Why She Is Ignoring Me?

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If you wonder if is she testing me by ignoring me, you might be right, but in most cases, there are multiple reasons why she acts like this. In this guide, we are going to discuss various reasons why my girlfriend is ignoring me as well as the possible ways how to change it. If you want to change your status of being ignored into the one who gets maximum attention, go ahead and read this! We are sure you will get a number of inspirations to eradicate the roots of her ignoring behavior. Are you ready to become happy and enjoy her company? 

7 reasons why a girl is ignoring me:

  1. You hurt her.

If you think I hurt her now she ignores me, you may be on the right track. According to Deming Wang, a social psychology researcher, and lecturer at James Cook University, it hurts badly when people ignore you. Many people learn this secret from early childhood and ignore those who hurt them. So if you say my girlfriend is ignoring me after a fight, she might have gotten it and taken it personally and now there are walls between you. 

  1. She plays games.

According to Ratika Pai, when she stares at me from a distance but ignores me, it might be a signal of the desire to play games in life. When she flirts with me but then ignores me, it might mean that she likes drama in her life. She gets pleased when men chase her and buy generous presents for her. If you are interested in a girl like this, it is your choice, but stop thinking that she loves you if she says she misses me but ignores me because no woman in love would act this way.

  1. She is bored.

If you wonder why my wife ignores me, good for you because now you will get the answer. If your girlfriend is ignoring me for days, she might be just sick and tired of your patterns of behavior. For example, if you keep on paying her the same compliment every time you meet her or when you say the same joke every week, she might not want to hear it again and be eager for something new and unique. So stop wondering what it means when your wife ignores you anymore and get to be more creative.

  1. She is not interested anymore.

If your ex-girlfriend is ignoring me all of a sudden, she might have a reason to do that. You are not lovers anymore, so why should she care? Just think logically. If my ex-girlfriend is ignoring me, what does this mean? It means that you lost her, dude. It means that she likes someone else and does not want to think about you and spend her time unwisely. She might have found a new way to be happy in life, so be proud of her and let her go if your feelings are no longer strong. However, read on if you still love her.

  1. She likes someone else.

If my girlfriend ignores me and talks to other guys, it may mean that one of those guys is her new lover. If she ignores me and flirts with other guys, it means that the situation is even worse. Don´t panic because there is a way out for you, however. Some girls just do not know what they want and they might have difficulty focusing on one person when there are so many interesting men around. Also, she might be a typical extrovert that likes to stand out in the crowd and be at the center of guys' attention. If you loved her for this quality, stop being jealous then.

  1. You send mixed signals.

If you wonder why is she ignoring me if she likes me, you might be just hot and cold from time to time. She might have difficulty understanding her because on Monday you say that you love her, but on Friday you have a fight and you say that you need to stop dating. Also, you might stop to give her presents, say kind words, help her, and other small things to make her happy as it has been at the beginning of your relationship. So now she just cannot understand whether you love her because love supposes some stability. 

  1. She is busy.

If you wonder if is she ignoring me or just busy, calm down because she might be busy in most cases. Do not worry because being busy is a sign that a girl is a hard-working one and has lots of responsibilities. Being mad at her should be your last option. However, if my girlfriend is ignoring me for days, you would better treat it as a bad signal and a reason to do something to fix it. 

What to do if she purposefully ignores me?

So now it is clear to you what it means when a girl ignores your texts, but it does not mean that it is over for you and her. Check out the following recommendations to boost passion and interest in your relationships and strengthen them. 

  1. Remind her about yourself.

If your girlfriend is ignoring me for a week, you should remind her about yourself patiently every day until she notices you. There are many different ways how to make a girl interested in you once again. Just a few of them would be to send her texts, quotes, flowers, sweets, and buy her new clothes, shoes, cars, etc. It is up to your wallet which one to choose.

  1. Apologize.

If you wonder if should I text her back after she ignored me, the answer is ¨Yes, you should¨ because she might get offended by you or your actions or the absence of your actions. Despite the famous song that says that it is too late to apologize, we want to convince you that it is better to apologize to fix the relationship and change her way of thinking about you than to lose her. If you care, you will say you are sorry.

  1. Wait.

When women ignore you, you should not panic and desperately try to replace her with someone else. Just be patient until she gets healed and let things go. However, do not stop treating her like a queen until she finally forgives you and your relationship will recover. You may still show her that you love her and one day her heart will melt down and won´t be frozen anymore.

  1. Prove to her that you love her.

Of course, you can say kind words that will please her but it is your actions that matter the most. When she realizes that you actually mean what you say and you managed to prove to her that you are a worthy man, she will stop ignoring you and one day the walls between you will fall down. So never lose hope if you really like her or even love her and keep on working on yourself and your relationships. 

  1. Work on your creativity.

Who said that only girls should and can impress others and be creative? Dress something new, google to find a fresh joke to make her smile, read an interesting article with the top gifts to impress your woman and you will get where you need to get. Your target will be reached if you introduce her to something new that she has never seen or felt before. Be inventive and look for new ways to please her. 


  • Should I ignore her if she ignores me?

If you love her, you should act like a man, not just a boy who mirrors the reaction of a person who ignored him. Become a mature version of yourself and she will respect you more and becomes more interested in you as a man. 

  • Why is she ignoring me all of a sudden?

She might just have lost her temper being tired of being patient with you for too long. In other words, she does not want to hear the same odd stuff from you that you keep on repeating to her every day like some promises that you are never going to keep.  

  • What should I do if my girlfriend is ignoring me?

The best thing you can do when she ignores you is to actually do something and care. When you keep on doing the same mistakes over and over again, you will lose her. So start with analyzing your previous behavior to figure out what was wrong or ask her directly. 

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