How to Ask a Shy Girl Out on a Date

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What are the characteristics of shy girls? Well, most of the shy European girls don’t go to crowded places, but quite opposite – can’t wait for the moment when they will be at home, take a book and turn on the soft jazz. Usually, beautiful girls are purposeful, don’t have problems with self-esteem, and feel comfortable in society. When women realize their attractiveness, they rarely show modesty or excitement in the presence of the opposite sex. But many men like quiet, shy, and slightly unconfident girls who feel uncomfortable being in the center of attention. It is extremely difficult to approach such girls because they immediately start defending themselves. However, some our tips can help you.

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Things you should know about shy girl dating

Shy girls are outwardly calm, quiet, and laconic. And what don’t men like? Hysterics, scandals, and talkativeness. And it seems that quiet, reserved, and shy girls are simply not capable of this. So, there will not be screams, scandals, and hours of empty talk and nerves.

Distinctive features and peculiarities of shy girls:

Shy girls say little and listen to a lot. And when someone listens to you carefully, it captivates. Men need to feel their importance. In addition, shy girls speak mostly only when it is needed and they seem smarter than others.

Shy girls are fragile. Shyness gives the image of innocence and fragility, unpreparedness for the problems of the real world, and there wakes up the desire to protect and patronize such a girl. It is important for men to feel like men: strong, needed, and significant.

Shy girls are silent and thoughtful. This creates some riddle of the girl’s personality. Men become interested because it is very difficult to understand what a shy girl really thinks and feels. And if a man doesn’t need to guess anything being next to an open girl who doesn’t hide her feelings and emotions, then here curiosity is constantly heated: do I like a shy girl? What does she really think? Will I be able to live with her?

Shy girls don’t try to dominate in a relationship. As a rule, real men like to dominate: it is unacceptable for them to be controlled by girls. They will feel like henpecked with this. In a relationship with a modest girl, it seems that a man will always manage, lead, and control it.

Shy girls are not very sexually active or have no sexual experience at all. And some men really like virgins: someone needs a “clean” girl; others are not very confident in themselves and rejoice that they can’t be compared with anyone, and so on.

What they like and dislike in guys:

Respect. How to get a shy girl? Respect her! Shy girls prefer a respectful attitude from men. If a man treats a woman with respect, then she will always appreciate it.

Humor. Shy women really prefer men who can treat many situations with humor, don’t take life’s troubles to heart, and are able to laugh well, including on themselves.

Attention. This is what shy girls need constantly. Any woman accepts signs of attention and welcomes manifestations of care for her personality simply because she needs it.

Honesty. This is where a shy girl must be absolutely sure one hundred percent – always and in all situations! Moral devotion is very important. Don’t lie even in small things. Don’t cheat on her.

shy girl adviceThey don’t like when:

A man pays attention to other girls. A shy girl may become a very angry girl. She becomes jealous. And she just can’t understand you. After all, you are with her, why do you need someone else? So try to look less at other girls or learn how to hide it.

A man has a very high self-esteem. Such traits push a girl away from you. After all, it is unpleasant to be near a person who thinks that he is the best. A girl begins to feel unnecessary near such a person.

A man is rude. Shy girls like guys who know how to communicate gently. When a person is rude, it greatly spoils attitude of a girl to a guy.

A man is greedy. Not only a shy girl but almost each of them can’t stand this trait of men. After all, they want some gifts and surprises in the future. And how they can expect it from you if you are greedy?

Their expectations from romantic relationships:

They want to meet a partner with whom they can become better. But what is meant by “better” is a purely individual concept: kinder, more courageous, more self-confident, more serious or, conversely, more relaxed ... This list can be continued indefinitely. But most importantly, a woman feels that she becomes closer to the desired image of herself being next to a partner.

They want relationships to be a “permanent holiday”. It has to be bright, romantic, and with passion, etc.

They want reliability and stability. This is a kind of guarantee that she will be protected from all kinds of dangers and surprises tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

They want to be unique, special, loved by their chosen ones. For this, a man just needs to be attentive and sensitive.

How do you get a shy girl to like you?

Men are too worried when they invite girls to a date. At the same time, women are worried no less, especially when they prepare for this meeting. In order to invite a beautiful shy girl somewhere, it is important to calm down and gain confidence. Therefore, in order to get consent, you need to choose the right place, prepare a couple of good phrases and make a call or write a message. But is it as simple as it sounds?

