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Spain is one of the largest European countries, which almost completely occupies the Iberian Peninsula and is officially called the Kingdom of Spain. It is a sovereign state with a centuries-old history, its own traditions, and a unique, interesting culture. Everyone associates Spaniards with a bullfight, conquistadors and the football team. All these aspects are somehow connected with struggle, spirituality, and ardent temperament. All this can be boldly said about a beautiful Spanish girl, who is as hot-blooded, passionate and emotional as a bullfight. And if you are interested in passionate love, then it’s high time to think about dating a Spanish woman.

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About Spanish Ladies

When it comes to Spain girls, most men start immediately imagining beautiful dark-haired girls with stunning bodies, so passion is in the air. That's right because the Spaniards have always been famous for the lack of complexes and attitude to life as entertainment, from which you can take everything and even more.

Attempts to conquer the heart of a Spanish girl are akin to the conquistadors' aggressive campaigns. And their intriguing character is on a par with intrigue in an interesting and intense football match. Well and, perhaps, imagining the Spanish girl, you can reflect on the image of a spectacular and at the same time, a playful lady with a golden tan because Spain is a sunny country, famous for its huge number of magnificent beaches.

What Are the Pros of Dating Spanish Women?

You can find many different legends about the beauty and passion of girls from Spain on the Internet. Some of them will be ambiguous, other ones will make you book a one-way ticket or at least be involved in dating European ladies online. There are a huge number of amazing paintings, musical and literary works devoted to a beautiful Spanish woman. At all times they know how to inspire their men.

Talking about the pros of dating in Spain, it’s necessary to mention the naturalness of these amazing ladies. Spanish women never try to imitate anyone. They are always sincere and natural. If you want to find out other pros of dating a Spanish girl, then read ahead.

They are really hot

In Spain, the ladies have assertiveness, and if you describe them with one word, choosing between "love" and "passion," then the latter one will be definitely the right option without any doubt. Spanish women have a firm and decisive character. Talking about them, it’s possible to mention their inaccessibility and the desire for independence, which turn many men on. The appearance of the Spanish women fascinates, at first sight, they seem to be proud-hearted and hot, and these two extremes attract so much because on a par with them there is certain licentiousness and a desire to make new acquaintances.

dating spanishThey take care of themselves

You will not meet any Spanish girl with completely changed facial features. Even if she resorts to cosmetology, then you will hardly notice that. They do everything possible to preserve the natural beauty without changing their appearance. In general, they like to take care of themselves. And many of them consider their long thick hair to be their main advantage. To maintain the perfect condition of their long hair, Spaniards use cosmetics with oils like olive, avocado, and almonds. They often wear light curls. In make-up, Spanish women often focus on the eyes, emphasizing the depth of the sight and giving it a special soulful look.

They will always support you and regret

Despite the high level of feminization in society, many women in Spain have traditional ideas about family and marriage. By nature, they are real homemakers, good wives, and caring mothers. In general, the cult of the family in Spain is quite common. So, if you are reflecting on marrying a Spanish woman, you can be sure that she will surround you with care, share your worries and show support in all situations. Although they have a passionate temper, they can be very gentle and attentive when necessary.

They dress very sexy

Spanish girls like different types of clothes, it depends more on age than on anything else. Wonderful and sexual black dresses are the calling card of the Spaniards. Talking about casual outfits, they like skinny jeans and shorts. Spanish girls like to show their perfect long legs. By the way, they don’t hesitate to dress sexy both for the office and for dinner date. Mature women prefer elegant clothes that emphasize all the undeniable advantages of their bodies. Younger women have their own style. It runs counter to the runways of Paris and New York. As a rule, it is some authentic clothes, loose hair, and comfortable shoes.

Things You Need to Know Before Dating Spanish Women

The key to good sex is always foreplay, not only literally but also in words. The Spaniards have always sharp tongues, so they’ve created a whole science, which is called piropear. It is the art of saying compliments to a woman and a great opportunity for dating. Neither passionate night nor a new relationship can do without it. Piropear is a part of Spanish dating culture, and it has always been the best way to let a woman know that she is desired. This language of passion is extremely diverse and captivating, its main goal is to excite the partner and inspire the right mood to both. So, if men want to seduce women, they should show ingenuity and eloquence.

