How to Text a Girl You Like: Examples and Advice

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Texting a girl can be quite a difficult task, and there is nothing wrong in admitting that some of us have issues in this difficult task. It took me a long time to gain the confidence that is needed to get quite decent at online european dating and even then, I still face some issues now and then. But I think I am on the right track, and today I would like to give you a few tips on how to text a girl you like and provide you with some examples and advice.

To start off, let’s talk about the art of picking up girls on Facebook and various online dating services. Then we will move on to topics like “the art of closing the deal with a girl,” “how to text a girl you like and examples,” and “things to text to a girl.” How to text a girl?

things to text a girl

In Short about Online Dating and Texting

It would seem ridiculous to some men who find it hard to text women that there is nothing to be afraid of, this is quite an easy task without any complications. But the reality is quite different. As I’ve said, I faced a lot of issues just a few years ago when it came to online dating and texting women, it all just seemed too scary, I felt like I would have been rejected every single time and I didn’t even try because I was so convinced that I would fail. I was also quite afraid of failure, however, there was no reason to be afraid of it. Let’s say that you have created a profile online and started looking for people online when suddenly, you get a text message from a person, and you don’t seem to like them that much, they are just not your type, and you tell them that you are not interested. You move on and forget about that online encounter in an hour or two. So, tell me now, as a person that was rejected, is there anything to be afraid of? Just move on and text someone else, a person that has rejected you will do the same thing, it’s not like your failure will spread around the neighborhood and tarnish your reputation, that’s not what is going to happen.

That being said, I hope that you feel a little less anxious about texting a woman, but, even if you are, what should you talk about with a woman? Let’s discuss that.

What to Talk about with a Girl?

How to seduce a girl through text and examples of topics for a conversation.

There are hundreds upon thousands of potential topics that you can bring up during a conversation with a woman, yet, that being said, how should you pick an appropriate topic for a conversation? Well, the easiest way of picking a topic for a conversation would be to analyze a woman’s profile on a dating website or a social network. You might be surprised how much information you can get from a woman’s profile. If you have never thought of analyzing a woman’s profile, you may not have even thought of all the useful information that can be gathered this way. But, even if you are communicating via a dating website, and a girl doesn’t have any profile description, or there is nothing useful there, you should check out her photos and see what you can find there.

Small details, small traits of character, items that you may have spotted in a shot, all of this information matters. The one thing that you have to consider is that you should not be too creepy when it comes to such investigations, no one likes creepy stalkers that seem to be just a bit too obsessed with them. If she is holding a surfing board in one of her photos, then this means that she probably enjoys it, and it would be great to discuss this passion. We all love to talk about the things we enjoy. Let’s continue talking on the topic of the art of texting a girl and examples of a great conversation.

how to text a girlCommon interests

If you have noticed a thing that you seem to enjoy as well – this is a great opportunity to start a conversation. Let’s say that you’ve noticed her wearing a wrestling t-shirt, and you are a fan of it as well, then there will be no greater way to start a conversation than to talk about a thing that the two of you like, which, in this case, is wrestling. Finding a common interest, even if it is a small one, like the same type of coffee that you both to enjoy, is a great way to start a conversation on a positive note.

The right way to have a lovely chin wag

Frankly enough, there is no single guide on how to conquer every girl in the world. That would be ridiculous, and there would not have been a single girl in the world. However, this doesn’t mean that some things are more important than others when it comes to meeting women online. Here are the most important things you should consider making your online dating journey more productive.

Make her excited

There are multiple stages of conversation, and the main goal that you should have at the beginning is to make a woman excited. Would you like to end a date and think to yourself, “Man oh man, that was a wild girl, I hope she wants to continue this relationship, she got me so excited”? Of course, you would. The same thing goes for women, they are constantly swarmed by endless lines of gray men that just don’t seem to be original or exciting in any way. But how should you make a woman feel her excited? Well, once again, it depends on a woman you are communicating with, but, in general, it means that you should stand out from the rest, yet leave a positive impression on a woman. Be yourself, but you’re the most interesting aspects of your character to grab her attention.

Creativity can be impressive

Generally speaking, creative men get it easier when it comes to dating women. While sure, a lot of such men are shy, and it is hard for them to make the first step, but beyond that, they find it easy to come up with new ways of exciting a woman and making a positive impression on her. Here’s a thing, if you really want something, even if it is a task like conquering the heart of a woman, then you will feel the power and willingness to overcome your issues and become better in the process. If you are struggling, and you just can’t seem to come up with a creative way of hooking the attention of a woman you like – relax, come back to her in a day or two when you will be in a better mood.

