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If everything is clear with the first date (you need to please a person you spend time with and understand if there is some attraction between you), then it is somewhat difficult to understand what to do on a second date. When preparing for the second date, people feel calmer, which allows them to prepare more carefully and take a closer look at their partners. So, how to spend the second date so that it becomes the beginning of a relationship? How to behave and what to talk about?

second date tips

Why your second date is more important than the first one?

The first dates are often held without much spark and mutual interest. You know little about each other (even if you meet ladies online and chat on the Internet). One awkward phrase and you think that this person will never become your soulmate. Saying goodbye to a person, you are not going to meet again. But if you are interested in a long-term relationship, it is worth spending a couple more hours together on your second date.

The first impression is not always right

Relationships start in many different ways (for example, you can use a website to meet women). There are many couples whose level of attraction, affection, and closeness has grown over time. When we meet people for the first time, the impression they create can be false.

Maybe you feel completely comfortable on your first dates. But some people don’t always show the same feelings. They are usually nervous and worried. And in the process of their incredible efforts for your sake, they may look strange. Even quite sociable and positive people can sometimes lose control.

But if you decide to give someone a chance on a second date, you will help them. You can get to know a person better just by asking second date questions. Therefore, spend a little more time together so that you can make the right conclusions.

Everything is decided on the second date

On the second date, people open up and speak more honestly. And then you can already understand whether it is worth continuing a relationship or not. The more you communicate and get involved in the process, the more informative the date will be. In addition, both of you may need more time to feel those “butterflies in your stomach”. By the way, sudden love is rather a myth but the brain gives quite understandable signals when it turns into a romantic relationship with someone. And if you feel something, it’s better to continue!

If you think that your time is too valuable, think again. If you are seriously ready to open yourself up to the chance to start a real relationship, you must go on the second date. Maybe you are not confident in your feelings for a particular person after your first meeting. So, the best way is to figure everything out during your second date.

Second date rules

The first date was perfect. You don’t worry about how to get a second date. Of course, you are in the sweet anticipation of your second meeting under the moonlight or in a cozy cafe but you are still very nervous because this date may be the last. So, how to do everything right?

what to do on a second dateOpen yourself

Talk about your hobbies, work, traveling experience, etc. Be open on a date but remember that not all topics require full publicity. Try to talk less about children (if you have them), your exes and other unpleasant moments. At the same time, give the person an opportunity to speak out – ask about hobbies, work and don’t forget to praise achievements because we are all subconsciously looking for someone who will appreciate and support our endeavors.

Be honest

The woman tells you that she is actively interested in sports and you immediately say that you spend 5 days a week in the gym, although you don’t even remember where your sports uniform is. Believe me, this not good second date ideas and lie may even play a cruel joke with you. If you really attract a woman, then your sincerity will be much more important to her.

Talk about life view and goals

What to talk about on a second date? Views and goals are good topics. Many people are very motivated and this topic may show you from the best possible side. The most important thing is not to rush and, if you find a topic that unites both of you, spend some time to find out more about it. Talking about goals can provide some insight into how you and the girl prioritize and organize things in life.

Make it memorable

The first and most important thing: don’t burden a woman with your problems, this meeting should be remembered by you and her as a bright positive event in the middle of gray everyday life. The interesting and cheerful man evokes a desire to meet again and again. Try to add humor to your date. Laughter will help defuse a tense atmosphere and smooth out awkward moments. Smile, joke and fill your meeting with fun. Lightness, ease, and mutual understanding will become companions of your great date.

Create a more intimate atmosphere

If on the first date you used socially appropriate touches (giving a hand when getting out of the car, touching her back when crossing the road, and so on), then on the second date with the girl, it is important to touch her more intensely. This is necessary to inform her of your intentions and cause a reciprocal desire. Hug her by the shoulder and touch her hands. Moreover, it is better to have a date in some intimate place.

Second date: main tips

Many people relax after the first date, thinking that everything is under control. In fact, the situation is the opposite: the second date is much more important in all aspects. According to statistics, on second dates, people break up most often. This happens due to several mistakes. Avoid them by following simple second date tips so as not to provoke a person to a negative reaction but to create a comfortable environment and get closer.

It is not a continuation of the first date

Most people think that the second date is a continuation of the first date but this is one of the most common mistakes. Relationships need to be developed, not maintained unchanged. The essence of the first date is to get to know each other. And what should happen on a second date? The goal of the second meeting is to get closer and build trust in a person. Your second date simply must be more fun, interesting, and informative. You need to carefully share your thoughts with the person about the future, tell something important about yourself, and so on.

Don’t wait for several days to go on a second date

What are the second date rules? Well, the second date should happen as soon as possible – even the next day. Many psychologists recommend men and women to take a break to supposedly make each other long for it. It is not necessary to disappear for a long time. You need to text a woman, keep in contact with her. But don’t be intrusive. The sooner you are ready for the second meeting, the more chances that it will be productive.

what to talk about on a second dateEstablish tactile contact

Of course, the second date, as we said above, should develop a relationship. Touching is the second stage. There is nothing wrong with letting a girl touch your arm, shoulder (and you should do the same). If you don’t want to rush things with kisses and other things, then you need to vocalize it. Men don’t need to be shy. Your conversations may be at a closer distance. No need to talk as if you are still strangers. You should show polite assertiveness.

Second date ideas

Perhaps you already have feelings for each other. It is time to plan a second date and make it so good that it goes into the third, fourth, fifth... Maybe, you will devote your whole life to this person. So, where to go on the second date?

Go to the ice rink

You both laugh, fall and kiss. Don’t you reckon that this picture is often used in romantic films and it can really be a great idea for the second date? Moreover, you win in both cases: if a girl does it perfectly, then you will admire her grace, and if this is her first time at the ice rink, then you will have every right to hold her hand and encourage her.


What to do on a second date? Going to the cinema is not the best idea for a first date because it’s not comfortable to talk there (namely, that’s what people usually do when they first meet). But as a second or third time, this standard option is very good, especially if the film you are about to watch is equally interesting to both of you.

Go to the bar

This is one of the best second date ideas. The atmosphere of the bar is good for easy communication and a couple of cocktails can help you become a little more relaxed and bolder. But you should be very careful. Don’t overdo it with alcohol: acquainting an almost unfamiliar girl with the drunk side of your personality is a bad idea at this point.

Play bowling or billiards

Great news: you don’t have to be a pro to have fun. The advantage of bowling and billiards is that it gives you a topic for conversation. Also, if you are good at this and want your companion to fall in love with you as soon as possible, then bowling and billiards are the most suitable places for this purpose because a woman will have no choice but to look at you while you are playing like a pro.

Take a trip somewhere

A trip to another city/country or camping is traditionally considered one of the best tests for blossoming relationships. You will go to an unusual environment. Perhaps you will encounter some difficulties and try to test your life together during the trip. So, such a date is not only emotions but also a mini-check to see if you are both good “in joy and sorrow.” We think you will be interested to know a woman from this side.

You can learn a lot about a woman on a second date and you can tell her a lot more about yourself. If everything goes well, the second date will certainly lead to a third date and so on, until your relationship moves to a new level. In the meantime, enjoy each other and your carefree second date!

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Once, I arranged for my girl the best date ever. She loves extreme sports, so we went boating in a lake and, then, picnicked on the grass. It was our second date, when she fell in love with me.
12.02.2020 00:55
Once, I arranged for my girl the best date ever. She loves extreme sports, so we went boating in a lake and, then, picnicked on the grass. It was our second date, when she fell in love with me.
02.03.2020 11:25
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