Top 10 Ground Rules for Open Relationships: How It Works

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What is an Open Relationship? How People Approach It

Sometimes people form open relationships. What is an open relationship? In open relationships partners can have sex or be intimate with more than just one partner. In other words, it is the opposite of monogamous relationships, in which partners are in a mutual agreement to have sex only with each other and be devoted totally to each other. It’s not big news that traditional monogamous one-on-one relationship is a dominant form of relationships. More than 85 percent of all couples are monogamous and stay critical of open relationships. In any case, you need to know all you can about open relationships. Perhaps, it might somehow help you in your life.

having an open relationship

Multiple Partners

In an open relationship people who date each other can have multiples partners. It means not only having sexual intercourse exclusively but may also imply spending time together. In open relationships partners avoid cheating by disallowing it to happen in the first place. What is called “cheating” in traditional monogamous relationships cannot happen in open relationships because its principles eliminate the possibility of cheating.

So, what's an open relationship? In its essence, it is based on a mutual decision of partners to have more than one partner at a time. Partners are in a mutual agreement that they can have sex and spend time with other partners without hurting each other’s feelings.

How Common Are Open Relationships?

According to the statistics, couples in open relationships in Europe, Canada, and US constitute about 7% of all relationships. This data came as a result of extensive surveys, questionnaires, and polls offered to people to fill in. The age gap was between 20 and 40 with strictly heterosexual people participating in the data research.

Does it Work?

The next question you might be asking yourself is, do open relationships work? Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. According to statistics, everything depends on your personality and individual features. Often, open relationships do not work for the same reasons that make them open – multiple partners.

what does it mean to be in an open relationshipPeople find it difficult to cope with possession instincts and urge to get more serious. Open relationships make it harder, if not impossible, to start a family or getting to know each other really well. Cultural traditions and social predisposition supported monogamy for its utility and equality. However, in modern world social connections and human relationships change rapidly. People have new demands and more diverse ways to fulfill their desires. Perhaps, then, for some individuals having an open relationship is better than cheating or lying about multiple partners in traditional monogamous relationships.

One final argument in defense of open relationships is the statistical data which says that more than 50% of all monogamous couples eventually break up because of cheating with either one or multiple partners. Therefore, one may logically assume that some partners in half of all monogamous relationships would end up better in open relationships. Still, this might be a far too loud claim to sound. At different times in life people need different things. Sexual and romantic needs are different at different ages. Moreover, one may find that he/she needs more partners at the moment to decide with which one to be in the future.

All in all, open relationships seem like they could work but only in short–term perspective. However, seeing as how 50% of all traditional relationships end with a breakup in a long-term perspective, nothing seems to work. It is easier and better, though, to create a family and settle down being in monogamous relationships. After all, either all relationships fail, or all people need to try having both kinds of relationships to decide personally for themselves.

10 Ground Rules for Open Relationships: How it Works and How to Make It Work

The following is the list of open relationship rules. Follow the provided guide to know how to make an open relationship work. If you think open relationships have no rules, then you are gravely mistaken. There are rules to follow if you want to succeed in this complex and difficult venture.

Sometimes, people find it hard to get along with a number of people at a time. Not being able to concentrate on one person particularly, you’d also find it harder to become closer to each other. Moreover, being yourself in open relationships does not always entitle your partners to do the same. So, you might have difficulties finding others like you who would also want to be in open relationships because it is not a common thing to come by.

Find a Suitable One

One of the most important open relationship rules is to find suitable partners. It means that you are required to find a partner who agrees to be in an open relationship with you. It implies this partner of yours to understand and know how to be in an open relationship. Without it there would be no sense in what you do. Being in any relationship, monogamous or open, requires partners to have an agreement in regard to the nature of relationships. You certainly don’t want to offend another human being. You have all the chances to do that in case you lie or cheat thinking that you’re in open relationships while keeping your partner in dark. Have a conversation about the relationships with a partner you find.

