What Is the Main Sign When You Are in Love?

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If you wonder what the signs you are in love with him or her are, you are in the right place. If you doubt whether you truly love them and want to make sure whether it is love, affection, or just lust, or maybe you have mixed feelings and are the object of manipulation only. Let´s figure it out by discussing the main signs that you are falling in love and help you no longer feel anxiety and uncertainty. Are you ready?

11 signs you are in love with someone:

1. They are always on your mind.

So what are signs that you are in love? First of all, if the first and the last person that is on your mind during the day as well throughout the day is him or her, you love them. True love supposes constant focus on the object of its passion. Love is never a true one if you forget about the person you like and only get reminded about them from time to time. When you are in love with someone, you will keep on thinking about that person in every moment of your free time.

2. Butterflies in your stomach are rising.

One of the signs that you are in love with her or him is when you feel it for them. You are excited about hearing their name only. What is more, you feel excited about them even if you are far away from each other. So long-distance relationships can exist and love has no borders because butterflies in your stomach can fly even far and far away. So if you have strong and pleasant emotions about your partner and deep inside you feel that warm feeling of being cared for and accepted for who you are, you might be in love. 

3. You are happy.

One of the signs you are in true love is when you finally feel happy when you are next to him or her. They give you that sense of peace like no one else has ever given. In other words, you feel safe and like you are home. The person who loves you will make you smile without too much effort and if that happens this is the kind of love you might have been searching for all your life. Real love has nothing in common with nervousness and losing one´s temper. If you love someone, you will not get irritated with the way a person walks or chews gum. 

4. You like the way they look.

The vivid signs that you are in love are when you really like the way a person looks starting from his physical appearance, the way they dress, and finishing with the smell. It would be a lie to say that men and women do not care about the way their ideal partner must look, but when they meet their love, they would know that he or she was the one they have always wanted and were looking for. It is normal to appreciate the appearance of another person, but the thing that seems to look the most interesting and sexiest for every partner is their soul, to sum up.

5. You are connected.

According to Crystal Raypole, the sign that you are in love with someone is when you feel a deep connection with someone and trust them. One of the examples of how it might feel practically is when you wake up in the morning and check your phone, his or her text message to you is already sent to you. Your partner is always thinking and caring about you reciprocally to you. If the love is one-sided, it is not love, it is more like a psychological problem. True love supposes partners choose each other to be the objects of their strong feelings and passion. 

6. You understand each other like no one else.

One of the signs to know you are in love is when you get one another just like no one else. You have similar values and morals, you like the same things in life, people, and food. Also, you may have the same priorities in the way you dress and have even a similar style. Your life goals might match when you meet the person who was meant to be loved by you and to love you, so do not worry if you have not found such a person who knows who you really are at the first sight or talk with you so far because life continues.

7. You want to spend more time together.

The signs you are really in love suppose you to be ready and willing to spend the maximum of your time together. When you meet your perfect match, you will not be looking for a career, self-realization, fame, or status because the most important person for you would be your guy or girl. This is how couples are created. You can be a typical independent girl thinking about everything except relationships, but when you meet your man, get ready for your life to change completely and irrevocably. In other words, you will start thinking about all those ¨boring¨ things like family, kids, cooking, and home.

8. You dream about your future together.

The obvious signs you are falling in love with someone is when you are not afraid of the future. You are just able to build mutual plans and set specific goals together. You do not worry if it does not work or whether he or she falls out of love and leaves you because you are deeply confident in your feelings and you managed to build trust, as it was mentioned above. You have a long-term perspective in your mind and do not mind taking the responsibility for your future life and family. You are ready to support and care for each other no matter what - this is what true love looks like!

9. You want sex.

According to Serena Coady, one of the physical signs you are in love is your mutual craving for sex. Some people believe that so-called platonic love is real love but this is not true. Sexual desire for a person you like is a feature of true love as well. If you do not want to have sex with your partner and even are not dreaming about it in your fantasies, you are not in love then. In the modern world, people tend to believe that just liking appearance is enough, but the truth is that it is a chemistry that will make it all work. The component of love is a passion that cannot be simulated. 

10. You are ready to wait. 

One of the signs you are deeply in love is when you both wait for marriage. You do not rush to sign all the papers but are patiently waiting for each other. They do not insist on sex, they never push you to do the things you do not really or are not ready to do. True lovers can wait for a long time for their feelings to grow and become stronger. However, watch out if you initially have no feelings for your partner and these are your friends, family, or other things that make you date someone or you cannot just say ¨No¨. True love is worth waiting for, however, even if you do not have a partner yet. 

11. Your feelings are reciprocated.

Clear signs you are both in love is when you feel the same. If you like your partner and feel that he likes you too and you just know that it is he or she who is the one, it is love. You do not have to consult many people to figure it out because it is obvious to you even if you want to test it. Deep inside you will know the answer. So trust your intuition and do not waste your time on those who do not deserve you.

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