How to Turn a No Into a Yes: Dating Edition

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Have you ever encountered a situation in which you weren’t exactly sure of what to think of a girl's response to your message or your invite to go on a date? Maybe you were generally surprised by the way she responded or you were just unable to accept the fact that you had got rejected, one thing remains clear, the words “yes” and “no” quite often have very definitive and clear messages behind them, but what should you do if you are ready for a fight and a simple “no” is not enough for you? Today we will answer the questions like, “How to say yes to a date?” “What should you know about turning no into yes?” “What does it mean when a girl says yes to date?” and “What to do after she says yes?

how to say yes to a date

What Does the Word "Yes" Actually Mean in Dating?

The word “yes” has a rather more diverse spectrum of potential meanings than the word “no.” The first and most logical meaning is that a person is interested in continuing a relationship, and they found their partner rather interesting. All other meanings are just different variations of this one. Maybe your date went somewhat bad, but they are ready to give you another shot, or maybe, just maybe, they weren’t satisfied with your first date, but they just don’t want to hurt your feelings. But, generally speaking, a “yes” is a sign of at least some interest from a person you are dating.

Do women like to say no?

How to tell if a girl doesn't want to talk to you? She will say “no” to you. In my personal experience, no one I’ve ever dated wanted to say the dreaded word “no.” Even if your date went badly, and you feel like there is no potential future between you and the other person, it will probably be quite uncomfortable to tell them that you are not interested in developing your relationships. Because of this, some european women (and men) resort to just ignoring a person that they’ve found no interest in. They ignore their messages, don’t reply to their phone calls, and then just block them. However, this approach is quite a bit more harmful than just saying the word “no.” Sure, hearing this dreaded word will be like getting stabbed, but being ignored will be like slowly dying of cancer. That’s a very depressing metaphor, so let’s move on to something more positive.

Are you ready to show yourself off?

Everything about dating has to do with finding the golden ratio between being too boring and too eccentric and obnoxious. The art of showing yourself off and making a good impression of a first date is a rather hard one to master, it will only come with experience. To get good at presenting yourself, you have to fail numerous times and eventually, your everyday image will morph into something more presentable, something that women will find rather interesting.

The Requirements of Women

The hardest thing about dating is that, after a few failed dates and ill-fated relationships, you start learning and finding new things that should be remembered, only to then find yourself on a date with a person that goes against all of the rules that you’ve made up from your experience. But don’t worry, this is not that big of a deal, the main thing that you should remember is that we are all different, and if you are aiming at establishing a long-term relationship in which both partners will accept each other as they are, without any masks and gimmicks attached, then there is no reason for you to be anyone but yourself. It doesn’t mean that just because all women are different – you should not even try to present yourself in a positive light, it means that you should not try to adapt your image to the preferences on one woman only to then find another one.

Dating at first sight

Let’s now focus on something rather important. Let’s talk about the first sight and the importance that it has on dating and making a positive impression on a person you want to date. There are many important factors to remember, but here are the main ones.

how to get a girl to say yesBe sharp and presentable

Looking sharp and caring for your image is very important, even if you are a very lazy and laidback person by nature. This doesn’t mean that you should buy the most expensive suits and take a bath in cologne, it means that you should look like this date means something to you. Even if you are not that kind of a person by nature, then you have to, at the very least, eliminate all of the negative aspects of your image. You have to smell well, you have to have a nice haircut, your hair shouldn’t be greasy, your clothes should match each other in terms of style, and that is it.

Your real prospects for her

Getting her to say yes can be quite a hard task, but one of the most important things to think about is your goals for dating this or that person. What type of relationship do you plan on having? What are you trying to achieve, and does your partner know about your intentions? Do they coincide with their plans and expectations? All of these things matter, and while you should spend your dates having fun together and trying to get to know each other, it doesn’t mean that you should not talk about the future and your plans for it.

Be enthusiastic

How to get a girl to say yes? Your enthusiasm will tell a person you are dating that you are very much interested in developing your relationship into something more, something meaningful and more serious than just drinking coffee together once a week. That being said, clinginess and obsessiveness are the worst, you should know the limits of enthusiasm and be rather rational about the amount of attention that you are giving to your partner. To show your enthusiasm, you should know what can you talk about with a girl. There are lots of articles to be found online that list all the fun things to talk about with a girl, but, in general, it depends on the interests of a girl you are dating. Thus, the best things to talk about with a girl are the topics in which she is interested in.

Try to surprise her

Everyone loves surprises, especially when they are good ones. Making a gift to a girlfriend will tell her about your feelings and about the fact that you are very much interested in moving this relationship forward. You went out of your way to make a gift to a lady, you’ve spent your own money, went out to get it or craft it yourself, and you don’t want anything in return, this is a real sign of love. Some topics turn women on, they love to talk about love and romance, and you should touch on these topics as well.

Do not push her too much

Being overwhelming when it comes to dating, as we’ve already said, is very damaging to a relationship. There are a lot of ways you can screw it up, by being too passive and not showing interesting in a person, or on the contrary, showing too much enthusiasm and barraging a person with the attention that will quickly get obnoxious and annoying.

Be nice and polite

How can you screw up being nice and polite? Well, have you heard someone being called “a white knight”? Well, if you did, then you know how to mess up being nice. Being a white knight means to be overly nice with a woman to the point of becoming an absolute suck up without any self-awareness. A white knight is a person that will practically do anything to get into a woman’s panties, and they to reach their goal by being overwhelmingly polite and caring. And fining the golden ratio is as relevant as ever, you have to be polite and caring, but not to the point of coming off as a desperate man. The same goes for things to talk about with a girl you just met, you should never touch topics like politics and religion, so as not to find yourself in disagreement. Like we’ve already said, the best way to talk to a girl is to talk about the things she likes.

Don't forget to have a good time

After all, everything that we do in this life is aimed at minimizing our workload and having as much fun as possible. The same goes for dating, this doesn’t mean that you should get piss-drunk every single time, but it means that you shouldn't turn your dating journey into a very stressful endeavor, it should be fun and you should not sweat on a date. If you do, then your priorities are messed up.

Is It Important to Expect to Have a Second Date?

It very much depends on your intentions, if you just want to have sex with a girl and then leave, then you might as well be somewhat clear about your intentions and not waste your time. If you want to establish a serious relationship, then you should seek to know your partner a bit more, and one date will not be enough. But, if you are not sure and you just want to date with a girl you like, then don’t be afraid of failures, one girl may have rejected you, the other one will appreciate your company. You should not even think about it, you should feel comfortable and have a great time being yourself, nothing else should matter to you.

There is no reason to be afraid of failures and no reason to be anxious about hearing the dreaded “no.” Just think about it, how many partners that won’t fit you will you encounter in your life? Does it matter? You just need to meet one person that will be good enough for you, all other people should not matter. Telling “no” to another person is the same thing as hearing that word because both of you end up single after that.

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Really, refusal is not a reason to give up and stop searching for a loved one dooming oneself to eternal loneliness. It’s better to hear “no” right away than spend years on a wrong person.
12.02.2020 00:44
Really, refusal is not a reason to give up and stop searching for a loved one dooming oneself to eternal loneliness. It’s better to hear “no” right away than spend years on a wrong person.
02.03.2020 11:17
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