Why Do You Need to Know Online Dating Warning Signs?

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So you decided to find someone to date online but are rather afraid of it. Well, it´s okay because you might potentially have fear of being tricked and taken advantage of it it comes to online dating. In order to avoid negative experiences when dating online, we offer to check out the main online dating red flags to make sure you are on the right track in relationships. The more you know about possible dangers on your way, the safer and more sound you will remain, in the aftermath. So let´s figure out Internet dating warning signs now!

8 red flags of online dating:

  • They ignore your boundaries and privacy.

It is not a secret that some people who use dating websites are looking for profit or sex only. They do not care about how you feel and are definitely not interested in friendship with you. Let´s be honest and say that the only thing they need is to enjoy intimacy with you or get some cash from you. Therefore, such people would neglect your personal boundaries and might try to push you to do something that you do not want to do. Some of them even threaten you promising to share your sensitive information with others if you do not agree to have sex with them. So you should not ignore these online dating red flags and warning signs.

  • They do not want to meet up in person.

One of the online dating red flags and warning signs of a catfish is that they never find a way to date you offline because they always have an excuse not to do it. However, such users tend to keep on asking you to share your photos and videos or demand money from you. Stop communicating with them if it takes you months or years to date them with no results. A normal person would rather be looking to date you offline after some period of online dating. Your true love would not ask you for money frequently and would be looking for a more serious relationship. Let them go and find your true love!

  • They immediately ask you for your personal information.

If he or she asks you to give them your email address or phone number right after you connected on a dating app or website, you would better slow down. They might use this information against you. Note that some online dating site scammers tend to ask even for passwords and pin codes. Do not be naive and never share your personal data with them as long as they might rip you off, so whom would you blame for it? Stay alert and attentive. Analyze the conversation with the person you date online and react adequately. Never ignore these online dating red flags for guys and girls.

  • They always cancel dates.

The typical online dating scams and red flags are when they always find a reason not to date you or cancel the meetings. It seems like they are never interested in you as a woman or man but just want to entertain themselves when they communicate with you on dating platforms. You are just a clown for them - that is what the ugly truth is! Unfortunately, some of them might demand intimacy from you and when they get what they want, they disappear. Such scammers may continue to chat with you from time to time, but only when they need something from you. Such a category of daters tends to switch from one woman or man to another one always telling lies. So do you want to date them now when you know why they behave this way? We guess you know the right answer but read on to check out other warning signs of online dating scams.

  • There is no information in their profile.

No data in the profile is among online dating profile warning signs. If there are no photos or the fields are empty, you would better stay away from this person. When a man or woman is serious about finding their perfect match, they would intuitively try to present themselves as the best. So they tend to fill out all the sections in their profiles adding the most stunning photo there. What about scammers? The scammers think that a potential victim would never look at their profile to sort things out and make sure they date a normal person. Most of them scam young ladies and gentlemen who use the dating platform. If you do not want to be tricked, you would better take your time to check the profile of a person who tests you. If the information seems to be fake, ignore or block the scammer. 

  •  They say ¨I love you¨ too soon.

One of the tactics that most scammers use is to confess they love you as soon as they find your profile. Of course, they are lying because nobody can fall in love so fast. To tell the truth, some of them ¨fall in love¨ every day with a huge amount of girls or guys like you on a dating site. Their strategy is to make you feel wanted and pleased with their words. Once you do, you will become an easy object to manipulate with. Do not let these scammers trick you or fool you with their fake words that have nothing in common with reality. Ignore such ¨lovers¨ or block them when they bother you. 

  • Their profile is impeccable. 

If you look at their profile and it seems like they are TV stars or icons, you would better stop communicating with them. They might even use top models´ photos as their own and the information in the ¨About me¨ section might look ideal. It is weird and suspicious when a person describes themselves as a superhero or princess, not mentioning their flaws. Apparently, they are not real people looking for love but scammers looking for your money and other things they might get from you. Do not neglect these red flags in online dating profiles to stay safe and secure.

  • They ask you for gifts and money.

This category of scammers may try to make you believe that they have hardships and are poor to pay for rent, clothes, and food and encourage you to give them money in various ways. Do not give them money or presents and mind these online dating red flags for men and women. 

Online dating red flags texting

  • Sending sexually-explicit messages

If a person you are dating online starts to send you photos where they are naked or porn videos, they are scammers and want to try to seduce you this way and make you send similar photos of yours. You should never agree to do it because they might blackmail you with these photos texting that they will show them to your parents, colleagues, teachers, etc. Keep in mind these online dating red flags for women and men if you want to have peace of mind and successfully date the right person. 

  • Overmessaging

One of the most terrible red flags to look for in online dating is when they send you too many messages not even trying to be patient and wait until you reply back. Too many messages are a sign of a lack of respect towards you as a personality. They would never sincerely love because they only are looking for ¨fast-food¨ relationships. If you are interested in high-standard kind of relationships, do not waste your time on people like these. 

  • Abusive behavior

Some warning signs of Internet dating scams include being destructive and abusive. If a person you chat with tries to humiliate you because of the certain way of your beliefs or when they play jokes at your morals and values, do not ignore it. When it seems like you get uncomfortable online dating a guy who offends you, it´s time to split up. Never let anyone make you feel less worthy and not enough to deserve a good attitude. 

How to protect yourself?

Once you are aware of red flags during Internet dating, you would better get to know how to prevent yourself from possible damage and find your true love online. Check out these main ways how to protect yourself from scammers:

  • Create a nickname that is different from your real name or the name you use on social media. They will not be able to find you on the Internet and will not be able to use your personal information against you.
  • Block or say ¨No¨. If the scammer gets too active and pushes you to do something you do not want to do, you should be afraid to refuse them. You do not owe them anything, so you should never feel guilty about it. If they begin to over-message you, just block them. 
  • Never agree to let them walk you back home after the offline date. Always try to use public transportation or your own car.
  • Inform your relatives or friends about the details of your date. They should know where you will be dating and when. Possibly, you may even ask your friend to be close to you during the date to make sure you are okay. 
  • Meet in a public place and do not let yourself date a stranger alone. If they insist on dating secretly, it is a sign that they are hiding their intentions and might take advantage of you. Spending an evening in a public place guarantees your safety.
  • Trust your gut. If you have a conversation with a certain person and you feel there is something wrong with them or it is obvious that their body language does not align with the words they say, stay alert. If it goes worse and they begin to touch and kiss you or use other methods to seduce you, trick them and leave the date secretly. 

Final thoughts

Summing up, all these red flags during Internet dating are worth your attention and if you learn how to protect yourself, you will not face scammers anymore. Finding your true love is possible but sometimes it is a way full of hurdles. Often, you need to say ¨No¨ to many people before you find the right one to say ¨Yes¨ to. 


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