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According to the results of sociological surveys, women want their future partner to have only positive qualities. Theoretically, if you want to attract a woman, you should be masculine, loyal, kind, purposeful, and successful, but in practice, it proves to be different.

Women often contradict themselves that’s why it’s pretty hard to figure out what they think and what they want. The search of a future partner is not an exception: looking for the best candidate, they often prefer “bad guys”. It doesn’t even matter that the relationship with this kind of man will end tying the knot, because if a European woman is in love, she is not very interested in the outcome. Men, in their turn, cannot understand this strange logic. Why do girls like bad guys? Let’s gain insight into this tangled issue.

bad boy traits women love

Good Girls Love Bad Boys

Actually, the reason for that is hidden deep in subconsciousness, so a rare woman will say exactly why she is drawn to a bad guy. This kind of inclination is typical of women irrespective of age. There are some bad boy traits women love and things they love about being with a bad guy. Learn them to understand the workings of women’s mind better.

Masculinity. The first and the main thing that attracts women in bad guys is their masculinity. The male characters of romantic novels are, as a rule, kind and tender. Of course, many women like this kind of men but sooner or later they get bored. With a “bad” guy, they never feel bored because those guys surprise them constantly, though not always pleasantly.

A good guy that buys flowers, asks out on romantic dates, and hatches a plan of proposal is usually, ironically enough, viewed by women as a good loyal friend with whom they can talk sincerely. A bad guy shows all the palette of manly qualities, including brutality, and this turns women on.

The desire to tame him. Many women can’t be weak and complaisant because they are players at heart. One man loves and cherishes her, gives presents, shares his coat when it gets colder, and fulfills his woman’s dreams while another one doesn’t call her in weeks and can be rude sometimes. This is where woman’s interest wakes up: she wants to change him, tame, adjust him to her standards.

She views his behavior as a personal challenge and starts looking for possible ways out of this situation. This kind of relationships can hardly be called tranquil but it’s her conscious decision.

girls like bad guysReliability. If a woman dates a bad guy, she doesn’t know but she follows her instincts. She is not that much interested in a man who doesn’t show his character just because he doesn’t want to scare her off. She doesn’t see him reliable. While a bad guy has a strong character. He is conceited and selfish, good-looking, impulsive, and strong both mentally and physically. He is a leader and he evokes in women the desire to obey and feel fragile. A kind guy evokes friendly feelings. A woman doesn’t ask a bad guy for advice or comfort, but at the same time, her feelings for him are very strong.

Fighting fears and inhibitions. It’s quite difficult to find a woman who would be 100% confident in herself, but it’s even harder to find a man who would point at her flaws without restraint. A good guy is at least too delicate and gallant to bring this matter up, while a bad one doesn’t care, he can say what he wants to say whenever he feels like it. That is why he can easily say that a woman gained weight or is not attractive with this makeup or in this dress.

At first, a girl will be shocked by this straightforwardness, but then she’ll be full of desire to prove the opposite. She’ll join a gym, start to eat healthy food, change her hairstyle, and buy quality cosmetics. The woman accepts bad guy’s criticism as a challenge and does her best to show him she is nothing like that he called her.

Maternal instinct. All men are kids deep down. Bad guys are the same kids that do the things they want. That’s why women follow their maternal instinct and want to take care of these “naughty” boys no matter what forgiving their whims and misdeeds. Would a mother abandon her child just for his bad behavior? Of course, not. A girl who is in love with a bad guy sticks to the same logic.

Bad Guys vs. Good Guys

Assessing the opposite sex, women see timidity, compliance, and absence of initiative as unmanly qualities. Women believe that these qualities stem from men’s inhibitions such as the fear of losing, lack of ambitions, indifference, and languor. That is why if a woman tells her admirer, “You are a great friend, I can talk about anything with you, you always understand me”, it means a defeat. For him it sounds like, “I don’t want you, you don’t excite me, we won’t have sex, forget it.” While unabated perseverance and the eagerness to get what he wants is considered very masculine by women. And a woman will hardly refuse such man.

