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Each woman requires an individual approach. Each European woman needs some special words that turn women on. The human psyche is a very complex thing, so it is very difficult to talk about it in general terms. Difficult but possible. Scientists investigating the mysteries of the human brain have long been interested in issues of sexuality and sexual arousal. This allows us to talk about certain patterns that are applicable to most cases. Yes, you can rely on recommendations and advice, which we will write about below, but do not forget that the main secret lies in your sensitivity and tact. Do not use this information as a body of dogmatic rules - they can and should be broken, edited or combined. Your own vision of the situation should be the main reference point. And we will only support you and share our knowledge and experience.

So how to sexually arouse a woman quickly? Learn this and other useful information from our new article!

how to arouse a woman fast

How to Sexually Arouse a Woman Quickly

Consider the situation when you have a new romance, you are already halfway to sex, that is, a public or private agreement already exists or is noticeably suspended in the air.

To begin with, it is necessary to make sure that your lady is generally ready morally and wants it just like you. Then pay attention to the surrounding circumstances. Try to look at the situation with her eyes. Is there enough soft light? How convenient and clean is the room or what are you going to do with it? Is there any danger of being seen, overheard and so on (unless, of course, you are exhibitionists)?

Women get excited more slowly than men - this is a scientific fact. There is no solid answer to the ‘how to arouse a woman fast’ question. Since women perceive the world around them through the prism of sensuality and emotions, it is necessary to make sure that this prism will not be clouded by anything extraneous, annoying or embarrassing. That is why it is so important to create a favorable environment and allow the girl to completely relax.

So how to sexually arouse a woman in bed? To do this, you first need to study her nature. Observe her behavior, analyze her reactions to certain words, actions on your part or on the part of other people. We understand that this sounds extremely difficult: how can you set up the brain for a critical assessment of the behavior of a person with whom you want to immediately have sex? Again, this is difficult but possible. In addition, this behavior will significantly increase your chances of success. Finding out what scares, distracts or angers the girl, you will be able to find such a place and create an atmosphere where the impact of all these factors will be brought to nothing.

Of course, you can be very lucky so that between you there will be the chemistry of sexuality at once. This is a very strong feeling that literally captures a person from the first seconds. Your bodies will be ready for coitus anywhere and anytime. All you need is to give a signal. Pull the trigger. It can be one word or one gesture. It can be a meaningful look. It can be scents that arouse a woman. In such a situation, your body and your psyche will prompt you how to act and show ways to arouse a woman. Instincts will take over the mind and you will act as if sex on a first date is your hobby, in which you have reached a tremendous level of skill.

How to Sexually Arouse a Woman with Words

Women love with their ears. You must use words that arouse a woman. This is an axiom, so do not forget to tell her how wonderful, beautiful, elastic, sweet she is, how tasty she smells, etc. So she will relax, and this is the first step to the excitement. No other way.

how to arouse a woman fastWe will not ignore the situation when it is necessary to excite a girlfriend with whom you have a relationship of constant sex. If you coveted her immediately and not at the right place and now fear that she will not agree to have sex, act on her with words, and better in a whisper.

A rare woman is not excited if you start whispering to her what and how you will do with her right now. It will be even better if your hand starts to help, as they say, not in words, but indeed.

First the words, only then go to caresses and kisses. What kind of words? It is not so important. It is more important how you pronounce them. Intonation, timbre, closeness to the girl. Speak emotionally, add artistry, so that she will want to listen to your speech.

You have to speak softly and slowly enough to make her feel calm and trustful. Sometimes you can go into a whisper. It will excite her, but choose a suitable topic for this.

Talk to her on intimate topics - this is the very beginning of excitement. Be as sincere as possible, you do not need to invent an image of a hero-lover. But touch upon her personality, ask her about preferences; it can inflame her desire. Frankly say compliments and that you want her. Be confident, do not be shy, do not take your eyes off her.

Your best friend in this business is your sincerity. Talk about the virtues of the girl who really excites you. She will immediately feel that you are telling the truth and this will make her tremble with impatience. Do not lie and do not praise the virtues which she doesn’t have. Even if these are the virtues in which others see faults, but not you. For an unfamiliar girl, this is an extremely sensitive issue. You can accidentally offend her and then you’ll have to forget about sex for a long time.

