Top 15 Qualities Men Want in a Woman

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Everyone understands that there are no perfect people. And unfortunately, it’s impossible to find a perfect job, a perfect apartment or a perfect spouse. Nonetheless, men subconsciously seek to find a companion who will more closely match their inner portrait of the future soulmate and life partner. The more a woman fits the male “model of ideality,” and possesses the required number of qualities, the more likely the relationships between these people will be long and happy.

Well, we are going to talk only about guys who work a lot, try to provide for the family, and want to live a decent and happy life. How to understand what men want in a woman so that they want to develop their talents, give their love and attention, take care of their health and take an active part in raising children? Let's figure it out.

what men really want in a woman

5 Things Men Want in a Relationship with a Woman

You may think that men are so unique and not similar to each other, that to have a harmonious relationship with them it is necessary to find an individual approach in each case. But, one way or another, they all dream that their future soulmates have certain qualities that will satisfy and inspire them. So, what do men want in a woman when it is about a committed relationship?


The thing that a man is a defender by his nature doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need support on the part of his beloved partner. On the contrary, he needs it hugely especially if a soulmate serves as the biggest inspiration and motivation for him. A man wants a woman to support him no matter what and always be on his side. So, partners must support each other, a woman should push her partner towards the realization of his goals and the fulfillment of his wildest dreams. When a man shares his doubts or concerns with his woman, she should take the time to listen to him carefully and give an encouraging word. This is an invaluable quality.


Talking about fidelity, everything goes deeper than just not having sex on the side. Fidelity is about trust, respect of one's own choice and desire to belong only to one person with whom you are in a relationship. A man wants to be 200% sure that his woman loves him to the moon and back and is not going to cheat on him at the earliest opportunity. When there is even slightest suspicion of infidelity, a person can turn into a paranoiac who has a keen desire to check every step of their beloved one. Every man is a keeper at least a bit, so it’s extremely important to them to be sure that their partners will be loyal to them.


Naturally, if a man decides to connect his life with a woman, he implies that she should unobtrusively be interested in his successes and deeds in general. By the way, an ideal life partner should do this so subtly and competently so that a man does not have the impression that she tries to lead him. Devotion and obsession are fundamentally opposite concepts. Besides, it is a devotion that implies faith. What do men want in a relationship with a girl? If a man feels that his woman believes in him, he can make amazing deeds and conquer incredible heights. A woman who knows how to believe and wait always stands out among other girls in the eyes of the men around her.


Beauty and intelligence are very important things, but to feel comfortable with a person it is necessary to make friends with them. What does a man want in a woman? It is not a surprise that the ability to be friends is one of the most desired qualities of a woman. To have a healthy relationship, partners should be friends who share their sufferings and desires with each other, who can arrange a battle with pillows and joke around. Such things contribute to the formation of a strong bond between people that become a great foundation for starting a family.

what does a man want in a womanComfort

You might have heard the phrase that people feel at home not in a certain building but with a certain person. So, talking about things what men want in a woman, it is necessary to mention that men want to “feel at home” next to their beloved partner. They want to meet a girl now, relax in a company of their girlfriends and don’t face a need to pretend to be someone else. They extremely appreciate the chance to feel comfortable. Anyway, it is a woman who can turn a man's cave into the most comfortable place on earth where a man wants to get after work.

Personal Qualities Every Man Really Want in a Woman

Deep down, every woman secretly dreams of a successful admirer who will take her forever to a fabulous country called “happy relationship.” However, unfortunately, not everyone understands what personal qualities attract men so much that they are ready to move mountains for their partners. If a woman is in search for a perfect partner, she should learn about the main female qualities with the help of which she can meet her soulmate. So, what do men want in a woman, talking about her personal qualities?

She should be smart

It sounds a bit primly, but a man can quickly get bored without this quality in a woman. Ill-read and narrow-minded women turn into humble and faded companions, with whom it is simply not interesting to live. A woman should be able to talk on any topic, support any conversation and speak out on any occasion. However, there is one nuance. Not everyone likes nerdy ladies. Everything should be in moderation. A woman can be smarter than her man, but the main thing is not to put it on display, to be restrained and feel the edge that should not be overstepped. Any man will be interesting with a smart woman.

She should be kind

Men who don’t put kindness on the list of the required qualities, which they want to see in women, are interested in a one-night stand more than in committed relationships. On the contrary, those who are looking for a future spouse believe that kindness is one of the most crucial traits that every worthy woman should possess. It includes the woman’s attitude towards other people, animals and the man himself. Nobody wants to be with an ice-queen who doesn’t care about anyone except for herself.

She should be sexually attractive

Sexuality is non-permanent and controversial concept because at the beginning of the relationship a woman may cause a strong sexual desire in man, and later this extremely high passion can fade away or even disappear at all over time. Men need to feel attracted to their soulmates, and if a woman is sexually attractive then the chances that their family relationships will be strong and happy are high. A woman must know how to spice up a relationship, and she shouldn't stop watching her appearance. Otherwise, their relationship may turn into cohabitation or neighborhood with time.

