Why Do Women Like Tall Men?

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Are you getting jealous when girls look at the taller men not noticing you? Do you want to know why women like tall men? There are several reasons why women like taller men and it is not only about looking dominant and more socially acceptable. Are you ready to get to know the answer to this phenomenon and get rid of low self-esteem about that? When you are aware of why are women attracted to tall men, you will get a lot of useful information, making up your mind on how to deal with it. So you will become more confident with girls, even if you are a short guy. On the contrary, if you are a tall man, this article will boost your confidence in yourself and makes you grateful for your genes. Are you ready to investigate the main reasons why women like tall guys? Let´s go!

8 reasons why women prefer tall men:

  • It looks like they are more successful.

Why do girls like tall guys? According to research made by the American Psychological Association, taller men tend to earn $800 per year more than shorter guys. The psychologist Timothy Judge Ph.D. claims that it is their confidence that helps them get positions that are paid higher if compared to shorter guys who have lower self-esteem. So it is possible to conclude that if you work on your self-confidence and manage to boost it, you will be more successful and look more interesting to girls. 

  • Women feel more petite around them.

If you ask the question ¨Why do women want tall men?¨, you should know that most females are looking for a sense of safety and comfort when they are next to a man. Many girls just want to wear high heels and make sure that a man can defend them by being able to see the forthcoming danger. However, it does not mean that you cannot look sexy to a girl you like if you are short. Maybe, it is time to go to the gym and grow your muscles because you may be even stronger if compared to taller men if you exercise more than them. Do you remember the story about King David and Goliaf? It was David who was 3 times shorter than Goliaf but managed to kill his enemy.

  • It´s all about surviving.

According to the Darwinian theory of evolution, women like tall men and would rather reproduce with them because they think that the babies will be stronger and, thus, have more chances to survive in this dangerous world. As long as nothing much has changed in the world since our ancestors if it comes to life challenges and obstacles, this theory has a right to take place. What is more, the world has become an even a more thriving place to live despite the fact it has become a more comfortable one for some people. There is nothing you can do about genetics and it is impossible to trick Mother Nature, but it is still possible to live a healthy life and work on your character and personality. Trust us, when you become a strong person, girls will flock to you like a river.

  • Stereotypes.

It is not a secret that the media influences people´s lives a lot these days. They keep on imposing their opinions about every single aspect of our lives starting from the food we should eat and finishing with the kind of death we should die. They say that women should date only taller guys to be happy. In the vast majority of movies, the actors who play the heroes are the tallest ones while the villains are played by shorter men. It is a kind of stereotype that has always existed in human society that women like taller men. However, not all girls like tall guys. For example, in Namibia women choose those men who are equal to them or shorter. So do not worry about the fact that you are short and travel to Namibia to find your bride. 

  • Men look for shorter women.

It works another way around. Men tend to be interested in girls who are shorter than them because they feel more handsome and stronger in front of them. Even if a guy is not the wealthiest and most powerful, when he dates a shorter girl, he looks more successful. So stop asking why short girls like tall guys and try to find a girl who is shorter than you, of course, if you believe in this theory. However, if you like taller women, do not get upset when they do not choose you but find the one who will not mind your height and love you the way you are. Usually, if you manage to release your potential as a man, you will become more attractive even for taller women. So use your talents and do not care why some women prefer taller men.

  • Women have a wide choice.

According to statistics, the average American woman is 5´4 while the average American man is 5´6. So women are destined to seek a taller partner. Women prefer tall men because they have a wide choice to select from. Instinctively or thoughtfully, they believe that they can always find a partner who is taller than them, so why should they date someone who is shorter? In other words, they do not need to choose a short guy if it is possible to enjoy the multitude of benefits of being in love with a taller man. It is what it is, but you should not get upset about it, just change your way of thinking and attitude about being short. Find a girl who is even shorter than you and relax.

  • They can easily reach things.

Asking why women prefer taller men, you should not ignore the fact that these men are higher than average men and it is easier for them to reach different things. If a girl is dreaming about long-term relationships, she is likely to wish to be with a guy who can help her do household chores. For example, a taller man might be asked to take the vase that stands high above. However, do not get upset if you are not that tall because some girls might just take advantage of such tall men for their own purposes. Just be proud of who you are and accept yourself. 

  • Taller men are easily found in the crowd.

If you want to get lost from time to time, you should not worry about your height or envy those guys who are taller than you. One of the reasons why do women love tall men is that they stand out in the crowd. Literally. Most jealous girls would like to control their males and know where they are. So they might spy on them secretly. It is very easy to spy on a taller man, that´s why some manipulative girls are looking for taller men only. Do you want to date a person who would constantly be jealous of you? Or do you want more freedom? Then, stop worrying about why women prefer tall men and enjoy your height to the fullest. 

Finally thoughts

To sum up, you do not have to worry about the fact that some women love tall men. Just accept yourself for who you are. Keep working on your character and body. Boost your confidence. Finally, find a girl who will be happy about your height and might be shorter than you. If that does not work but you want to be with a taller girl, move to Namibia and it´s done. 

Hope that you enjoyed this article and are excited about finding your true love. Fortunately, you may find a girl with the right height on YESDates. Go ahead and register there now!

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