They love football and never miss a national team match

You know there is a football cult in Spain, so it’s not surprising that Spanish women are ready to share this passion with their men. If you are a football lover, then you can relax and watch all the games, being not afraid to enrage your partner since she will be pleased to watch the game not less than you. Besides, you will not have quarrels about national team matches if you like the same football team. Every man will be pleased to be with a posh woman who shares his passions and lifestyle.

Spanish girls love to drink and have fun

Spanish girls like to spend time with pleasure, for example, over a glass of wine, they adore to meet with friends and have fun. Besides, they like to chat and usually, they do that quite loudly, not paying attention to what is happening around. There is something fascinating about them as if their character is a part of their alluring appearance. So, if you like noisy parties, where it is possible to drink and have fun, then a Spanish girl will become a perfect partner.

They talk a lot

Spanish girls are very talkative. However, this is a feature of the whole nation. They adore speaking loudly, always and everywhere. And it doesn’t actually matter what to discuss. It is simply considered good manners to do small talk with a store manager, with a friend next door and maybe with just a stranger on the bus. After all, they can discuss the weather, politics, new shopping or a TV show. The main thing is to not be silent.

In ordinary life, they get used to gesticulating profusely, speak loudly and express their thoughts emotionally. Even if the conversation is simply about a recent purchase or the weather, it will be vivid. Spanish women are very fond of communication. In southern Spain, this is a whole philosophy “just chatting” for two or three hours without stopping.

They are romantic

As it has already been mentioned, the all-consuming passion is a distinctive feature of Spanish women that helps them stand out from other European beauties. The sensuality of the Spanish girl will fill your relationship with romance and passion and turn them into an unforgettable adventure. Of course, these wonderful girls are fond of courtship, good manners, gentlemen gestures, flowers without a reason and gifts. So, if you are going to win the heart of the Spanish beauty, you can boldly use all the known conquering technics and add romance into your dates.

Don’t make fun of her heritage

If you don’t know how to get a Spanish girl to like you, the first thing you should do is to forget all the jokes about her heritage. Most women like and value their culture, traditions, and history, so don’t make a fool out of yourself, speaking disrespectfully about things that are of great importance for a woman. If you do that, you will show yourself from the worst side and reduce to the minimum all the chances for success. So, it’s necessary to be extremely careful with things that can play a big role for another person.

Where to Meet Spanish Women?

spain girlsIf you come from the USA, and you aim at meeting a true Spanish beauty, then it’ll be a real challenge. Even though your country is multinational, it’s not so easy to find a girl who has come from Spain. These girls like their country and usually don’t emigrate so far away from their homeland. So, it’s better either to go to Spain to increase your chances to 100% or to travel to other European countries that are neighbors to Spain. So, if you are looking for a country in which you could start an unusually passionate love affair with a Spanish woman, then hurry to buy a ticket to a paradise filled with beautiful women who truly appreciate wild sexual relationships.


What do you think about when you hear about Spain? Maybe you think about the inflammatory rhythm of southern flamenco, maybe you think about the bullfights, colorful skirts, or a white guy dating Spanish girl. After that, your thoughts may be about clean beaches and the luxury of Spanish resorts. But it is also an ancient country, full of its secrets and mysteries. There are so many things you need to learn about the country before visiting it. Whatever you decide, whatever you want to have a beach holiday or a tour of the ancient small towns, you will surely like your vacation.

Dating Sites

If you don’t know how to get a Spanish girl without leaving your comfortable chair, then pay attention to the following dating sites. They will surely come to you in handy one day.


It is a very famous international dating site for Spain with a huge number of active users from all over the world. This dating site is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


You might have heard about this well-known dating site. The only thing you need to do is to choose a country you want to search in.


It’s possible to say that it’s a Spanish version of Match.com since that both sites have the same owner.


Acquaintance and communication for Spaniards is an important ritual, therefore the next step on the way to the heart of a beautiful lady is piropo, which means flirt. Here, partners move into a more proactive and closer phase of communication, exchanging ambiguous remarks, light touches, making eye contact and giving birth to an impulse of lust and passion in each other. And here comes the most long-awaited stage, for the realization of which so much effort and wit has been applied. Are you intrigued by an image of a charming Spanish woman? If yes, then don’t hesitate to send her a message right now.

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I got acquainted with my Spanish girlfriend with the help of a dating site. And I can say that Spanish ladies are really the hottest, most passionate and beautiful in the world!
12.02.2020 00:28
I got acquainted with my Spanish girlfriend with the help of a dating site. And I can say that Spanish ladies are really the hottest, most passionate and beautiful in the world!
02.03.2020 10:54
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