Stop fooling around

You may ask yourself, "What does it even mean “to fool around” when it comes to such a stressful thing like dating women?" Well, there are lots of different ways in which men make the dating process a lot more complicated for themselves than it has to be. This is just the nature of life in the age of the Internet, you open up your browser, search for a guide on how to attract the attention of a woman, and every time you find different solutions, they tell you that you have to come up with original hook-up lines, you have to wear a red shirt because women get aroused by this color. But all of that, especially the latter one, is complete BS. You will see so many romantic texts to send to your girlfriend and various pickup texts down the line, but they won’t work for you if they are not yours. All of those texts to send a girl just won’t feel right. You have to relax and let go of all of the things you’ve learned about online dating, be yourself, this is the easiest thing you can do, and you are quite great at it. If you want to find a few new things to text a girl you like – listen to your mind, it is already there.

Make her smile

Women love to smile, even if a man is not that visually pleasing and he isn’t that wealthy, if he has a great sense of humor – he will be able to conquer the heart of any woman. What is so magical about having a great sense of humor? Well, it allows a man to turn any situation, even the direst one, into a less stressful one. Even if a woman has found herself in a terrible situation, there will be a man that will help her overcome the hard times with his jokes and wits alone.

"Logic is not necessary"

Well, logic matters, but emotions are paramount. Rationality is a great thing that should always be there, deep inside your head, helping you make the right decision, but it is the emotions that will help you conquer the heart of a woman. Don’t try to make absolute sense of everything that you hear and see, the logic of a woman will be different to yours, so don’t think that everyone around you works according to the rules you have cpme up with.

Take the initiative

Men should take the initiative, they say, but they do so for the wrong reason, it is believed that men should do so out of gallantry and because it is simply right to do so, something about traditions and crap like that. But I believe there is a different reason to take the initiative. We take the initiative when we feel strongly inclined to do something, when we feel attracted for one person or another, the same goes for online dating. If you are attracted to a woman, and you will take the first step towards knowing her, she will notice your passion and the fact that you texted her first.

Additional Techniques for Cutting a Figure

Look sharp

You will not only look and smell more attractive, caring for your appearance will show her that you are mature and care for your image. Pay special attention to the following things.

  • Take a shower at least once a day. It is probably best done in the morning, so you start the day with a feeling of freshness and purity. Wash your hair, apply shampoo, and then rinse.
  • Keep your mouth clean. Brush your teeth twice a day, use floss. For fresh breath during the day, use mint tablets or a breath freshener.
  • Watch the facial hair. Shave daily. Or, if you have a beard, make sure it is evenly shaved, its length is the same everywhere, it should look not like an accident, but like a proper manly beard. If your eyebrows are prone to growing together, pluck out all the excess hairs with tweezers.
  • Use an antiperspirant deodorant. Use it every single day.
  • how to text a girlDo not overdo it with cologne. Spray cologne or body on yourself, but no more than 3 times.
  • Wear clean clothes. If sometimes you find it difficult to find clean clothes in the closet, consider creating a washing schedule, for example, washing all of your clothes every Saturday.

Be polite

Having good manners does not mean being a bore, it means that you know how to treat other people with respect, and this is a quality that most girls want to see in their guys. Show her that you can be attentive and caring. Do not be rude and curse in public places or a company of friends.

Think before you speak

Everyone sometimes makes mistakes and says stupid things but try not to do it when you are near a girl. Think for a few seconds, evaluate what you are going to say before you say it. Do not talk about other girls. You might think that making her jealous is a good idea but stay away from that. By discussing the appearance of other girls with her, you will seem petty and unreliable. She should know that you are only interested in her alone. Do not try to act like a bad guy. Do not rush with careless insults and do not humiliate people, even if this is a joke. She may not understand your humor and take your words for the truth. Do not tell dirty jokes. There is a certain time and place for such humor - when you spend time in the company of friends. Keep an eye on this when she is nearby.

Do not screw up

It’s easy to give a piece of advice like this one, isn’t it? Just don’t make mistakes, lol. But the thing that you should remember is this – if you don’t make a mistake, then you are moving forward, you are doing everything right, but even if you fail – this is an opportunity to learn something and improve your game. Of course, it’s not like there is no way to end up in a bad situation, but it all depends on you.

What you see is what you get

The only thing that is left for you to remember is that being yourself is the only thing that should bother you. It’s the easiest way in the world, and it’s what you are good at. By being yourself, you won’t have to come up with something on the spot. No one is as boring as they seem to think, it may take a drink or two to get you going and make you a bit more open, but still, you are capable of being entertaining.

The greatest of minds tried to solve the riddles of human interactions, the greatest of men tried to conquer the heart of women they loved and not all of them succeed at it. If the greatest of politicians, artists, and thinkers weren’t able to do it, then why do we still take rejection to heart?

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I’m a girl and want to address men. If you want to make texting with a girl successful, do not send her your photos with stripped body parts and other vulgarity. This is sick to death!
12.02.2020 00:39
I’m a girl and want to address men. If you want to make texting with a girl successful, do not send her your photos with stripped body parts and other vulgarity. This is sick to death!
02.03.2020 11:15
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