10 Rules of Healthy Communication in Relationships

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The best relationship between a woman and a man is a relationship that is full of respect. People should listen to each other and make concessions, sincerely respect each other’s opinions and communicate on any topic. Sometimes the views are different, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t come to a consensus. Communication is the basis of any relationship. The quality of relationships depends on how successful it is. When both partners share their joys, sorrows, fears, they become closer to each other and reach a mutual understanding. The ability to communicate is a very important quality in a relationship.

healthy communication in relationships

The importance of healthy communication

What is healthy communication in relationships? The importance of healthy communication in relationships is very high, but sometimes it is difficult to implement it in practice. Any relationship requires a certain level of communication. People who care about each other should be able not only to talk but also exchange thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

It is important that there is constant live communication in the life of a man and a woman – not external, superficial, verbal, but deep and spiritual. Not a common language unites two souls, but common interests and aspirations. Common emotions, joy, and excitement appear from this. All this can be found only in couples whose members have managed to maintain normal connection and communication with each other. Therefore, if something goes wrong in a relationship, first of all, it is necessary to check the quality of communication between members of this relationship.

The lack of openness in communication contributes to the gradual disappearance of trust, love, and self-respect. Sometimes two people live together, but there is chaos in their relationship. That is because there is no good communication. A man can be physically far from a woman, but he feels closely connected with her. If a couple wants to keep a relationship alive, then, no matter how busy they are, they must find time to communicate with each other. If communication doesn’t happen constantly, a man and a woman eventually move away from each other, there is alienation, which, quite possibly, will end with a breakup. So, as you understand, communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

What to do if your communication doesn’t work

Most often men and women quarrel because:

  • one partner simply ceases to hear what his or her soul mate says;
  • they don’t like something in each other;
  • one of them began to pay less attention to another;
  • a man and a woman don’t take into consideration each other’s opinions.

Don’t blame your soul mate for all your troubles and misfortunes. After all, both are always to blame in a quarrel. Therefore, in order to save your relationship from collapse, part of the responsibility must be taken over. It is important to honestly answer the question: what was wrong on my part? How did I contribute to the fact that the relationship went wrong? And what did I do to save it? In order to answer these and other questions, you can spend some time alone. Perhaps, after thinking everything over, one of the partners will understand where he or she made a mistake and will be able to start looking for the right solution.

It has to be remembered that the conflict situation between a man and a woman is a problem of their relationship. what is healthy communication in relationshipsAnd it can be solved only if there are at least some mutual feelings and joint desire to save a relationship. Therefore, you should make maximum efforts and use all methods to save your love.

How to improve communication

It is necessary to sit down and calmly talk about everything that boiled up. If you can’t talk normally, but the desire to find out and understand your partner remains, then you can use the help of a psychologist, for example, or you can try these healthy communication exercises:

1. Say what you want to say. When you talk with your partner, give specific examples of the subject of your story so that words have a greater meaning.

2. Use sentences with personal pronouns “I”, “Me”. Don’t start your dialog with accusations. If you start with the words: “You always” or “You never”, your woman will start defending and stop listening to you. Start with the words: “I noticed” or “I feel that”. If you build your dialog on your feelings, your woman will be a part of a productive conversation.

3. Keep calm. Behave unperturbedly even if you are in the epicenter of some tense conversation. The quicker you calm down, the easier it will be for you to express your thoughts. If you feel that you become angry, take a deep breath, come to a normal state and start a productive conversation.

4. Watch your body language. It can set a positive tone of a conversation. During the conversation, turn to your woman and look in her eyes. Also, don’t cross your arms because this is a sign of rejecting your partner’s point of view.

10 rules of healthy communication in relationships

1. Say goodbye to your bad habits that disturb you. Learn not only to tell about your feelings but also ask questions. Otherwise, your woman may think that you are not interested in her. Don’t interrupt your soul mate during a conversation, let her finish her thought. Never start a conversation when you are angry. Otherwise, your anger will be immediately transferred to your interlocutor. Hold the pause, cool down, and only then you can start a conversation.