Learn how to approach her:

  • Think over your speech or at least plan it. Your conversation should begin with general phrases. Find out about a girl’s mood, ask her what her plans for a particular day, etc.
  • Interest her. This is how to impress a shy girl. And you can interest her, first of all, with your attractive appearance. Believe me, attractive clothes and a good perfume – this is what every shy girl likes.
  • Act. Approach a shy girl and try to get acquainted. If she agrees, then do everything that is written in the first paragraph, take her phone number and call her in the evening.

Build a connection prior to going on a date Here’s the scheme for a phone call:

  • Greet her
  • Introduce yourself
  • Remind where you met
  • Ask her a formal question (How are you? How’s your mood?)
  • You can talk on this subject, but not more than a minute
  • Ask her to meet. But stop! It shouldn’t be a date with a shy girl, but just a meeting, as friends. You need to come up with some reason why you have to meet. It can be anything: you can ask her to help you do something. You just need to think carefully.
  • Tell the exact time and place. Why the exact time and place? Because a young shy girl doesn’t want to decide and choose. She doesn’t care about the place, it’s important with whom to go there. Girls often complain that guys are so inactive and can’t take responsibility. So, don’t be like them.
  • After you got a positive answer, you have to tell her that you’ll call again tomorrow evening to clarify the time.
  • Say goodbye.

Asking a shy girl out: ultimate tips

How to work out a plan

Choose good places for dating a shy girl. Choose that places in which you will feel comfortable and relaxed. If there are places that fit these criteria and the interests of a girl, then it is fine. If not, then choose something else.

dating a shy girlPay attention to the details. Before meeting with a shy girl, it is desirable that all the “parameters” of your internal state will be on top. If you feel bad about something, then think about how to fix it. If you can’t fix it, then reschedule the meeting for another day (you need to understand that a bad mood is guaranteed to lead to failure, no matter what modern techniques of seduction you have).

Don’t forget about good appearance. And such obvious things as your neat appearance, pleasant smell (or at least the absence of any smells at all), and a positive attitude are something that we will not discuss. You must observe these simple rules.

What you should say and do

Focus on her favorite topics. If you want to conquer a shy girl, you can’t just start flirting: she perceives everything a little differently. Your appearance, of course, plays a role, but it is better to conquer her heart through conversations. She certainly likes talking much more. Each has its favorite topics for conversation: music, travel, exercises, etc. If you understand what she likes to talk about, then develop this topic. And she will open to you. A shy girl will appreciate your efforts, especially if you not only speak but also listen to her speech. Always show interest even if she likes talking about gardening.

Invest your time. If you want to interest a modest girl, get ready to spend time for this: sit next to her and talk. If it is not in your priority or you are interested in several girls at once, then it is better not to aim at this option at all. Yes, she will not always laugh at your jokes, but you shouldn’t give in. Continue the conversation until she understands that you are worthy of attention and actually a good guy. Pay more attention to intellect and emotions, dude. Caution and gentleness – that’s what you need.

Invite her to a quiet place. Crowded bars and nightclubs will only scare her. She is simply not used to such an atmosphere. Any shy girl rarely comes out and has fun (and that’s so sweet, admit it). Therefore, it is better to meet in more quiet places after the first date. Maybe thus she will feel more comfortable sitting in a cafe, drinking her latte and seeing a nice guy next to her.

Curb your enthusiasm. A shy girl doesn’t trust men who change women like gloves and look like womanizers. So, change your approach. Don’t lose self-control and don’t aim at quick success.

What you should not say and do

Don’t try to change her. Let her be as she is. For some unknown reason, men think that a passionate tigress is hiding under the guise of a poor lamb and she only waits for an opportunity to escape from the cage. Well, this myth exists because men have a great ego. Not all women have a predisposition to a career of porn stars. It’s better just to smile and talk, not trying to awaken the animal passion. Thus, you will seem much more interesting.

Don’t rush into things. Don’t hint at the fact that it’s time to “communicate more closely” when a girl is still not ready for it.

Don’t complain. Your stories of “how I hate my job” or old man’s grumbling about high food prices are unlikely to inspire your companion.

Don’t keep silent after the first date more than three days. A girl will regard this as a sign of not too much interest in her. And when a man still calls in a week or two, she thinks that he probably calls because of boredom or she is listed as a hundred eternally waiting girlfriends.

So, what to add? Yes, shy girls put up walls around themselves and surround them with moats and water, but these girls are worth your efforts. They are incredibly nice and reserved, but they look rather not sexy, but cozy – and there’s something in that too. Remember our advice – be patient and you will be able to recognize the signs of a shy girl liking you.

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Oh, it’s the most difficult with shy girls because I cannot read their minds. Like it’s not clear whether she likes you or she doesn’t want to offend you with her rejection.
02.03.2020 10:04
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