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Can you imagine your life without the holy gift of the Internet? Personally, I can’t imagine spending a day without using the world wide web for one reason or another. And it’s true, no matter how redundant that phrase may sound. “Oh, these youngsters are stuck in their internets, and they can’t live a normal life anymore.” But the Internet has changed the perception of this notion of “normal life,” we work, using the Internet, we communicate, using the Internet, we find everything that happens outside of our little bubble, using the Internet. In modern society, the Internet plays a very vital role, without it, people would riot. One of such ways in which the Internet has changed our lives forever is the way we find people in this world. Online european dating is at its most popular, and there seems to be no stopping to this trend.

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The World of Texting

What was the most “normal” way of dating and finding a partner just a few decades ago? Texting people online wasn’t a thing at that point. Well, you know a guy who knows a guy who knows a single girl, thus, you should probably hang out with each other and maybe, just maybe, a fruitful relationship may be at the end of this journey. Lots of people got engaged (and still do) with their coworkers, which always felt wrong to me, it just feels very monotonous and pathetic. Not that you can’t possibly find a great person in your coworker and live a happy life together, it’s just that this option implies a certain lack of interest. A person is not motivated to do all the things they can in order to find a great partner for themselves, they would much rather choose a safer option of dating a coworker.

But now, everything is different, online dating is the most convenient way of dating, and it evolves and develops every single day. It has probably become even more convenient by the time you were reading this paragraph. Let’s Talk About the Convenience of Texting People Online

Why are text messages so popular?

It is quite easy, do you know the principle of the least effort? Well, if you do, then here is your answer. If you don’t, well, it means that humans are lazy and prefer to take the route of least effort. The less they do to achieve a certain result, the better. The same goes for communication. Why spend your own precious time getting dressed, groomed, going outside, driving to some sort of a restaurant only to find out that a person you were going to date is an absolute asshole that you can’t stand? Online dating solves this issue.

What about text message dating?

As for the general importance of text messages, well, they are the easiest and most convenient form of communication. You are in, let’s say, Dublin, just drinking your morning coffee, and your buddy is on his business trip to Brazil, and you can communicate with each other without any issues by using all the instant messengers that are available to you right now.

dating text messagesThe important role of text messages

Text messages are not only convenient, but they are also quite important in our day to day lives. Something awful happened in a neighboring city – you instantly get notified of it. You’ve missed a call from your mother – you get notified of it. Your boss is not happy with your performance during the last few months – you, unfortunately, get notified of it. There’s not a single big corporation in the world right now that doesn’t use technological advantages such as instant messaging and Internet communication in general.

The cons of texting in dating

But, despite all the praises that I may give to online dating and online communication in general, there are some cons to this activity, let’s talk about them. First of all, as in any other market or industry that has a lot of money invested in it, you will inevitably find some people that will try to steal that money away from you. There are different schemes fraudsters can use against you on your online dating journey, but their goal is always the same – to get profit. Also, when it comes to the real-life dating – what you see is what you get, when it comes to online dating – the photos that you are going to see on a dating site or app may differ from reality.

Why Should a Grown Man Be Interested in Young Women

Why do older men like younger women? Well, the short answer is a pretty simple one, they are gorgeous, they are active, and their beauty just started to bloom, which means that you will be able to enjoy it for a long time, not just a few years as in the case of your peers. A grown woman has to do a lot of different things to keep her body in great shape, she has to visit various beauty salons, try out all sorts of beauty products, face masks, etc., just to slow down the aging process. This process hasn’t yet started in the case of a younger woman, her beauty will only develop throughout the years, depending, of course, on the age of a girl you are dating.

Now that you now know the reasons for dating young girls, let’s talk about the things young girls who want to date are looking for in an adult man.

What do young girls are looking for?

Now, with that long intro out of the way, let’s talk about reasons why a young girl would be interested in dating an older man. First off, don’t let anyone tell you that this type of relationship is in any way wrong or goes against some rules that other people established for themselves. If two individuals that make up this relationship are fine with it and get pleasure from it – then nothing else should matter in this case.