She should be ambitious

Successful men, as a rule, devote much time to their work. So, single european ladies online, who will be next to such men, should also have their ambitions, hobbies, and not just personal feminine qualities. It doesn't matter if it's a job or a hobby. The only thing that matters is her constant desire to develop and become better. Nobody likes gray benchwarmers who agree on everything and prefer to take back seats instead of trying something new. So, what men look for in women? An ambitious girl has a twinkle in her eye, and it attracts all the worthy men.

She should be family-oriented

There is no doubt that any man wants, coming home in the evening from work, to see a clean house, a table with homemade goodies and well-mannered and tidy children. It is believed that the ideal spouse must necessarily be able to create a home-like comfort. What is the difference between men and women? What does a man want in a relationship? A woman must be loved and not necessarily understood. But a man should rather be understood, not blindly loved. When a couple starts a committed relationship, a man is always overwhelmed with a mass of obligations that he cannot always cope with. The task of a woman in such situations is to support and understand her partner, and not to just give smart advice. A woman must be family-oriented to be able to understand her partner.

What Do Men Want from a Woman In Bed?

Sexual liberation is quality, without which a normal relationship cannot do. No man would like it if a lady whom he began to passionately undress suddenly declared, "Turn off the light please." A man is an observer by nature. If he doesn’t see during sex what he does with a lady, he will be akin to impotent. The same can be said about girls who accept sex only in one position, only at home and only in their bed. Such sex for a man turns from pleasure into serving a duty. A man will not leave a woman who doesn’t want anything in bed, but he will rather run away at once.

1. Dirty words

Well, hold on your fantasy a bit especially if you have a vivid imagination. It’s not about the fact you should comment on everything that happens in the bedroom, particularly man’s actions. Nonetheless, a woman might be surprised at what a guy is capable of when hearing a couple of "dirty" words on the part of the hot girlfriend. However, unfortunately, not all girls decide on this. When a girl feels shy, she tries not to leave her comfort zone much, but the fact is that the most interesting things happen exactly when you take a step into the unknown. Even words and phrases like “wet,” “so good,” “hard,” can work wonders. The main thing is that a girl should better exclude from her vocabulary too physiological tokens and various medical designations of body parts and processes. No man will like that.

2. Getting control of the process

If you ask what men want from women in intimate relationships and what they consider sexual, then you might be a little surprised when you find out an answer. The thing is that men believe that a girl who knows what and how she wants in bed is extremely sexy. To get control of the sexual intercourse doesn’t mean that a girl must prepare whips and leather belts and not allow a man to do anything (well, sometimes it can be done either). Nonetheless, in general, it is enough to take the initiative, throw him down on the bed, hold his hands above his head and take a cow-girl position. Most men just adore when a girl is on top and gets control of the process. This very fact makes them turn on even more. Nonetheless, just as in the case of dirty words, there should be nothing extremely complicated or repulsive.

what guys want3. Showing initiative in trying new places and positions

Most girls believe that it’s a man’s duty to show initiative in everything as well as to take the first step. Men are used to this, but they still dream about something different. For example, talking about what guys want in intimate relationships with their girlfriends, it is possible to say with a guarantee that men really like when girls show some initiative and share their ideas. It can also be about inventive and refined sex, including a jacuzzi, whipped cream and bananas, or it can be about a simple modification of your favorite and familiar positions, both options work out just great. A woman shouldn’t worry too much and remember that the only thought that he fulfills her desire in bed and does exactly what she wants to try, already turns him on.

4. Desire to surprise

Of course, if a woman decides to get a vibrator from under the bed in the middle of the sexual intercourse, then a man can be rather scared than surprised. However, almost all of them want to try something new at the initiative of the hot and seductive girl. So, it is a great idea to come up with new ideas that can spice up your sexual life and pleasantly surprise a partner. For example, a woman can make a surprise by “unexpectedly” meeting her beloved one in the hallway and turning this meeting into a small sex session. Such moments when he cannot fully control himself are only welcome. Men dream about the moment when a woman will use costumes, lubricants, toys or offer some interesting role-playing games. However, it's necessary to keep in mind that such things are not in the comfort zone of all people. So first a girl should make sure her boyfriend likes latex lingerie or a nun costume.

5. Permission to watch her

Everyone knows that visual stimulation has a very strong effect on guys in comparison to a weak half of mankind. Even a banal change of position, when a man can watch what and how everything is happening, is incredibly exciting for him. Thus, the presence of big mirrors in a room gives a huge advantage since it helps a man get a complete picture of the whole action. So, a man wants to have a relationship with a liberated and self-confident woman who understands how beautiful she is and doesn’t mind caressing herself in front of a man, so she can easily allow him to look at her at such a moment. Do you know what men want in a woman physically? If a woman really wants to drive a man crazy, then it is enough not to let him touch her body with hands or kiss on the mouth at this time. Such actions hide another advantage since doing that, a woman can show his boyfriend what really turns her on. Men appreciate such things and usually are glad to repeat.

Final Thoughts

Even though we have tried to shed light on the most important qualities men want in a woman, this list can differ for every man since each of them can add something else that is of great important personally for him. However, it is necessary to admit that no man will refuse to see the above-mentioned qualities in his woman.

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I am a man and I am not very picky about women. Most importantly, a girl should be faithful, honest, caring, and sincerely loving.
12.02.2020 00:36
I am a man and I am not very picky about women. Most importantly, a girl should be faithful, honest, caring, and sincerely loving.
02.03.2020 11:11
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