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Sometimes, your heart and mind might be full of emotions and feelings that are difficult to express. However, with these sweet words to make her smile you will reach your goal and lift up her mood. So you will see your girlfriend in high spirits for the rest of the day. Note, if only you send the text that makes her smile. Are you ready to check out some of the samples for you to pick up one or a few? Let´s go!

Random text to make her smile

With these random texts to make her smile, she will be happy ASAP! So if she is happy, you will be happy as well, will not you?

  1. When I am with you, I am a better person. Will you be with me forever?
  2. You do everything with love and I do want to learn from you. 
  3. All my friends are so jealous that I have you, I guess they are no longer my friends. Thank you for being mine.
  4. I am so proud that we met each other. You never know when you meet your love and it is true.
  5. I love you so deeply like the star loves the moon. 

Did you like these make her smile messages? If yes, do not hesitate to send a text message to make her smile right now!

Poems to make a girl smile

Poetry words to make her smile are the best to impress your girlfriend. Check them out:

  1. The ideas of you surround me. The love you give defines me.
  2. Never stop smiling, stop the tears in your eyes. The sun is still shining and you are still mine.
  3. You are a rare flower that blooms ever. It is now or never to tell that I´ll be yours forever.
  4. The roses are red, the skies are blue. Even if you are mad, I will love you.
  5. Do not feel blue because I love you. Whatever you do, may God bless you. 

We hope you select the paragraph to make a girl smile that is up to you. Your relationship will never be the same once you know the things to say to your crush to make her smile over text. 

Love jokes for her to smile

Your sense of humor might be delivered to you through a text that will make her smile. There are many cute jokes to make her smile online, but here you will find the best ones:

  1. I would like to see you on days that end in ¨y¨.
  2. Hello, so when are you getting to the skies? It seems like you are an angel and you do not belong to this planet.
  3. Without you, my life is like a vase that is waiting to be filled. It is you who fills my vase to the fullest.
  4. My parents told me that I cried a lot when I was a little kid. Now I know why - I missed you so much!
  5. I want to steal your heart if you want to steal mine. It is a perfect deal, isn´t it?

Hope that you mind these things to text your girlfriend to make her smile wisely and not make fun of her. A balance is a must if you wonder how to make her smile over text. 

Cute messages for her to make her smile

Choose the following cute text to make her smile. Seriously! Do not waste your time and select texts to send to your girlfriend to make her smile:

  1. I am so proud of you to achieve your goals and still be mine.
  2. When you are close to me, I feel safe and sound. Just always be with me.
  3. Maybe you do not know but I am so happy that we can talk about everything.
  4. I am so grateful to you for choosing me. We will be happy together, I promise.
  5. You are the cherry on my pie. We are meant to be together. 

Isn´t this message for her to smile a great one? Of course, it is. 

Sweet message for her to smile

A sweet message for a friend to make her smile is all you need. Why not be excited and in high spirits? So choose one of these sweet love messages to make her smile now:

  1. I love everything about you. Especially, the way you are shy. 
  2. I would like to introduce you to my mum. She will be so happy to meet such a beautiful and smart girl.
  3. You are my sweet pie. I am very happy that you are mine.
  4. You are a beauty with brains and that is incredible!
  5. I love your sense of humor and the way it resonates with my soul. 

Whatever sweet text for her to smile you choose is your chance to win her heart. Hurry up and impress her before someone else does. 

Love messages to make her smile

If you wonder which things to text a girl to make her smile, read the following ones:

  1. I am always by your side. Just keep it in mind.
  2. Even when I am broken I feel that you love me and that motivates me to live.
  3. You look so cute when you smile. Could you please do that again?
  4. I love you so much! I love you even more than I love my life, I hope you always remember it.
  5. The first day I met you, I knew my life will never be the same again because now you are there in it. 

You see, there are many love messages for her to smile, but do not hesitate to send a few ones to her. The more letters you send, the better!

What to text a girl in the morning to make her smile

If you want to know what to text her to make her smile, we will help you. There are several options if you want to know how to make a girl smile with words. You may find them here:

  1. The sun is already up to see your beautiful smile. 
  2. Good morning, dear! Cannot wait to see your beautiful face today, your smile, and your voice.
  3. Morning, sweetheart. Looking at your photo I can start my day with a smile. Hope that you do the same.
  4. No matter how your day is going to be, I hope that I will see you with a smile on your beautiful face.
  5. Good morning, darling! Have a great day today and spend it with a smile on your face. 

These things to make her smile over text do work. You would better trust us and send one of them!

Romantic text to make her smile

There are many romantic words to make her smile in front of you. You are the luckiest person in the world! Go ahead and grab one of them now!

  1. Distance means nothing to me because you are in my heart, but I cannot wait to see you again.
  2. Don´t you know that you are so precious to me? You mean everything to me and if you smile now, you will make my day.
  3. The birds wait for spring to come. So do I waiting for you to meet me up?
  4. Did you know that the wind whispers your name when I walk through it? Did you know that grass points my feet to your home?
  5. Hello, my sunshine. I would like to meet up with you later today.

These romantic messages to make her smile will help your girlfriend start her day. No more tears and bad mood!

I miss you message to make her smile

If you miss someone, there is a way out! You can send her the things to make her smile over text. Check out how you can do it here:

  1. When you are by my side, I do not care about the hurdles that tomorrow might bring. I miss you.
  2. I would like you to know that the first thought as well as the last one on my mind is about you. Miss you so much!
  3. You are my beautiful dream that came true. I miss you and want to see you again.
  4. I cannot imagine my life without you, so I miss you.
  5. I miss your sweet behavior and all about you. 

You are a beautiful message to make her smile

Send her a sweet text message to make her smile and know that she is beautiful. You may use the following examples:

  1. I cannot take my eyes off your pretty face!
  2. I am blessed to meet such a gorgeous lady.
  3. I pinch myself all the time to ensure this is not a dream and you are my girl.
  4. You are a beauty both inside and out.
  5. Meeting such a beautiful woman is a gift from heaven. 

With these smile texts, she will open up her heart for you more and your love will get stronger!

Funny texts to make her smile

Pick up these make her smile jokes and have fun:

  1. I am getting more and more wrinkles on my face because of your sense of humor. Stop it!
  2. With you, things are hard and I enjoy that.
  3. I love you. You are my pie? Why aren´t you in a shop?
  4. You are my queen despite the fact I do not play chess.
  5. My heart skips a beat when you are next to me. hope you know CPR. 

It is great that you can play jokes but with these jokes, you will win her heart. 

Beautiful texts to make her smile

The more sweet words to make her smile express, the more fascinating your relationship with her will be. So grab one of the samples now:

  1. It is clear to everyone that we are a perfect fit for each other. I love you!
  2. My love for you is constant no matter what happens.
  3. We are so powerful when we are together, just like a king and a queen.
  4. You are a gem. My love for you is becoming stronger every day.
  5. You are so attractive that all my friends envy me. 

Each text that makes her smile is exclusive. So she will never have a Deja Vu feeling. 

We guess you enjoyed these awesome samples of smile texts to please your crush and improve her mood. 


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