An Introvert Dating an Extrovert: A Survival Guide

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How do you think, is there a successful relationship between an introvert and an extrovert? Sometimes it seems to us that introverts and extroverts are from different planets. These are two opposite types of personalities. Everything will be normal, as long as they take into account their differences in a relationship. If they cease to reckon with them, they will quickly break up. When a guy and a girl meet, they are often attracted to each other precisely because they are different. Unfortunately, after a few years of relationships, these differences start to irritate us. So, let’s discuss how an introvert and an extrovert can make their love stronger. And whether it is possible to start dating, using this European online dating service for example, an extrovert when you are an introvert?

An Introvert Dating an Extrovert: A Survival Guide

Introvert vs extrovert dating: who are they in relationships?

Extroverts are considered to be people whose energy is directed toward the outside world. They are distinguished by their sociability, a wide circle of acquaintances and friends. They like to be in noisy companies and at parties, constantly need attention of others. It is impossible to get bored with extroverts, at times communication with them can even tire. For the normal state of health, an extrovert needs contact with people.

Introverts, on the contrary, feel comfortable with themselves, they have few friends, they are almost invisible in noisy companies. They are not necessarily homebodies – the rhythm of modern life requires mobility and frequent communication, but their own inner experiences will always come first. An introvert requires silence and solitude. It is vitally important for such people to have their own territory, in which they will be protected from someone else’s influence, where they can stay alone with their thoughts.

When it comes to the formation of a family, a man and a woman need to pay attention and show understanding to their partners, respect their personal borders and interests, and be supportive when necessary. The most common mistake that partners allow is attempts to change their soulmates. We must not forget that a relationship between a man and a woman is not a competition but a desire for unity. It is not by chance that the signs of Yin and Yang are built on a harmonious complement to each other. Belonging to this or that psychological type is given by nature. Therefore, a person, at all desire, can’t change in a snap. Actually, it is not required. If someone realizes and takes the rule of never teaching anyone to live properly, then most of the conflicts will be avoided. Lovers should be able to breathe freely and think in their own way, and not to please someone.

The type of personality really does have an important impact on compatibility in a relationship. Extroverts are essentially leaders and most of the extroverts are men. Soft and calm women-introverts will be their best addition. Those couples, in which both partners are of the same type, in fact, are not always more successful. Two introverts can sometimes get bored in each other’s company, and two extroverts will not always be able to agree on who is in charge of a family. Fortunately, in the case when an introvert is dating an extrovert, the great power of love can erase the boundaries of psychological types and give two lovers a happy life.

Tips for dating an extrovert

Many people wonder how to date an extrovert when you are an introvert. Yes, extroverts and introverts differ from each other, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be together. Such a relationship may not be the simplest, but if a closed and alienated introvert understands and takes into account all the characteristics of a sociable extrovert, a couple will have great chances of success. So, look at these tips for dating an extrovert:

An Introvert Dating an Extrovert: A Survival Guide

1. The importance of borders

Borders are very important for extroverts – it gives them a sense of comfort and security. This is especially important to take into account when living together and managing everyday life. These boundaries concern not only some personal things of an extrovert but also feelings. Therefore, with such people, you should always discuss everything, express your thoughts or fears and, of course, take into account requests – this will help to better understand an extrovert and avoid conflicts. Some things may evoke a misunderstanding in an introvert, but it is important to be patient and respect the personal boundaries of an extrovert.

2. Don’t take the extroverted behavior to heart

It happened so that their inner world is like a bottomless ocean and they are very fond of diving into it. Emotions of such people are obvious and on the surface; there are no coldness and indifference in them. To understand the true mood of a girl who is an extrovert, you need to treat her with greater sensitivity and attentiveness.

3. Be open

How to date an extrovert? In contrast to communicating with an introvert, there is no need to look for any approaches to an extrovert and ways to somehow stir up this person. On the contrary, an extrovert will take care of all these trifles. It will not be boring with such a person. If your woman is an extrovert, then, most likely, she quickly and sometimes even impulsively makes decisions. They are open and waiting for the same openness from others.

