The Guide to Having a Great Blind Date

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Blind date is a very exciting idea, but not always everything goes as we want. On the one hand, you are appointing a meeting to a person whom you know very little, and the very thought of such meeting seems very bold to you. On the other hand, if this person proves to be an annoying loser, you will have to spend the rest of the evening in his company.

But nevertheless, at least once in your life it is worth trying to arrange a blind date. In the end, it's quite a bold enterprise that can be useful to you. As a result, you can get a new lover or a good friend.

what is a blind date

What is a blind date?

Do you know what is a blind date? In short: this is a date, going to which, you aren’t personally acquainted with your chosen one. You haven’t seen and met him before.

Therefore, the most important thing to remember in this case is that such meetings often cause embarrassment for both participants. Just imagine that you are approaching a stranger on the street, forced to smile and have a nice conversation with him. Often, the mediators between the parties of a blind date are friends of one or both parties, or agencies engaged in dating. But often such an acquaintance arises by itself, for example in the Internet or SMS-chats.

The purpose of such date can be a romantic acquaintance. The erotic subtext, peculiar to the anticipation of such kinds of dates, makes these meetings especially attractive.

Since the parties involved in a blind date voluntarily agree to this kind of contact, it usually means that they have a limited number of partners. Long-term, social and genetic criteria for choosing a partner, sometimes even by appearance, are singled out or taken into account later on the principle of "the lowest common denominator", that is, for the sake of maximally spontaneous acquaintances. In practice, even when there is a choice of potential partners, often the parties of such dates prefer to maintain an idealized image of the one with whom they are supposed to meet blindly, up to the first moment of their acquaintance.

Like flirting, blind date is fueled by sexual tension. However, due to the available choice of potential partners, one or both sides can use a defensive tactic, rather than other tactics, available for communication and closer acquaintance.

Tips to have a great blind date

The first date is so exciting, but at the same time a great time! And if you met a person within the boundlessness of the Internet - then this meeting surely gets you more unnecessary stress and worry, because you will see each other for the first time! And it doesn’t matter how many things you have talked about, or how many cheerful smileys and compliments are sent - everything will be decided by this first date.

How to make a good impression on a person? How to make him fall head over heels in love? And how to escape from a date tactfully if you don’t like your partner? What to say so not to offend him? There are some blind date tips that will help you.

blind date serviceDon’t expect too much

Remember that you don't know this person, and the consent to go on a date doesn't mean that it will necessarily be your lifelong sweetheart. Go on a date with the intention of having a good time and getting to know a person, rather than checking whether he is suitable for the role of your significant other. This will allow you to relax, and the conversation will be more laid-back.

Ask your mutual friend

Try to find out as much information as possible about the person with whom you are going on a date. Even if your friend tries to maintain interest without going into details, let him tell you about this person so that you will be aware of what you can talk about with the person during the date.

Failure to meet

If you can’t come on time, notify the person about it in advance, at least within a few hours. And be sure to apologize for this change in plans. If you came on a date and saw who is waiting for you, then don’t immediately leave, even if you don’t like the person. Instead, try to shorten the time of your date. Forcing someone to wait for nothing - only to spoil your own karma!

Have a good time

Suddenness is an integral element of a blind date. Surprise can be either pleasant or not, but still, keep a smile on your face and try to spend time with maximum mutual benefit. After all, you can't know anything in advance. Suddenly, a person whom you consider the least likely partner for yourself, will manifest himself from the unexpected side, which will be a very factor of attraction for you.

Avoid rudeness

Your counterpart has allocated a part of his precious time to communicate with you. Respect this decision and the person who accepted it. Even if you find him boring or unworthy for your respect, don't treat him disrespectfully. Be polite and finish the date, leaving a pleasant impression of yourself, even if it isn’t a meeting of your dreams.

Don't go away

If you think that your interlocutor is unbearable or very intrusive, tell him that you don't like his manner of behavior. Leaving in the middle of the date without saying a word is a bad idea. Of course, not all of us are ideally suit one another. Once you have to kiss a couple of frogs before you find a beautiful prince.

Be open to conversation

So that your interlocutor immediately felt at ease, tell him about yourself, about your preferences and what you don't like. On a blind date nobody can imagine in advance what kind of person is in front of him, and you will make it easier for both of you to solve the problem, asking the right question on time. Think about some blind date stories. For example, you can always start a conversation with a story about your job or hobby.

