Why Do People Have a Crush on Me?

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When people you think are your friends only tell you that they like you more than just a friend, it might be confusing. You might do something to them as no other person does. Therefore, they might have a crush on you. Let´s review the main reasons why someone has a crush on me:

  1. You are amazing.

One of the possible reasons why people have a crush on me is that you are a super sexy human being. You might look so astonishing that it is impossible to resist the temptation and fall in love with you. You do not have to do anything about that because it is your strong point. Just love yourself for the way you are. 

  1. You send mixed signals.

Another person might receive mixed signals from you. To be more precise, they might feel that you treat them sometimes like an object of love or at the same time like just a friend. You might feel okay about such a behavior, but do not get surprised when you receive love letters from others you do not find interesting. 

  1. You show too much interest. 

One more reason why someone has a crush on me is that you might show too much interest when it is not so necessary to do. People might think that you treat them like gods when for you this is just not a big deal to behave like that. 

What you may do?

If you do not like too much attention from other people and feel like you do not need fans, there is a way out. You might regulate the way you treat others and set boundaries. For example, you may directly mention that you treat a person just like a friend and no more than that. Also, if you are so attractive and you know it, but do not want extra attention, you may not use too much Photoshop and delete your account from social media platforms. Do not open up your heart to sensitive people so they do not fall in love with your soul, especially, if it is beautiful. In general, it is not too bad when people have crushes on you, but

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