According to psychologists, girls like bad guys and are drawn to them because of their desire to get out of line and stop being good girls as they were brought up by their parents. They are attached to their parents and subconsciously want to cut those ties imagining a “bad guy” that will steal them from their family (a kind of analogy to Prince Charming for Cinderella).

But does it mean that decent and respectable men have no chances at all? Good guys can’t fight, they leave a woman alone when she is not OK, and appear again when everything settles into shape. Though, there are no guarantees that a bad guy will be more supportive. But he will try because he likes to feel like a hero. Good guys are often dependent on their mom’s/dad’s/aunt’s opinion. If someone of his relatives doesn’t like his girlfriend, her chances approach zero. But if someone of bad guy’s relatives doesn’t like her, he will love her no matter what.

A good guy will stand in front of a woman’s door and knock so quietly and irresolutely, she will not hear. He’ll turn around and go away. A bad guy will get into a house anyway. If she doesn’t open the door, he will get inside through the window. Maybe, she will go off into hysterics, but she won’t be able to turn him out of the house.

If we take short-time relationships, good guys obviously lose. But they are definitely the best matches for long-term relationships. Sooner or later, a woman realizes that she wants to have a family, kids, reliable support, and stability. And she chooses a good guy. For the family life, a bad guy is an excruciating option. Loving a bad boy is like living on top of a volcano. But women say bad guys are good for extramarital affairs. That passion experienced with them will be unforgettable. It can become a vivid episode of woman’s life and give her valuable experience.

If a woman wants to avoid falling for a bad guy, there are no preventive measures. She should just get immune to it like to chicken pox – only after having it. This kind of relationship is necessary to gain that life experience and learn from own mistakes.

How to Be a Bad Guy?

loving a bad boyMany good men ask themselves, “Why do good girls like bad guys?” Women love bad boys and if you belong to the category of “good guys”, you can develop certain qualities that women find attractive in those badass guys. We already mentioned the key qualities – masculinity and living according to one’s own rules. There is nothing wrong about being a good guy, but women would like to date bad ones. You don’t have to become bad. Your essence will always reveal itself but you can add certain elements of bad boy’s behavior to look more attractive in women’s eyes. Here are some recommendations.

Show off in a funny way. Women like when a man gets a bit cocky. But they see the line between being conceited and simply telling about his accomplishments. Joking is always appropriate when you talk about your career success. Even if you’re not a big shot, you can describe your profession with irony or find an interesting metaphor for it.

Be mysterious. In order to keep a woman interested in you, you should leave some room for uncertainty. Don’t tell her everything about yourself, politely dodge some questions, and play hard to get.

Show your independence. Bad guys don’t care what others think. They have their own way and live according to their better judgment. They break the established rules that limit their personal freedom. We are not talking here about violating the law, of course. Show your date that you don’t follow mainstream trends and you’re free from prejudices.

Dare to object. The nature of a good guy prompts him to agree with a woman out of politeness. This is what a bad guy would never do. If your opinion is different from your woman’s one, speak your mind. If you don’t want to do something, say it without finding an excuse. It will challenge her and women like this firmness in men.

Be the leader in your couple. Of course, women like when men ask for their opinion on certain matters but there are certain decisions a man should make himself. For example, never ask a girl where she wants to go out. You are in charge of the whole date and it is you who chooses the venue, thinks of entertainment, keeps the ball rolling, and keeps a positive atmosphere.

Radiate confidence. Confidence is a true sign of masculinity. Even if you are a shy guy, try to fake confidence. Start with your body: control your posture, don’t make sharp movements, and maintain eye contact. It will help you feel confident inside.

The reason why women are less attracted to good guys is that they see their goodness as weakness. Being a bad guy doesn’t mean being brutal and treat women badly. You just need to adopt some of their attractive qualities – know your own worth, be confident, intriguing, and be a leader. Hope our recommendations will come in handy.

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The very point here that good guys look like nerds who are afraid to approach a girl and ask her to go out on a date. It seems that they have big problems with self-esteem.
02.03.2020 09:40
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