Don’t drink too much

Some people in order to ease the situation begin to abuse alcohol, thereby turning the date into a buster. Don’t do this, because you don’t know for sure your partner’s attitude to alcohol (and suddenly he doesn’t drink at all). And if on top of that you get sick - your chances for a second date will be extremely small.

Dress tastefully and neutrally

It's always difficult to guess how to dress on a blind date, and in order not to put a person in an awkward position, avoid dressing too ceremoniously or too casually. The usual everyday outfit is your best choice, except that it's worthwhile to put a bit more effort into making it clear to your counterpart that you were carefully prepared for the meeting and tried to look attractive.

blind date ideasDon’t pretend

Don’t lie and pretend to make a more favorable impression. If you like this person, and want to be sure of reciprocity, demonstrate warmth and show yourself as an interesting person. There is no need to deceive just to conquer someone. After all, even if it works on the first date, your lie can put an end to your hopes for further development of romantic relationships.

Choose the best place to meet

If you aren’t sure about the person with whom you are going on a date or just want to avoid a long dinner with someone you might not like at all, it's best to choose a place wherefrom you can go away in half an hour if something goes wrong. Ideal option – is a cafe. If you like each other and have a moment, it will be easier to stay there a little more, or go somewhere else to have lunch or dinner together. If you want to leave early, you can do this as soon as you finish drinking your coffee.

Be careful

It’s one of the most important blind date advices. Even if for this date you owe a good mutual friend, remember about caution. Don’t talk about yourself too much, or immediately invite this person to your house. Don’t give out your personal information, such as home address, work place and telephone number. Remember that you don’t know him very well. When the meeting will be finished, get down to your business. If everything develops in favor of a romantic relationship, you can always keep in touch on the phone and schedule the next date.

First of all, European women are advised to watch out for the following:

  • make a date in a crowded place outside the living quarters;
  • tell someone you know about your date and ask him/her to be nearby;
  • take a mobile phone and ask that someone from your friends call you from time to time;
  • in case of danger, immediately notify relatives, friends or police.

Share your impression at the end of the date

This is one of the most important things to remember about blind dates. Always end such date with frank conversation. You shouldn’t leave a person in the dark about the impression he made on you. If you like the date and want to continue the communication, necessarily let this person know. And if, in your opinion, you don’t suit one another, it should be said clearly, but friendly. This is very important, since it allow both of you to understand the mutual positions and avoid possible misunderstandings in the future.

What to do on a blind date

If a man asked you to choose a place where you go and what to do on a date, then you have to show all your wit. There are a lot of good blind date ideas, just give full scope to your imagination. Offer to go skate, bike or roller skate. Engaging in some kind of joint activity is the best and easiest way to start a conversation. You don’t have to constantly think of what else to talk about, or how you will spend the whole evening in a cafe.

You can go out for dinner a little later, when you are already comfortable with each other and have common themes for conversation.

Questions to ask on a blind date

Your dialogue and open communication is the greatest value. Make every effort to make an interesting conversation, so that both of you enjoy the communication. Here are some tips on what to say and what to ask on a blind date. You can:

  • ask about him;
  • ask about his family and friends;
  • questions to ask on a blind date​find out what he does and where he works;
  • express delight about the meeting;
  • be interested in his hobby;
  • discuss music, movies and books;
  • talk about yourself (but not all the time!);
  • show interest in his story;
  • ask open questions.

You shouldn’t:

  • discuss past relationships;
  • speak ill of other people;
  • complain;
  • say something stupid or sarcastic;
  • concentrate only on the one topic;
  • ask closed-end questions (that can be answered only "yes" or "no").

Often because of nerves, we can shoot our mouth off. Try to restrain yourself. Of course, one should not be silent and answer the questions monosyllabically, but it's useless to talk too much. Observe a reasonable balance: give the person enough information to interest and intrigue him, encourage him to ask you questions.

Show intense interest. This is your unique opportunity to get to know a person closer. After all, maybe it's just love at first sight.

If it's hard for you to select the topics for the conversation and you've never spoken to each other before, the best option is to go to a cinema or an exhibition, and it'll be easier to find something to talk about.

Why it is worth going on a blind date

Many people think that there is nothing worse than a blind date. But in fact - this is an invaluable experience that is useful at least once in your life. And besides, many happy couples have met quite so. Use these tips to make your date on high, and the next time you meet a new person, you will be able to have a good time.

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Oh, I always wanted to try something like that, but this idea seemed to weird. But maybe it’s worth trying, it looks not that bad and odd as I thought before.
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