Why Do Skinny Guys Like Big Girls?

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If you wonder do skinny guys like fat girls, the answer is clear - because for many reasons they do. Despite the fact that many girls with extra fat on their bodies doubt whether someone ever loves them, here we are about to reveal the truth about the real attitude of most men concerning chubby girls. So let´s do it!

Why do skinny men like big women? Due to these 10 reasons:

  • Big butt.

The first reason why skinny guys like big women are that all men like to grab women´s butts during sex. The male part of society is dreaming about such perfect sex relationships to get pleasure. Therefore, some women insert botox into the lower part of their bodies to look sexier while for chubby girls it is natural to look like that. 

  • Big boobs.

Big breast is a phantasy of each man, either athletic or skinny. Men like to play with females´ boobs during sex and this is almost all they want. Ladies with small boobs undergo plastic surgeries to make the men they like more interested in them. However, curvy girls get all the attention easily without too much effort. 

  • Soft skin.

Do skinny guys like chubby girls? Yes, they do. One of the reasons for skinny men who like fat women to do it is that the skin of these beautiful ladies is so pleasant to touch and even bite. Some men like to get rough during sex, making their chubby wives experience orgasms. 

  • No wrinkles.

Most curvy girls have no wrinkles which makes them look pretty and young. All men would agree that they prefer dating a woman who looks younger than her age. So do skinny guys like fat girls? Of course, they do. The faces of curvy ladies look cute and more attractive when they age which is a big plus. 

  • Less fragility.

Some men like skinny girls who look like china dolls, but most men would agree that such women cannot take their bodies during sex. In other words, skinny girls are more fragile whereas chubby women are everything all males need if it comes to intimacy. Skinny guys who like big girls are aware of that because they have long-term goals for their girlfriends, so they choose chubby ones. 

  • More fertility.

Men think that having extra fat on their waist is a sign of fertility. Such a woman is believed to be able to give birth and take care of kids. So a wise skinny man would rather choose her to get married. Moreover, skinny guys like fat women who are confident about themselves which makes them look even more attractive and sexier.  

  • They enjoy eating.

Fat girls are not afraid of what others might think about them because they got used to criticism from the side. Therefore, they just enjoy the food they eat. It means that they are not afraid to order a steak or a tart when you date them. It is much more pleasant to date women like that, unlike other girls who eat only salads. 

  • A classic image of beauty.

Only in modern media, fat girls are considered to look unattractive. However, it wasn´t so long time ago. Most painters represented etalons of beauty through curvy women. They chose them to be the objects to get inspiration from and draw. A few ages ago, fat women were the symbols of prosperity and beauty. This is one more reason for skinny guys who like fat chicks to invite her for a date. 

  • More confidence.

Usually, chubby girls got used to their appearance and accept themselves the way they look. Moreover, they have a great sense of humor like no other women have. So men draw their attention to them and are secretly dreaming about a curvy girl to be their wife. 

  • Less judging. 

Why do skinny guys like big women? According to Sarah Mayfield, such girls are less judgemental. They will not criticize you because they have always been an object of criticism. So they know how it feels to be judged. What is more, chubby girls are the best listeners, so you will not need to go to a psychologist one more time. 

Is it worth dating a curvy/chubby/fat girl?

Yes, for sure! You will get the most of them when you reach the point of getting married to them. Such women are the best wives, mothers, and lovers. If you are dreaming about a big chick, feel free to text her right now! Do not hide your feelings from her and invite her for a date either online or offline. To tell the truth, all athletic and sporty men are secretly dreaming about a big chick to fall in love with in their wildest fantasies…

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