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Welcome to our list of hot actresses under 30. Here you will find beautiful young European actresses, that grabbed our attention due to their beauty.

№1 Nina Dobrev

beautiful young actresses

The first place on our list of the hottest young actresses in the world is held by the Canadian actress of Bulgarian descent and model, Nina Dobrev.

Nina was born on January 9, 1988 in the heart of Bulgaria - Sofia. Her mother is a representative of a creative profession, engaged in visual arts, the head of the family was a programmer. The actress claims that she got her love of art from her mother, and practicality and purposefulness from her father.

From a young age, Nina Dobrev have actively participated in castings and auditions. An interesting, photogenic, oriental appearance is not ignored by producers and directors. She is often invited for commercials. Nina starred in a number of feature films, among which "It's good to be quiet", "Far from her", "Chloe", as well as numerous shows. She is engaged in yoga, travels a lot and leads a secular way of life. She is widely considered one of the hottest young brunette actresses of Hollywood.

# 2 Hayden Panettiere

beautiful young actresses

One of the finest young blonde actresses under 30, Hayden Leslie Panettiere was born on August 21, 1989 in Palisade. Her father worked all his life as an ordinary fireman, and her mother was a popular actress at that time.

From an early age, the girl began to show good acting skills, which pushed her mother to a genius idea. Without thinking twice, she launched several commercial radio programs, where occasionally, a beloved daughter appeared on the air. Having received her first experience, the little girl went to conquer television. Her debut serious work was shooting in the advertising of the railway "Playskool".

During her acting career, the girl has managed to appear in several dozen films, in most of which she played exclusively the leading roles. The best films she took part in are “I Love You, Beth Cooper”, “Bring It On: All or Nothing”, “Carmel”, “Scream 4”, and the “Heroes” series and “Malcolm in the Middle”. She conquered the heart of Vladimir Klitschko and millions of fans, she confidently holds her place on this list of the best young actresses.

№ 3 Kristen Stewart

beautiful young actresses

The third of our young Hollywood actresses is Kristen Stewart (mistakenly - Christine Stewart, Kristen Steward) was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 9, 1990. Her father, John Stewart, worked first as an assistant director, and then as a producer of entertainment shows on Fox. The mother of the future star, Julia Mann, was a "script supervisor" (script editor) on television. After the birth of Kristen, the family adopted a boy named Taylor - he is a peer of the actress.

The desire for scenic art appeared in Kristen in early childhood. In elementary school, she made her debut in a Christmas production and since then has been happy to attend the youth theater group. Parents, seeing the interest of the child in acting, decided to support her and secretly invited a familiar Hollywood agent to one of the productions with her participation. During the years of her youth, her filmography was supplemented by many outstanding roles in various genres, but, the role of

Bella Swan in the adaptation of the novel "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer, made her truly famous. Kristen is famous young actresses, she is young, attractive and has a huge talent as for her age.

№ 4 Phoebe Tonkin

beautiful young actresses

Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin, more familiar to viewers as Phoebe Tonkin, was born in Sydney in July of 1989. From a young age the girl demonstrated her artistry. She was very agile and mobile, so her parents brought her to a dance school. Since the age of 4, Phoebe has been trained in classical performance styles, including ballet, and modern hip-hop and street dance.

From the age of 12, Phoebe Tonkin attended courses at the theater in Sydney. It was there that she learned what clownery was, musicals and classical productions. In the Sydney theater, there were often performances based on the works of William Shakespeare, in which Phoebe participated. During the middle school, she willingly attended a youth drama studio at the school of Queenwood in Balmoral, where her parents sent her, wishing to further develop her daughter's artistic abilities.

Phoebe is known mainly for television series. Phoebe became famous after the role of the mermaid in the youth fantasy series H2O: Just Add Water, and then consolidated her own popularity by playing the role of Haley Marshall in the mystical series about vampires "The Vampire Diaries" and "The First-Born." Phoebe is a model, young, successful and single, there is no arguing about her place on our list of hot young actresses.

№5 Emma Roberts

beautiful young actresses

Would brilliant Julia Roberts ever think on February 10, 1991 that her niece would become one of the top young actresses? It was on this day that Emma Roberts, the niece of a great actress, was born.

The tiny Emma is the fruit of love of actor Eric Roberts (sibling Julia Roberts) and a model Kelly Cunningham. Alas, the man could not stand the year of family life, leaving the ex-lover with the baby in his arms. Aunt took her with her to film shootings, and in 2000 helped Emma make her debut in a movie. It was the comedy called " America's Sweethearts ", where Julia played the main role, well, the girl appeared in the frame for a few seconds and was not even indicated in the credits.

Already, at the age of 10, the girl played in the movie "Cocaine" paired with Johnny Depp himself. Also, the audience remembers her roles in such films as "Nancy Drew", "We are Millers", "Nerve" and many others. Taking the 5th spot on our list of beautiful young actresses, she is damn young, damn talented, damn hot.