2. Be polite. None of us is perfect and we all have weaknesses. But to use them to hurt or achieve something is the worst thing. Take care of a relationship you have. It should bring joy, so why destroy it? Take care of each other as well. Not because it is written in this article, but because it’s in your interests. Direct your egoism in a constructive way. Take care of the well-being, health, and comfort of your significant other. Learn to give, not just demand and take.

3. Stop manipulating. Manipulation is a way to get what you want from other people without having to bear any responsibility for it. But everything has a limit: not every desire is appropriate and not every desire can be fulfilled, but we can negotiate. The sooner you learn to talk about your desires, the more chances that you will get what you want.

4. Listen to your soul mate carefully. If you feel the lack of communication in relationships, maybe the reason is in you inattention. It is possible that you listen to your soul mate, but how effective is it? Perhaps, in parallel, you watch TV, chat on the Internet, cook, etc. Such communication can hardly be called effective and successful.

5. Talk to each other as often as possible. One more rule of healthy communication for couples that is equally important and fundamental is to learn to talk with each other as often as possible. We recommend you to spend 15-20 minutes to communicate with each other every day. In this case, listen carefully, without being distracted by extraneous matters, react to this or that information (gestures, facial expressions, ask questions) that your partner tells you, ask again if something is misunderstood. Talk about what really matters – about yourselves, about your experiences, about relationships and about what’s going on between you. why is communication important in a relationshipBut usually when lovers talk about experiences, then everything quickly develops in mutual accusations and clarifications who is right and who is not right. This is wrong. The earlier you talk about your worries, the easier it will be. Learn to be strong and honest with each other.

6. Don’t complain. Don’t let yourself look for pity and sympathy from your woman. No way, under any circumstances, no matter how hard it is. No matter how much you want to do this and fall into the warm women’s arms and plunge into the ocean of female sincere warmth – don’t do it. This is one of the best healthy communication skills of men. Learn to make decisions for yourself and, when necessary, for both of you. Don’t look into the woman’s eyes in search of an answer. Find the courage to make a decision on your own. Take responsibility for yourself. Take risks even if not all solutions are optimal. Only in this way, a man can maintain his power and freedom in a relationship. And let a woman finally be a woman.

7. Teach your partner to communicate. For some reason, it’s difficult for some European women to communicate with men, especially when it comes to emotional communication. Teach your soul mate to listen, let her understand how good you feel when you are listened to, reacted to what you say, asked questions, offered options for solving the problem. Explain to your woman that communication with her helps you find a way out of the situation and make the right decision. Strive to show an example how to talk.

8. Learn to communicate right. Women and men have different styles of communication. Don’t try to express an endless stream of thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Give information in “portions” so that your woman has the opportunity to understand you, to digest the information that you give her.

When talking, pay attention to the reaction of your woman to make sure that she is still listening to you. If you notice a diffused look, try to repeat important information, but in other words and shorter. When discussing your feelings or any other intimate issues that might be some kind of stress for your partner, try to create a warm mental atmosphere, sit next to each other, embrace. This will allow your woman to relax and better understand the information.

9. You should have something common. Why is communication important in a relationship? If you laugh at common jokes or have some ridiculous habit, then your union is quite strong. The most difficult thing for any partner is to be oneself in a relationship. If you feel good in a relationship with all your flaws, then you are very lucky. You found your soul mate.

10. Appreciate each other. It is important for every person to feel appreciated in a relationship. Praise your partner, don’t skimp on compliments. Problems can arise when you or your partner feel undervalued. You both should feel loved. So try to regularly show and remind each other of your love.

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Here are many great tips on how to maintain healthy relationships and improve them, but it’s bad that it’s so difficult to remember them on time when you are in the heat of the moment.
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