Another topic that should be avoided if you want to excite a girl with whom you recently met is oral sex. The attitude to oral sex is very ambiguous, although many men think that virtually all women dream of cunnilingus or blowjob. Of course, you can risk and whisper in her ear a couple of dirty little words on this topic, but the result is too unpredictable. Your own experience will show you pressure points to arouse a woman. So do not be afraid to use your imagination.

How to Sexually Arouse a Woman Through Text

How to turn a girl on over text written in a small window of a mobile phone? This is more difficult, but the practice will help overcome these difficulties. Start with a banal greeting, the question to her, the simple words "I miss you." Messages cannot be long, so the words in them should be fairly clear and at the same time leave space for non-ambiguous interpretations. End the conversation with a phrase implying certain overtones, a hint of a new, interesting proposal.

Put in your words your feeling, delight, anticipation. They must combine clarity and understatement, so that on the one hand the girl understands the hint, and on the other - she has a room for imagination. Adding a few compliments in the message will not be superfluous. There is no better method of exciting a girl by SMS than telling her again about how beautiful she is. The main thing is that this is not a general phrase but words that refer to her only, and that she knows about this particular feature. There are no special secrets in the ability to excite a girl texting her on the Internet: you just shouldn’t go beyond what may seem unacceptable during the stage of psychological adjustment.

This means that you need to keep within reasonable limits your egoism, which is usually manifested in unbridled fantasies, and write more about what is interesting in intimate questions to the girl herself.

So how to arouse a woman over text? Of course, starting with foreplay, which in fact sets the general degree of feminine arousal. how to arouse a woman fastThe verbal prelude can be relatively long (the process of arousal in girls, which is well-known, is not fast), you need to be ready for this, having thought out the maximum of beautiful and erotic details in advance. It is not recommended to throw oneself into the fire of your passion under any circumstances since it can end simply with nothing - the interlocutor will quickly lose interest in the "quick-fire" and simply stop the correspondence.

Ideally, to excite a girl on the Internet, you just need to describe the process of foreplay and, probably, sexual contact with beautiful, charming words. It is not recommended to break into frank vulgarity and triviality, although in some situations the girls themselves at a certain moment can increase the "degree of communication" in this way, and then the guy is best to play along.

How to Arouse a Woman by Touch

Human skin is a unique device of nature. On the area of about two meters there are closely located nerve endings, kind of sensors. There is a separate science dealing with the interpretation of transmitted and received data on the basis of tactile sensations.

Sometimes, it’s enough to slightly touch the person of the opposite sex, and the mechanism of the nervous reaction reflexively turns on. A bad touch can cause trembling, stress, fear. But the pleasant one leads to comfort, relaxation; love touches lead to the production of certain hormones that cause desire. It is necessary to learn how to arouse a woman by touching her. This will only benefit you and her.


In the tip of each finger, there are about three thousand sensory receptors. Even the slight stroking of her fingers makes her very happy. Do it slowly and very gently and you will be pleasantly surprised by her reaction and plans for the evening. If she pulls your hand away, then you're not very attractive to her! And if she also starts to touch your fingers - she likes you very much.


Specialists in body language argue that the wrist for a woman is a certain sign. If she is interested in you, then she will specifically show it to you, so you should accidentally touch it lightly. If she looks at you after this, this is likely to continue. But if the lady, chosen by you, squeezes her fingers into a fist and puts her hand on the table, with knuckles up, then it's better to leave her.


In the movies, they often check the pulse by putting hands on the neck. But this is not only a medical item. In fact, this is a very strong erogenous zone. If to whisper something nice to the girl and unobtrusively touch this place, the girl will adjust to the erotic harmony. If she does not like this approach, she will simply pull you away.


When the man's hand rests on the female shoulders, for her it means support, such is the female subconscious. This is perceived as trust in you. If she likes it, she will cling to you, you can continue. But if she drops your hand, do not continue - something is not right.

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All girls love romantic things. If you want to arouse a lady easily and quickly, be very gentle with kisses and touches, and of course, do not forget to pay her compliments!
12.02.2020 00:15
All girls love romantic things. If you want to arouse a lady easily and quickly, be very gentle with kisses and touches, and of course, do not forget to pay her compliments!
02.03.2020 10:27
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