How to make a younger man want you? Well, they are always horny, it is quite easy to get them attracted. So why young women date older men if young guys are so agreeable? Well, let’s talk about it. There are a lot of attractive qualities that a young girl will value in a man that has seen more things in life than her.

Why young women date older men? A grown-up man is experienced, he has seen a lot of things in life, he is wise, intelligent, and a lot more serious than all the young guys that spend their time drinking and trying to get laid. All the priorities were flipped 180 degrees, and a grown man will be focused on balancing his career and family, rather than booze and drugs. She will start looking for tips for dating a younger woman online and will be frustrated with a relationship with this unpredictable fool.

How to Pick Up a Younger Woman

The main rules of texting a girl

How to text online dating? Let’s talk about texting a girl if you have already chosen one of many texting sites for singles one can find online. Well, the first rule of dating anyone and attracting younger women is to not try to act like someone from that age group. Remember all of the cringe-worthy scenes from TV shows and series when a grown person tries to act hip and cool, just like a young person would? Well, if you don’t want to find yourself in the same position – be yourself. The next step should be an obvious one, no one likes a pervert, especially when it comes to online dating, and especially in the case of an adult man trying to hook up with a young girl.

How to start texting her

What about dating text messages? Analyze her profile, find the things she likes, and try to start a conversation around one of her interests, preferable the one you share. Whether it is sports, traveling, cooking, music, or anything else. Finding common interests will undoubtedly increase your chances of succeeding.

Be respectful and polite

Well, this should be a very easy one. How can you feel any sort of attraction to a person that doesn’t respect you and doesn’t try to act politely in your presence? Well, maybe if you are into BDSM and all that stuff, but, otherwise, this is very much unacceptable.

dating young girlsDo not be intrusive

How to get a younger girl to like you? The last thing a young lady would want in her life is to be controlled in everything that she does. While sure, you are wiser and probably more intelligent than her, but you’ve become intelligent because of your mistakes and failures. Let her make her own mistakes, let her feel alive and don’t be too intrusive in her life. Otherwise, she will be looking for “dating an old man advice” herself.

Be kind and attentive

How to pick up young girls? Every man should be kind, every man should be caring and attentive when it comes to romantic relationships. Otherwise, what should a woman do when she faces a big issue that needs to be solved, and there is no one around her who is man enough to help her out, give her a hand and be very attentive in the process? You are a man so you should act like a man who is ready to help and provide her with a piece of advice when she desperately needs it.

Show your experience

You are wiser and more experienced; this is probably the case. And while you should not be too intrusive into her life, you should give her some room to breathe and let her feel alive and free, it doesn’t mean that you should not use your experience and wisdom to help her out when she needs it. You should be her mentor, you should be her teacher, and she should be an attentive student.

Be honest with her

Honesty is at the core of every successful relationship. Lack of honesty means a lack of trust, and if there is a lack of trust – then no relationship can be built in this case. Sure, some things should be left unsaid if they are not important enough, but one small lie leads to another one, and then it eventually turns into a big snowball of lies that cannot be stopped.

Talk about her interests

Don’t be selfish and be interested in the things your female partner does in her life. Would you be interested in having a relationship with a person that doesn’t care about you and your affairs in general? I don’t think so, and thus, you should at least try to be in tune with the things your female partner does and is interested in.

Remember, you should not be dating girls younger than 18.

Online dating is very hot right now, and online communication is intertwined into every part of our lives. Young ladies are beautiful, and they are worth fighting for. There are quite a few things you should know before dating one, but by just being yourself, being honest and kind – that will most definitely be enough to make her happy, and this is the only thing that should matter.

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Girls love guys who can make them laugh. So, tell jokes more often! In addition, text messaging provides an opportunity to ponder what you say and, thus, show up big time.
12.02.2020 00:37
Girls love guys who can make them laugh. So, tell jokes more often! In addition, text messaging provides an opportunity to ponder what you say and, thus, show up big time.
02.03.2020 11:15
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