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So, you like a girl and want to clarify whether she is into you. There are several signs that she is interested in you that will help you know whether to move on with her or find ways to make her interested. With these signs that she is interested you will stop doubting and asking yourself multiple times various questions. Why suffer for a long time if there is a clear way out? Are you ready to check out the vivid first date signs that she is interested? Let´s go!

8 signs she is still interested:

  1. You notice that she keeps checking her phone.

One of the signs she is very interested is when you see that she literally surfs or dives in her phone. If she keeps on regularly checking her phone when she does not see you or when you notice her somewhere when she did not notice you, maybe, she is waiting for your message. Don´t hesitate to compose a message for her to prove to her that you like her as well and are interested too before she loses interest and you start to notice signs she is no longer interested in you. 

  1. She laughs at your jokes.

If you notice that no matter how silly the joke is but she cannot stop laughing at it, it is one of the signs that she is interested in me. However, if you like serious girls who tend to analyze and double-check everything and are not too easy to make them laugh, you might understand that such easy-to-make-laugh girls are not for you. On the contrary, if it is okay for you when a girl gets every single joke you make, you should fight for her love and keep going with her.

  1. She is still single since you met her.

This is one of the greatest signs that she is interested but shy which is a must for every man to notice. She is 100% into you if she does not have a boyfriend and when she is not dating anyone since you met. She might be loyal to her affection for you, so you are to make the first move to her and invite her for a date if you like her. Her heart might be full of love and gentle feelings toward you, but she might be just shy to express them. Maybe, she is waiting for you to lead.

  1. Her best friend knows that she likes you, but hides that.

Your crush might hide the fact that she is interested in you, but her closest surrounding may know about this fact because even the shyest girl needs someone to express what she feels. If you notice that people next to her gossip about you or look at you fiercely and scrutinize your behavior, she might be the one who likes you but is not ready to reveal it to you. Why not make the first step towards your happiness and send a nice message or quote to her, then?

  1. She is confident around you.

According to Schulman, she behaves naturally when she is with you. She is not afraid to reveal herself when you are accompanied by her. If you know her darkest side and you are okay with it and accept her the way she is, you are meant one for another. If she is confident around you, you are definitely supposed to ask her what she feels about you and how she views you: either as a friend or a guy. It is better to know it at the early stage of relationships because some girls are themselves even in front of those boys whom they will not let closer. 

  1. She copies your gestures.

According to Maryn Liles, one of the signs she is interested through body language is when a person mirrors your gestures. If you see that you look into her eyes and she does the same or when you smirk and so she does, she is interested in you then. Also, experts say that when the toes of a girl´s feet are directed towards you, she might like you more than just a friend and expect further development of the relationship. 

  1. You feel like a man when she is next to you.

If a certain girl makes you feel like a man, leader, or hero, then, she is the one for you and is, for sure, interested. It is all about your feelings because all men are emotional and have nerve connections just like girls. So they have emotional intelligence that helps them to know whether a girl is interested in them. In other words, you should trust your gut and listen to your heart. If it says to you that she likes you, do not ignore this signal because men have intuition too. 

  1. She remembers little moments about your relationships.

According to Harini Natarajan, a certified emotional intelligence practitioner, your girl might get blushy when you remind her about those little memories you have in common. If you notice that she remembers every single moment and even the topic of your first conversation when you first met, it means that she has a particular interest in you more than just a friend of hers. All these little memories are like the elements of a huge puzzle called ¨love¨. Never lose a woman who keeps these memories in her heart. 

Now, you are aware of how to know if she is interested. However, there are signs that she is interested in someone else, not you for you to take into account. Let´s review all the possible signs she is no longer interested in you in order not to have unneeded hope. 

4 signs she is losing interest:

  1. You feel like she is pulling her teeth when she talks to you.

If you wonder how to know if she is interested in you, you should be able to feel it. If you feel like she does not accept you for who you are or it seems like you are not her type, or maybe, she would likely date a guy with a bigger wallet, it might be obvious at the very beginning of your relationship. She will not be able to look into your eyes and genuinely smile because of all those negative thoughts turning over in her head. Practically, it means that she will have difficulty talking to you being too nervous. In other words, you will notice that she is angry at you for nothing.

  1. You will feel that she is not with you at the moment.

The girl who is not interested in you would be using her phone, looking in various directions, and playing with her hair. In other words, she will do whatever makes her interested because the topic of your conversation will seem torture for her. Run away from that girl who is not focused on you. Her heart might already be in somewhere else place and she will not let you in because she might like another guy but just wants to take advantage of you. However, if you are okay with paying for her food and bills, you can date such girls, at least, not feel alone. Is it what you are looking for?

  1. She talks without stopping to listen to you.

One of the signs that she is not interested in you is when a lady cannot stop talking and expressing her thoughts. She might be just using you as a listener or a free psychotherapist or she may keep you in a friendzone not even thinking about the opportunity for you to win her heart. So such a girl would interrupt you when you try to support her or add something. She does not need your attention, she just needs your ears and patience. You can nod from time to time to please her, but we guess it is not what you want, right?

  1. She pretends to like you.

According to Joshua Sigafus, one of the signs she is losing interest in you may be if she forces to smile. She may just try to pretend to like you or manipulate you to get what she wants. It might be sex, money, status, whatever, but it is definitely a waste of time to date a girl who thinks before she makes a certain body movement. Such ladies are trying to anticipate your further reaction, so you feel like their behavior is unnatural so as if you are both not in the same boat.

Good for you that you know is she interested or just being nice signs. YesDates dating platform will help you practice this knowledge! Good luck!

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