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Sexologists say that cunnilingus is not something to be ashamed of. On the contrary, it’s an intimate gesture of love that characterizes a man in a positive way. Besides, the degree of mastering the technique of delivering sexual pleasure shows how experienced a lover is.

But to bring a woman maximum pleasure with nothing but a tongue and fingers, one needs skills. But before we begin discussing these skills, let's learn why you need them.

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Why you should never skip oral sex

Oral sex is the most desirable part of intimate relationships for women. But even knowing this fact, most men aren’t so eager to please their loved ones with such caresses. Why does this happen? Unfortunately, public opinion dominates over men's common sense, and until now, a lot of guys consider oral sex to be something shameful and immoral, something that one should keep in secret from friends. However, there are six good reasons why it’s worth mastering oral sex techniques.

You show your true feelings

This kind of sex demonstrates the fullness of your feelings for a woman and gives her an orgasm you’ll never bring her to with just sex.

You’ll show your experience

If you know how to have oral sex, this will be a huge plus for you as a lover. Not many men dare to ignore the prejudices of society and please their lovers with gentle caresses. Besides, it’s difficult to find a guy, who knows how to do it right. So you’ll stand out from all those sexual egoists by thinking about satisfying your woman more than about your own pleasure. And a satisfied woman will find the way to thank you for this.

Your partner will be grateful to you

Do women like oral sex? Definitely! And if you bring your partner to orgasm using your tongue, you can count on an unforgettable blowjob in return. There’s a huge difference between a “standard” blowjob and the one a satisfied woman can do, wishing to thank her lover.

You spice up your intimate life

No matter how great your skills are, sooner or later, sex becomes boring. Switching to cunnilingus, you significantly diversify the “sex menu” you can offer to your woman, which again will give you a few extra points in your lover’s book.

couples having oral sexYou can skip sex if you don’t want it

You can fully satisfy your woman even when you don’t want sex. For example, if you’re tired after work or just not in the mood, but if you know how to give oral sex to a woman and see that your lady wants some affection and sex, you can caress her with your tongue. If you’re in a serious relationship with this woman, such strategy is much more profitable than simply saying no. Your loved one will either remember that you satisfied her when you didn’t want to (another plus) or that she remained unsatisfied, which can result in a quarrel at best. In the worst case, your partner will just cheat on you.

You’ll learn your partner’s sensitive areas

Cunnilingus is a great way to explore your woman’s body. Only couples having oral sex can bring each other unforgettable sensations. Some girls are embarrassed by their own body and don’t allow guys to look at them when they’re completely naked or touch them in certain spots. During oral sex, you can study her erogenous zones and try some new tricks next time.

Best oral sex tips to please your woman

Alright, now it’s time for some cunnilingus tips for men.

1) Don’t start with her clit

Remember it like your credit card’s pin code: the clit is the same as penis but very small and very tender. Any unpleasant sensations in such a delicate spot automatically block the pleasant ones. If you start stimulating her main erogenous zone right away, she either may lose interest (and you’ll have to start all over again), or her clit will get completely numb, and all your efforts will be worthless.

It’s much more effective and pleasant to caress the area next to the clitoris for the first couple of minutes, touching the clit with the tongue from time to time.

2) Avoid too active movements

Just like we said, putting too much effort will get you nowhere. Her clit is not a lollipop. Moreover, working too hard, you’ll get tired quickly and lose interest in the process. And, which is more important, too active movements can hurt your partner. Light, but energetic movements of the tip of the tongue will give a more pleasant result.

Some guys believe that girls love when a partner plays with the clit, biting or sucking it. If this was true, women would masturbate with vacuum cleaners. Of course, there are ladies, who prefer extreme oral stimulation, for example, biting the labia or slapping the clitoris. However, they also need time to warm up. So if you’re willing to learn something from these cunnilingus tips and tricks, be gentle with your partner and don’t waste your time and energy on biting and kissing. Such tricks should be a piquant addition to cunnilingus, a cherry on top of the cake, not the main tactic.

3) Use your hands

Most oral sex tips for men mention special tongue techniques, but only a few of them tell how important hands are. Use your hands to get to spots your tongue can’t reach. Stimulate the vaginal entrance or the G-spot with the fingers of the right hand. But get your hands involved only after you work with your tongue for some time.

Put your left palm on the girl's brush, push it, and pull it up. The clit is usually closed by folds of the genital lips. With this movement, you open all the spots you need. You can also stimulate the girl from behind. It’s enough just to touch her anal hole lightly and press on it, making circular movements.