4. Take care

They love communication and reach out to people like moths to the light. So, if you suddenly become lonely but your girlfriend is an extrovert, then rejoice! After a minute, your melancholy will go away. But a girl (it doesn’t matter who she is – an introvert or an extrovert) likes any attention to her persona. In addition, praise and approval from others are very important for extroverts.

5. Be a good interlocutor

An Introvert Dating an Extrovert: A Survival Guide

This is the next point in the introvert’s guide to dating an extrovert. To effectively communicate with a girl-extrovert, you need to be a good interlocutor for her. Extroverts should be given the opportunity to talk, talk about themselves, their achievements, their skills and, in general, about everything that an extrovert wants to tell. Therefore, find out about what an extrovert does, what she is interested in and show sincere interest in her. Then a woman will open up to you, tell you a lot about herself, and share the most important things with you. You will become interesting to her as an interlocutor, as a partner, and as an individual.

6. Be grateful

You are special if an extrovert chooses you. In fact, every relationship is special and you don’t need to make a cult out of this type of personality. But it is not bad if you are “armed” with knowledge about the characteristics of your partner. But it is even better if you are moved by love and desire to take care of a person. After all, love ultimately helps overcome all difficulties. It is proven by time and millions of happy couples.

8. Communicate

Dating an extrovert woman, don’t forget that extroverts love communication. Communication is their way of being. Some of them can’t stand noisy parties and big companies but spend endless hours communicating on the Internet. And of course, they don’t love everyone. The emergence of sympathies and antipathies is associated with the characteristics of a person, education, the presence of common interests and other very diverse factors, and not with a type за personality.

A relationship of an extrovert and an introvert can be very successful because, as you know, the opposites attract. It is only worth respecting the characteristics of each other and then such relationships can give excellent results.

Can an introvert-extrovert relationship work?

It is not an easy task to find a suitable soulmate. And these two types of people, according to a common misconception, have nothing to do and, of course, will not make a strong couple. The first reaction to the statement that these two are compatible as a couple: “It is impossible!” But you will be very surprised to learn that often different people are attracted. Let’s find out why (and how) an introvert and an extrovert are perfect for each other. There are four reasons for this.

1. Opposites are attracted

It is certainly so! But it’s not about tastes in food, social status or appearance, but about genetics. Studies show that women are more likely to be attracted to men whose smell indicates that they have different genes of the main histocompatibility complex that affect the immune system and play a role in sexual attraction. This is a bio-signal for a girl that she makes the right choice and this union is pleasant.

2. They complement each other

She is an active extrovert, he is a hard worker. She easily makes friends, he is well versed in people, so he communicates only with the best ones. Often we are admired by those people around that have features and abilities that we ourselves would like to possess. Therefore, we are striving to fill these gaps of our own personality at the expense of being close to a person who has these characteristics. That’s why extroverts and introverts can become a good couple.

An Introvert Dating an Extrovert: A Survival Guide

3. Sometimes people just want changes

Everyone comes to the realization that the environment and the circle of communication have become boring and we need to try something new. Someone compensates this thirst for change and the need to leave the comfort zone through work or travel, others – with the help of a “different” partner.

4. It is curious

A person of a different type is a really new and completely different world. It would seem that you don’t have common points of contention, but on the first day of your acquaintance, you feel as if you know each other all your life. Since you don’t have common hobbies, you “dive” into each other’s hobbies and interests.

So, can an introvert date an extrovert? Yes, of course. By and large, different people are attracted to compensate each other. Similar people have a limited set of qualities for two, while the opposites have a whole palette of tastes, feelings, and interests. They complement each other in order to “heal” the partner’s shortcomings with own positive influence. The basis for a happy relationship between such different people is honesty. If they are able to accept each other’s advantages and disadvantages, and be sincere in everything, then together they are a perfect couple. So, the more they learn to correctly use the differences between them, the better they understand the benefits that lead to happy relationships. Only together these different people will be able to fully realize their potential. Should an introvert date an extrovert? Of course! This is really one of the best variants of successful relationships.

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I’m an introvert and have always experienced difficulties in building relationships with people, especially with the opposite sex. Thanks for your advice, I hope they help me.
11.02.2020 23:39
I’m an introvert and have always experienced difficulties in building relationships with people, especially with the opposite sex. Thanks for your advice, I hope they help me.
02.03.2020 10:26
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