Have a Conversation

Open relationships are formed upon mutual agreement. How do open relationships work? They are prearranged in advance. And there’s no two ways about it. You should talk to a person you want to have an open relationship with. You should arrange the status of your relationships formally – by approaching your partner and stating your objectives clearly. This way your possible partner won’t be tricked into relationships thinking they are casual.

Know What You Want

A lot of people may be naturally predisposed towards open relationships but are socially restrained from doing so. They find it difficult to act in a different way than how people commonly act. Traditionally, people involve themselves with one partner. Polygamy or the diversity of partners is certainly not as widespread as more traditional monogamous relationships. Nevertheless, you should feel it inside your guts, whether what you want is a one-on-one traditional relationship or polygamy involving different partners at different occasions with no serious responsibilities and a need to stay faithful to one partner. You need to know what you want before you can get it.

Divide Your Time Wisely

Having multiples partners in your life at the same time should teach you time management. Remember, that dividing your attention between different partners, you may easily offend someone with the lack of attention. Even though the basis of your relationship disallows jealousy from happening, you still need to treat your partners as human beings whom you please with your company. All partners in all kinds of relationships require care and attention, comfort, understanding, compassion, and sympathy. Make sure you have more than average to give for more people you meet.

Open-RelationshipsDon’t Be Jealous

Remember not to be jealous yourself. Jealousy is never good. It is absolutely unacceptable to be jealous in open relationships. Not to be jealous is the best open relationship advice you can get. The reason open relationships exist is to eliminate jealousy. Your agreement to have multiple partners implies you should be okay with the fact that your partner can also have multiple partners. Still, being jealous is the most common mistake. Some people just can’t handle what they once considered possible to undertake. This is one more reason some people should try both kinds of relationships to take a taste. You never know until you try.

Have a Try

So, what does it mean to be in an open relationship? You can never know until you try. Make yourself try it once before deciding to go with it. You try a car before you buy it, and you try to wear sunglasses before you buy them too, so try open relationships before you decide to go with it. It will help you decide whether it suits you or not. Trial run is always the best choice.

Don’t Expect It to Get Serious

Open relationships rarely get serious. That is because they simply can’t. It generally takes two to create harmony, balance, and comfort for a baby and to create a family environment. Even though traditional families fall apart pretty often, it is a rarity that open relationships end up with something more serious. Usually, unwillingness to have children and take serious responsibilities that follow having children are what motivates people to establish open relationships. So, don’t become sentimental in the process and suddenly start asking your partner to quit being polygamous. In other words, don’t get attached because it is against the rules you and your partners agreed to follow.

Respect Your Partners

Even though you don’t need to be faithful, you should respect your partners. Express concern and care for their feelings. Try to be emotionally accessible and be of value to your partners. Remember that you might need their help too.

Be Open Minded

Another useful open relationship advice is to be open-minded. Involving yourself in open relationships is not a standard thing to do. It is progressive and untraditional. Experiences as such should widen your horizons and enrich your worldview. Allow it to happen. You should try thinking out of the box. Be original and creative. Allow things to happen. Spend some time with your partners to know them. The more you know about them, the better. Accept new things that happen to you. Always be willing to get surprised. Life is a constant adventure. Anything and everything can happen. You are always in the middle of something exciting. Being in open relationships itself is exciting. Therefore, there’s no need to hang down your head. Keep the drive on.

Don’t Let Your Partners Meet

One final piece of advice is to avoid that your partners meet with each other. It may sound precautious but even though you’re all in open relationships, it doesn’t mean you all can be friends. Moreover, your partners can very easily become enemies just because of biology. Some people are jealous because they simply can’t help but be jealous. Same can happen with some of your partners. It is better to avoid such situations, especially since there are so many people out there to spend time with without any risk.

All in all, you now know what it takes to be in an open relationship. As usual, there are some advantages and disadvantages to consider. Open relationships are not effective in long-term perspective as they don’t lead to something more serious like family. However, there’s no risk of breakup because of cheating. You need to decide for yourself. You may search for an open-minded European girl, who will make your wishes come true, on this online dating website. Good luck!

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Several years ago I tried open relationships and it was not my cup of tea. However, after reading this article I’ve got that I made several crucial mistakes that spoiled everything.
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