4) Keep the pace

This tip is important if you don’t just want to demonstrate your oral sex skills, but seriously want to bring your partner to orgasm. On average, the cunnilingus lasts about 5-8 minutes. The first couple of minutes are improvisation, and the remaining time is a hard and rather monotonous work to bring her to the peak of sensations. So it's important to set the steady and pretty fast rhythm.

5) Fantasize

Some tips for oral sex aren’t about developing skills. They’re about improving your imagination. You probably know that most women have extremely developed intuition, especially when it comes to sexual relationships and sex in general. Therefore, if you begin to reflect on why the process lasts so long while you’re between her legs, keep in mind that your partner may read your thoughts. If you’re tired and bored, then start to fantasize. This should keep you going.

Try to imagine something erotic, like a naked porn star, a celebrity in handcuffs, or your girlfriend's sister with nothing but stockings on. And don’t be afraid to feel like some pervert. You do it to bring pleasure to your partner.

6) Deep drilling with the tongue

Some men make a typical mistake, thinking that the tongue should be pushed as deep as possible. Remember: the most sensitive areas are right at the vaginal entrance and not inside it. Sure, there are some women, who love such tricks, but most girls don’t feel anything.

So how to tell whether your girlfriend likes this technique or not? Well, you can always ask her directly. If you prefer to stay silent during sex, then, in this case, it’s better to have a chat with the girl. This will save you from unnecessary efforts and misunderstandings in the future. By the way, even if the partner assures you that she likes deep penetration with the tongue, you should still start only when she’s excited enough.

cunnilingus tips7) Learn new movements

Now for the practical tips for great oral sex. If all that you know is how to make circular movements with your tongue, your knowledge won’t help you much. Try to apply a much more sophisticated tactic in oral sex: don’t stick to any patterns and make your tongue movements random, make pauses, change the rhythm.

8) Find an individual approach to your partner

Cunnilingus, like any other type of sex, isn’t solely based on techniques. For your partner, the emotional side of the process is probably more important. Let her know that you appreciate her. Try to figure out her preferences in bed. Some girls like gentle touches and caresses, while others prefer dirty words. The main thing is to find out what she likes before calling her “a filthy whore.”

9) Find out what position is most convenient for her

It would be good to know what position is comfortable for her. Maybe she can’t stretch her legs too much, so when you’re between her legs, spread them with your hands. By the way, a lot of women can’t feel orgasm when their legs are spread.

10) Bring it to the end

Even a very talented porn actress can’t imitate a bright multiple orgasm. There are two ways to bring your partner maximum pleasure, of course, only if she’s able to experience such a number of orgasms in one “session.” Otherwise, no tips for good oral sex will help.

Here’s the first way: choose the most appropriate and optimal tactic for your fingers and tongue. Make sure that you don’t stimulate the clit only and keep a stable rhythm. Your partner will gladly help you in this, directing you to the “right” spots. The second way is to act slowly and for as long as possible. If you feel that your partner is getting more and more excited, don’t speed up, and keep doing what you do. You can make small pauses, but not too long ones, or she will lose all the interest. Be patient until you feel that the partner is at the “finish straight.” After making one last pause, you can rush bravely at her, like a hungry wolf on its prey.

11) Give her some rest after orgasm

You did it! Using these cunnilingus tips or not, you helped your partner reach the peak of sensations. Now, allow her to fully enjoy these sensations. Don’t distract her with conversations – just hug her and relax. When she calms down, you can ask her if she wants to continue. Just don’t press on her. The partner herself knows that you also want to get pleasure. And if you’re patient, gentle, and very polite, then you’ll definitely get what you deserve today.

These were the best oral sex tips that can make you a much more skilled lover. But this doesn’t mean that your partner will enjoy all of them. Sex is too intimate to apply its rules to all women. Study your partner to find out what she likes most.

In conclusion: what's next?

If you think that you can just lie down and rest after you helped your partner reach orgasm, you’re wrong. That's not all. Depending on her mood, your lady can lean back, enjoying the aftertaste. If it’s so, then don’t bother her. Lie by her side and stroke her gently, avoiding the most sensitive erogenous zones: the feelings may not be very pleasant right after orgasm. But it’s quite possible that immediately after a clitoral orgasm, your woman will want to feel you inside her, so be ready for this turn of events.

In general, no advice will replace good old practice. The main thing is to caress the girl sincerely, wishing to give her maximum pleasure, and find your own ways to do this. Do so, and the girl will gladly thank you for sensual oral sex.
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