilson's calendar. She participated in many golf championships, but it would be easy for her to try herself in the world of fashion and models since she has a sexy appearance.

professional women golfers

5. Beatriz Recari

Beatriz is a Spanish girl and one of the top ten golfers on the globe. She has participated in many championships, for example, the European LPGA championship and the European Women’s Tournament should be mentioned. She is not only a beautiful and experienced golfer but also a brave woman. When she faced an eating disorder, she didn’t give up and was able to recover. Nowadays, she is the Ambassador of awareness of an eating disorder.

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6. Sandra Gal

Sandra is an advanced golfer. Unlike many other female golfers, she is not a model or actress, but she is still one of the most beautiful women golfers. She started playing when she was only 5 years old, and 12 years later, Sandra already participated in the German National Golf Championship. The girl has already got students who want to learn from her. Sandra also has a degree in advertising, plays the cello, draws and adores dancing.

hot photos women profesional golfers

7. Valeria Ochoa

Valeria Ochoa has Colombia roots and is considered one of the sexiest golfers of all time according to one of the sports sites. She decided to become a golf player when she was 6 years old. This girl is so talented that she twice won the title of champion of South America. And being a mother of three children, she is still one of the hottest golfers who have an army of Instagram followers.

women golfers

8. Anna Rawson

Anna is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous women who play golf. Before starting her career in golf, she worked as a model. At the beginning of her career in golf, Anna did not get great results, but she worked a lot to make a name in this profession. The Junior classic international tournament was her first big competition, and she became its bright opening.

hot girl golfing

9. Sharmila Nicollet

She succeeded both in professional golf and modeling business thanks to her appearance and Indian roots. She has a wonderful body, thus having a height of 180 cm, the long legs are considered to be the most seductive part of her figure. She has many achievements in swimming and golf. And she differs from other women thanks to her gorgeous exotic appearance.

professional women golfers

10. Maria Verchenova

This amazing woman was the only representative of Russia at the Olympic golf tournament in 2016. In Rio, Maria took 16th place, but she managed to get into the hole from a distance of 142 meters with one swing on the final day of the competition. It was a great result that helped her get into top women golf players.

professional women golfers

11. Blair O’Neal

This beauty has been interested in golf since she became 11 years old and is one of the hottest golfers in the world. In Arizona, she is one of the most famous women golfers because she took second place at the Women's Tournament in Western Europe at the age of 13. Her interest in this sport developed thanks to her father, who did not dismiss the girl’s desire to play golf and sent her to a children's golf school. And now Blair is a professional golfer and model known throughout the world.

sexy golf girls

12. Holly Sonders

Holly Sonders is an American golfer who has become a sports announcer from Marysville, Ohio. Sonders is one of the main commentators on the coverage of the FOX Sports United States Association events and a reporter for a few NFL games. She is one of the most recognizable television characters and sexiest women in golf.

sexy golfer

13. Michelle Wie

Looking at her amazing body, you may think that she is a professional model, but it’s not the case since this gorgeous woman is a professional athlete. Michelle Wie became famous at 10. She made a career at 13 and became a millionaire at 15. Even though she devotes all her time to sports, she adores all the types of facial and body treatments. Maybe it is a secret of her posh appearance.

female golfers

14. Lucy Robson

This girl was born in London, but she has been living in the USA since 2005. A new country has become not only the place of residence but also a place of numerous achievements. Now the girl specializes in various tricks, which she actively shoots and publishes on social networks. This hot blonde has more than 600 thousand followers on Instagram, and if you visit her page, you will have a crush on this golfer.

hot golfers women

15. Maria Balikoeva

This amazing 33 years-old woman became the first Russian woman who participated in the Ladies European Tour. Maria started playing golf thanks to her father, who was seriously interested in this sport. The girl quickly studied and achieved high results. Perhaps this is the most famous Russian golfer in the world, who also has an excellent appearance.

hot women golfers

Things Will Get Better

There are several organizations in the world that promote female golf and promote women as players. One of the most famous organizations, LPGA, is known for weekly LPGA tours, which is a good platform for girls. But it is worth noting that the rating of women golfers still does not match the men's Rolex rating. Nonetheless, we hope that these gorgeous women will change this situation one day.

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