№6 Kaya Skodelario

hot young actresses

As to the British actresses under 30, Kaya Skodelario-Davis (born Kaya Rose Humphrey) was born on March 13, 1992 in the town of Hayward Heath, England. Her mother, the Brazilian Katya Skodelario, moved to England in 1990. The name Skodelario the actress inherited from her great-grandfather, by Italian descent. The actress's father, Roger Humphrey, was an Englishman.

Her career is also young, like Kaya herself, but she has already gained popularity for her role in the youth series "Skin" ("Skins"), as well as participation in the youth blockbuster "Running in a maze." Kaya - owner of an ideal body, in 2010 was ranked 13th in the FHM list of "100 sexiest women in the world". She is also one of the best young British actresses, so she is definitely worthy of this list.

№7 Daniel Campbell

hot young actresses

Daniel Campbell was born on January 31, 1995. The American actress, is best known for her role as Jessica Olsen in the original Disney film of 2010 " Starstruck " and as Simone in Disney's picture “Prom”.

Daniel is from Hinsdale, Illinois. Her parents are George and John Campbell. She also has a younger brother, Johnny. The actress opened her own hair salon in Chicago. Her first major breakthrough in the film career was the periodic main role in four episodes of the television series "Escape". She also starred in a nationwide commercial for Build-A-Bear Workshop and played the character Darla in the movie "The Poker House". In 2010 she appeared in the Disney film "Starstruck". Currently, she plays the role of a girl in the spin-off series of Vampire Diaries - "The Originals."

Her big screen experience is stunning, she's is simply delightful.

№ 8 Lily James

hot young actresses

Lily (Lily James) was born in an intelligent creative family from the county of Surrey. Her mother Ninett was an actress, and father James Thomson was a musician. Lily's grandmother, Helen Horton, was also an actress, took part in the scoring of the film "Alien." Not surprisingly, the girl, intents on continuing the dynasty of actors. Learning acting skills, Lily attended the Tring School of Art, and continued at the London School of Music and Drama, which she successfully graduated from in 2010. She became famous in her homeland, playing the role of Lady Rose in the series "Downton Abbey", and her work in the films

"Cinderella" and "War and Peace" brought her worldwide fame. Then she decided to try herself on television and played a small role in the sitcom "Secret Diary of a Call Girl". Lily knows how to choose a role, Lily is a great actress, Lily is a hot girl.

No. 9 Kaitlyn Stacey

hot young actresses

Caitlin Stacey was born in the spring of 1990 in Melbourne. Her parents come from the UK. Her mother taught acting at the school, and Caitlin Stacey, in the company of Victoria's younger sister, graduated from the Maritime College. She also spent a year visiting her grandparents in the UK, and traveled the whole world with the Australian girl choir. Kaitlyn Stacey appeared in the commercial of the company "Qantas".

The Australian actress, known for the role of Rachel in the famous long-running series "Neighbors" and participation in the action movie " Tomorrow, When the War Began". In 2008, Caitlin Stacy appeared in the Christmas pantomime "Snow White" on the stage of the Royal Theater in Norwich. In 2009, Caitlin Stacey starred in a five-minute short "Many Australians One", as the advertising campaign for "Panasonic". She confidently gains a spot on this list.

№10 Margot Robbie

hot young actresses

Finishing our list of beautiful young actresses is Margot Robbie, who was born on the Gold Coast of Australia. But the girl spent all her childhood at the farm of her grandparents in the small provincial town of Dolby. Father - farmer Mike Robbie - left the family, and Sari Kessler had to bring herself to the feed four children - senior Lahlan, Margot, junior Cameron and little Anya.

At school Margo attended almost all the workshops - from rowing to dancing, from theatrical productions to softball. The mother sent her children to the farm, so at the age of 10 little Margot was able to chop wood and milk cows. But secretly, all she always dreamed of is to star in movies.

At 16, Margot worked three jobs, thereby she managed to save money for acting courses. Margot Robbie conquered the world after the role of Naomi Lapalya in the acclaimed Martin Scorsese film “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Played in the series "Neighbors", "Charlie's Angels". She also starred in "Z - means Zechariah", " The Big Short " and "Focus". Later, she also played in the "Suicide Squad".

And here it is, our list of the young sexy Hollywood actresses under 30. Be sure to stay tuned for our “Young African American Actresses” and “Young Latina Actresses” lists in the near future. But for now, we can only wish you to find yourself in the arms of one of these women one day.

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Good top! I think Emma Roberts is the most beautiful and hottest lady on this list. I saw her in "We are Millers". She personifies womanly attractiveness and femininity.
12.02.2020 00:16
Good top! I think Emma Roberts is the most beautiful and hottest lady on this list. I saw her in "We are Millers". She personifies womanly attractiveness and femininity.
02.03.2020 10:28
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