10 Steps to Make Yourself More Attractive

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Are you an attractive person? The answer might depend on the level of your confidence and confidence is key for men. Have you ever seen a mediocre person that works with what he has and still scores immensely? Yes, those gentlemen exist and they are pretty successful, too. Why do women get attracted to a certain type of men and what is their secret? Today we will talk about some tips and tricks on how to be more attractive to single European women.

how to make yourself more attractive

How to look more attractive?

Who is that sexy guy? But most importantly, what makes him sexy? There are endless debates on the Internet concerning the question “is masculinity attractive”. Women like men of different sorts, sizes, colors and shapes. It is easy to understand how to make yourself more attractive if you follow some simplest rules.

Step 1 – outer perfection determines attraction

Teach yourself to keep track of all the clothes in your wardrobe. Know how to “retire” unnecessary or old things. Do you have pellets on the sweaters, worn out cuffs of the jacket, a white shirt that turned yellow? Throw them out without regret. As for the modern fashion for everyday life, ragged and oversized clothes are original, but they rarely look expensive.

Additionally, even expensive designer things look cheap and unattractive when they are wrinkled. If the meditative ironing process frightens you, buy yourself a hand steamer and wake up five-ten minutes earlier to combine all of your clothes into an appropriate outfit. When it comes to shoes, all the rules are quite simple. A clean and stylish pair of shoes is a sign that you are a good-looking neat guy. Perhaps the main rule concerning the topic of shoes, which is worth learning: one pair is far from enough for the whole winter season, because you will not have time to clean and dry them with daily wear. Have a minimum of two or three pairs in stock and always watch their condition. By the way, this applies to the sneakers as well!

Step 2 – smallest details lead to the biggest success

How to appear more attractive? Always pay attention to details. You don’t have to possess thousands of wristwatches, caps, headbands and other little things that really matter. It is only worth being timid and tasteful while working on your wardrobe. For example, a lot of men prefer wearing gold chains, rings or bracelets, but women think those accessories are tacky and far from being perfect. You need to have a clean look of a fresh, busy and fun person. That is why jewelry will not be the best choice unless you are a rapper from Atlanta or New Jersey.

What can be a good substitution? Ways to be more attractive include wearing glasses or fashionable scarves. Do not be lazy to find the perfect scarf - warm, not too bulky and appropriate to your style. And then, learn how to wear it as a Wall Street banker or as James Bond, performed by splendid Daniel Craig.

how to appear more attractiveBut what about wearing glasses? Do glasses make you look more attractive? It was not fashionable to wear glasses, and young people tried to avoid this in every possible way. It was better to sit still and squint your eyes than wear this murderous accessory. But now the trends have changed. Wit and erudition have become the hottest trend. The phrase "Brainy is new sexy!" From the popular TV series "Sherlock" today is on the tip of everyone's tongue. And what else, if not glasses, helps to emphasize the image of an intellectual?

Therefore, the fashion for them has revived: glasses have become an important element of style and a full-time everyday attribute of our wardrobe. Today even those who have no problems with vision wear them. People even make glasses with fake lenses to make it a good and fashionable accessory. Given the current level of popularity of this item, it is very important to know and understand which shape is right for you.

Step 3 – smelling good makes you more attractive

A good smell determines your attractiveness. Women fall in love with a smell, manly and natural. There is no better thing than a nice male shirt after a wear. Your scent starts with everyday hygiene. Change pillowcases at least once a week. If you don’t do this regularly, the pores of your skin will be clogged with dust and dirt, you might develop acne and your smell will be not the best (yes, even the smell of your bed sheets influences the unique scent you got). Ideally, you need to wash your head several times a week, but not every day. Otherwise, your hair becomes dull and faded. But if you do exercises intensively every day and cannot help washing your head, do it whenever possible in the evening and use a good hair conditioner. It will make your hair soft and good-smelling.

