Halloween: The Romantic Time To Find Your True Love OR Boo, It’s Just For Kids? 

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Halloween is coming, and most of us are pretty excited about this, preparing wickedly stunning costumes, make-up, and stuff. Slavic girls are not an exception - they also love Halloween and make their final preparations. Though this holiday is not very popular in their regions, it has started to gain momentum in the last 20+ years.


Today, adults around the globe adore Hallow’s amusement more than ever - they go out with friends or have a party at home. We decided to clarify if Halloween is just for kids (like many assume), or grown-ups really enjoy it every year, and use this occasion as a perfect time to find not only a good fright but also their true love!

Halloween Origins And Its Evolution

You’ve probably heard that Halloween originated from a Celtic feast of Samhain (a pagan festival). They praised the end of the harvest season and welcomed the dark half of the year. Celts believed that during Samhain the barrier between their world and the Otherworld (spirits’ world) was open.

Celebrants dressed like animals or monsters because they believed that they ward ghosts off, plus fairies wouldn’t kidnap them.


Later, this day evolved into the day of all Saints courtesy of Pope Gregory III. And nowadays, Halloween is a day for trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, wearing spooky-weird costumes, and eating treats.


Still nothing about finding love, huh? But wait, let’s dive into the XX century’s spooky-good traditions...

Forgotten Halloween Romantic Traditions

Did you know that Halloween was a kind of romantic occasion to find one’s true love In the first half of the XX century? Let’s explore the amorous roots of the holiday:

Fortune-telling in cakes

Those rituals ranged from really frightening to the absurd - you’ve no idea how our ancestors amused themselves on Halloween!


Fortune-telling in cakes was the tradition for many holidays. For instance, the Irish baked different objects into cakes or bread to foretell one’s relationship status in the nearest future.


If someone received in their piece of cake or bread -

  • a pea - s(h)e wouldn’t marry in the upcoming year,

  • a stick - s(h)e would have an unhappy marriage,

  • a ring - s(h)e would get married in the upcoming year.

Cabbage instead of pumpkin

You won’t believe it, but the pumpkin wasn’t always in the center of Halloween - the queen of the holiday was Cabbages! Moreover, people used cabbages for their pranks and mischiefs - for example, throwing rotten vegetables at their victims or building bonfires.


Also, a girl placed a cabbage over a door and watched who it would fall on. The first man to whom it happened to, supposed to be her future husband.

Bobbing for apples

Apples always had a kind of seductive connotation. Thus people used them both for fun and for matchmaking/fortune-telling.


One of the traditions was peeling an apple in a long strand, then throwing it over a girl and watching if a peel formed some letter - that letter supposed to be the first in the future husband’s name.


Another tradition was bobbing for apples. You’ve probably taken part in a kind of this for fun, but back in the old days, people did that to find their perfect match. Ladies marked apples and let them drop in the tub filled with water. Then men ‘bob’ for apples to find their match.

And the creepiest one - catoptromancy

Fortune-telling with candles and mirrors was both the most popular and creepiest at once. On Halloween night, a girl entered an empty room, holding a candle. She approached the mirror and watched the reflection, trying to catch a glimpse of her future spouse.


Sometimes a girl could see a skull in the mirror, which meant she would die before getting married.


By the way, Slavic traditions of fortune-telling also included ones with candles and mirrors. That was one of the spookiest ways to see one’s future mate.

Anything for kids?

Nope! Hallow’s amusements of our ancestors were not for kids at all. There were 2 types of jollification - 


  • finding your true love,

  • pranks and mischiefs.


And both were for adults only!


Wanna have some fun and find your love this Halloween?


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Use the most wonderful time of the year to find your love!

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