What you definitely need to know about online dating

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The world has dramatically changed since the early 90s. You probably remember those times when the Internet was already a thing but not too many people had permanent access to it and the speed and quality of the Internet connection were so bad you only dreamt of visiting a single webpage. Fortunately, this technology has developed so fast that you now can use the Net in the farthest corners of our planet accessing whichever service you like in seconds.

Of course, the dating scene could not remain the same. The appearance of international dating services has changed the way we see relationships and dating. Every year, more and more people find each other online. There’s nothing good or bad about it—it’s just how things go. Nonetheless, we have something to say about online dating for your consideration. We really hope it will help you enhance your online experience.

What you definitely need to know about online dating

Location-based applications

You shouldn’t think that online dating is only focused on dating bureau that look more like plain catalogs. There’s much more to get from the concept of online dating. You should consider using location-based dating applications (apps), which show people in your city or area that use the same application and, therefore, seek the same concept of relationships as you do. And don’t think that people only use those apps to build strong relationships. Yes, some of us look for random hookups or one-night stand and that’s perfectly fine if you approach promiscuity with caution and use protection. Tinder is indeed the most popular app among those that use location factor, however, there’s a plethora of such applications and you are free to choose.

You feel free online

Online dating is a great solution people with low self-esteem. Likewise, it can become a great solution for socially awkward and shy people. You might have heard that online dating is exclusively used by sociopaths and psychopaths but it has nothing to do with the reality. In the world where communication has become a keystone of life, some people may feel relentlessly useless and unfitting. Therefore, using online dating services can become their only way to socialize and find a significant other.

Your photo is your face

Using strange images and someone else’s shots is the trend that has been ever since the appearance of online dating and, unfortunately, is still a thing. Even though it contradicts the main purpose of using dating service (to find someone to date in real life), people still upload photos of kittens instead of their own photos. Your photo is basically your online face. Therefore, you need to consider this online dating tip and upload only your own photos.

Scam is a thing

Obviously, the Internet is a great platform for swindling money from decent people and deceiving them. Clearly enough, scammers and Internet criminals have been out there for too long to be perceived as a real threat. We believe that we know everything about them. However, they also manage to sometimes surprise users with new approaches. Be careful and always check twice if you are actually talking to a real person.

Decoy profiles

Did you know that some dating services and applications use decoy profiles? Those are basically user-less profiles created just to create a vision of numerous profiles with attractive pictures. Such “users” can even reply to your messages with scripted phrases. So don’t be disappointed in yourself if someone exceedingly attractive does now answer your messages. There’s a great chance that it’s just another decoy profile.

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I tried many different dating sites and immersed myself in online dating, but unsuccessfully. Maybe I did something wrong or online dating is not as effective as everyone claims.
02.03.2020 09:32
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