Cologne is the best thing humanity has invented. But what smells do women like? The aroma of musk is very similar to the smell of male pheromones, so it can easily drive a woman insane. For this reason, you should not use musky odors during working hours (this will distract your colleagues). Even in the evening you shouldn’t abuse this smell - otherwise, you risk attracting the attention of many women who are not interested in you. Additionally, you should take a shower every day and use a good-quality shower gel. Clean body is sexy body.

Step 4 – train your body

How to be more physically attractive? You should have toned muscles and work on your daily schedule. It is quite simple to go to the gym without interrupting your normal routine. Go jogging, go to the pool or just play some active sports. Not only will it make you sexier, it will also make you much stronger and develop your stamina together with inner energy.

Step 5 – avoid brands

Any extraneous decor makes you look theatrical and risks turning you into a bad version of Michael Jackson. Therefore, if you want clothes to look expensive, don’t use any golden monograms, embroidery and large logos. Be timid and casual when it comes to your attire.

How to make your face more attractive?

Face is the mirror of our soul, they say. Therefore, if you are not as lucky as Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp, you still have a whole lot of chances to look fresh and clean!

Step 5 – good sleep is crucial for your face

If you don’t have time to sleep, then your nervous system doesn’t have time to recover. Your face will develop wrinkles as traces of sleep deprivation. If you get enough sleep, you will feel more cheerful and fresh. And no more red eyes and dark circles.

Step 6 – cosmetology is not shameful!

Use cleansers and moisturizers for facial skin. Apply cream to the skin in the eye area. Use lip balm if you need to. If you have skin problems (for example, acne), buy a mild cleanser with 2% salicylic acid. It is good if the moisturizing cream will contain SPF-filters and protect your skin from the sun. Thus you prevent premature aging of the skin. Lip balm is also desirable if you want to provide protection from ultraviolet. Why are mixed race more attractive? Scientists say mixed race guys are not afraid to look after their skin and they are right!

How to feel more attractive

Step 7 – Smile

Smile makes your face delightful. This simple movement of facial muscles not only subconsciously makes you feel more confident, but also serves as a signifier of openness and honesty to everybody around. Maybe one day a smile will become a beginning of the happiest relationship in your life – you won’t know unless you try.

smelling good makes you more attractive Step 8 – show your creativity

Creativity is the first assistant of kindness. Creativity is beauty that flows through you. It always finds a feedback from the woman’s hearts — don’t be afraid to express yourself in dressing, don’t hide your interests and hobbies — if you have something in you, you need to make other people know it. Draw, write, sculpt, do gardening, sew, cook, decorate - in short, be a creative person, and you will feel how beauty beats the key through you. How to seem more attractive? Be positive!

Step 9 – be more open to the world

A big part of being confident is to think in the right direction. Do not clog your mind with creepy thoughts about yourself or the others. Do not focus your attention on unpleasant things — it never makes you feel better. Do not watch scenes of violence or just unpleasant broadcasts on TV. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Show the world that you know perfectly well that they are beautiful when it comes to your confidence. Self-confidence grows in proportion to the growth of acceptance of oneself. Love that unique and beautiful person that you are, and tell the whole world about it.

Step – 10 get rid of stress

To feel attractive and look confident – you have to be confident. Anxiety, a raised eyebrow, a frowning forehead, hunched shoulders - these are all signs of stress. Find the cause of your anxiety and try to get rid of it. Rasiate the light of your beauty in any situation. Then all your problems and negative thoughts will disappear, just give it a try. How to become more attractive? Be more relaxed and easy-going!

How to be more attractive to women: general advice

Not all of the previous pieces of advice will work unless you are being yourself! Remember, even if you are quirky, nerdy, moody and weird, if it is sincere, women will stand no chance but to fall in love with you in a split second! How to make yourself look more attractive? Be the reflexion of confidence, creativity, integrity and style! Be graceful and strong. Be sexy and fun! Be yourself and project your very own message to the world. Confidence is key, sincerity is a helper!

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I believed that only girls should watch their appearance. However, modern women want to date only suitable partners in all the aspects, so I started reading such articles.
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