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Dating a girl might be tricky because she may just take advantage of you and finally leave you for someone else with a bigger wallet. If you are not Bill Gates, then, you might skip this article but if you are not the richest man in the world but are looking for sincere relationships, reading this will be useful. None of the men wants to end up with a broken heart, in the aftermath. We all want to love and be loved. In this guide, we are going to introduce you to the main signals to easily know the answer to the question ¨Does my girlfriend love me?¨"If you are reading this, you might have noticed some of the red flags or, on the contrary, proofs that she is in love with you. So let´s do it!

Does she love me test:

If you want to know does she still love me, start with this test. Just answer honestly to these questions. When you notice the following characteristics, take into account your observations and make your conclusions. 

1. Is she jealous of you?

According to Lachlan Brown, one of the best ways to know does she really loves me is to monitor her behavior. When you are in the company of other girls, try to watch her reaction to your conversations with other girls. If she wants to talk to you only and does not want to let you get attention from another female, she is into you. Jealousy is a symptom of strong emotions about you and a sign that a person really cares.

2. Does she act interested?

Being interested does not mean pretending to be interested. The real interest is revealed through acts. For example, if your girlfriend calls you, sends messages to you, asks you questions about your future together, makes plans together with you, or even makes the first move to start the relationship, she definitely likes you. It is normal to show love to someone by doing practical things to the objects of your romantic interest. 

3. Does she try to seduce you at the early stage of your relationship?

Sexual interest in the person you love is okay, but when a girl licks her lips, plays with her hair, acts like she is stupid, and dresses promiscuously, she just wants to use you. No need to be asking ¨Does she really love me or is she using me?¨ because all of the signals mentioned above are typical tricks of the manipulative girl. In other words, such women play with males´ instincts in order to get what they want. Probably, you are not the first and the last on their way. If you do not want to have venereal diseases after sex on the first date with that girl, you would better be alert.

4. Is she your best friend and supporter?

If you ask ¨Does my gf really love me?¨, perhaps, you have a reason to doubt it. However, if your girlfriend makes you feel like a man and is your best friend who is always there to support you, she loves you. Being best friends does not mean having the same hobbies. It is more like being connected spiritually and having similar morals and values in life. If you both are in the same tune, get each other´s jokes easily, and see the world in a similar way, then, your relationships have a future.

5. Is she honest with you?

Wondering ¨Does my girl really love me?¨, you should be able to see whether she always tells you the truth or is constantly hiding something. If she plays games with you, flirts with other guys, and when you ask her why she behaves this way, she just blames you for being too jealous, she does not love you. When a girl is in love with a certain guy, she will respect him and remain loyal to him because she cherishes feelings for him in her heart. However, when she plays with other men, she might just want to make you jealous to take advantage of your naiveness. When she lies to you and you caught her, there is no need to ask the question ¨Does my gf love me?¨ because it is already clear that she does not.

6. Does she try to impress you with the way she looks?

According to Joshua Sigafus, if your girlfriend always looks good, takes care of herself, and tries to give you something tasty she has cooked by herself, then, she loves you. All girls want attention and it makes them happy to feel that they impressed you with something. It might be either a new dress, lipstick, handbag, or anything else that you have always dreamed about but never asked her to accomplish. Definitely, this girl might make your dreams come true and keeps on doing it constantly. So does my girlfriend really love me if she looks better and better every day since we met? Sure, she does.

7. Is she happy with you?

If you want to know ¨Does my girlfriend still love me?¨, pay attention to the way she behaves when she is with you. If she smiles and it feels like she is sincerely happy spending her time with you, she loves you. When a girl is fast to reply to your messages and you notice that she frequently is checking her phone when you are away, it means that she expects a message from you and is, for sure, interested in you as a boyfriend. However, if she is cold, always depressed, and never glad to see you, probably, your relationships need to be fixed or you have lost the sparkle between you, or maybe and unfortunately, there were no feelings at all from the very beginning.

8. Does she respect you?

Asking ¨Does she actually love me?¨, get to know whether she respects you first. True love supposes treating another person as a worthy and precious one. If she treats you like no one else, does not blame you, never makes you feel guilty, accepts your opinion and practices your recommendations, and never humiliates you in front of your friends, she is in love with you. However, when your girlfriend puts you down, always doubts your way of thinking, and ignores your morals and beliefs, she is not the one for you. You would better not waste your time on a girl that does not treat you as a serious man. Instead, doubt her sincerity when she plays jokes at you but just says that you do not have a sense of humor when it hurts you.

9. Does she care?

When you wonder ¨Does my wife really love me?¨, you should figure out whether she cares about you. For example, you should never say that she does not care if she cooks for you, helps to find you the best clothes, and gives her pieces of advice on how to get promoted and behave with colleagues. Just take into account all those little things that might not seem to be obvious but they still mean that she cares. When she always pours you a cup of your favorite tea knowing how many spoons of sugar you need, she definitely cares about you. 

10. Does she need you?

Men say that when a girl can buy a house, or car, and is a boss, she does not need a man at all. Partially, they are right. If you wonder ¨Does she still have feelings for me?¨, you would better analyze various situations in your relationships and conclude whether you feel needed and on-demand by her. Trust your gut when you realize that she just does not need you anymore. She may have taken advantage of you and now she does not need you. Such situations are not rare to happen. 

11. Does she want you?

It is impossible to get inside of a girl´s head, but you may still understand whether a girl craves sex or dreams about it with you. You will just feel it. Psychologists call it chemistry and it is impossible to suppress or get rid of. She should not just want you as a friend and sponsor but as a lover. Ask her directly and see how she will react to know the truth about her feelings and attitude.

Sum up all the yeses and noes to be aware of whether she loves you. On YESDates, you will have a chance to find your true love. Go ahead and register now!

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