Best Ways to Make Her Miss You

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Being apart from your girlfriend is one of the difficulties you will have to face. How to make her miss you? To do this, you need to support her desire to see you more, have fun with her and remind her of how much she loves you.

best ways to make her miss you

Why Do You Need to Make a Girl Miss You?

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” as the old saying goes. And it is true. If you want the woman you like to miss you, first of all, make her bored. Let them feel that you are lacking in their life.

She may be your girlfriend or just a friend that you are madly in love with; she may be the ex you want to reunite with; or she can be your new acquaintance with whom you want to build strong relationships — in other words, if your goal is to be with this girl, let her miss and do everything to get closer to you.

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Main Signs That She Misses You

When a woman falls in love, she cannot stop thinking about the object of her desires. She tries to attract the attention of a man, sends inconspicuous but important signals to keep his attention. If you notice these signals, then she misses you, and hopes for another chance to chat with you. Here are 5 signs that she misses you, although she may not admit it.

She tries to contact you when you are not together

Here’s the first of signs she misses you. When you post a photo or share something on social networks, she, most often, likes your post or leaves a comment. She can search for any reason to send you a message. Do not be surprised if you unexpectedly receive a random message from her. Thus, she is looking for any opportunity to chat with you and find ways to establish a connection.

She wants to find a reason to meet with you

When a girl misses you, she finds many ways to meet you. For example, she may hint that a cafe has opened nearby and ask if you want to see a new place. Or, as if by chance, she starts talking about her desire to go to the cinema or visit a concert but can’t find someone who would keep her company. All this suggests that she is looking for an opportunity to spend time with you.

During the conversation, she mentions your common memories or stories

If she always tries to find a reason to insert a joke or a memory in a conversation that only both of you know, she tries to get closer to you. This is her way to make your relationship closer. She wants to make you feel nostalgic to push you even further.

She needs communication with you from time to time

Does she miss me? If she always seems to be in the need of communication with you – then yes, she does. It can be any form of communication. A woman who misses you feels the need to talk or see you at least from time to time. She can do nothing about it. She likes the realization that you are in her life, and she misses you in the moments of your absence. If she thinks about you, she will try to contact you.

texts that make her miss youShe acts worried or embarrassed when you suddenly meet

If usually, when you meet, she looks pretty confident because she has got prepared before her meeting with you. But if the meeting occurs unexpectedly, this may catch her by surprise and slightly unsettle her. Yes, maybe she was waiting for a meeting with you, but a spontaneous meeting can make her a little nervous because of the fear of falling flat on her face.

How to Manipulate a Girl?

Before we try to make a girl miss us, we need to lay some groundwork. Let’s talk about some “how to make her miss you” psychology.

Tell her some stories

How to make her miss you? Good stories are laid down on a subconscious level. If a unique object or event appears in your story, then the next time a person hears something related to this, most likely, she will think of you. And memories, in turn, can cause a feeling of longing.

Ideally, this story should be about you or concern you to some extent. Unlike banal stories, personal stories are more likely to create strong associations. At the same time, such an object or event must be also sufficiently familiar to another person since she must first come across them to remember you. For example, the true story of a meeting with your favorite musical band during a grocery shopping trip will be unique, and most likely, a person will remember this the next time they hear a song from this band on the radio. On the other hand, the story that you went to a concert will sound too ordinary and maybe forgotten.

Show your value

How to get her to miss you? Before someone starts to miss you, you need to become a person worthy of it. But this does not mean that you should bribe someone's sympathy. This means that you should make the same contribution to the relationship that you expect to receive in return. In general, try to relate to the understanding of the other person both in good and bad times. Rejoice and grieve with her. Empathy and listening skills demonstrate a deep level of care, and this alone can already attract someone to you.

Leave something for her

How to make someone miss you? Before you give her space to miss you, you should leave something behind. Before your paths diverge, choose something you can specifically “forget” and leave it to her. This item should remind her of you every time a person sees it. In addition, it will create an unspoken promise to meet again soon to bring this thing back. Make sure you can afford to forget this item. A bracelet, watch or your favorite book - all this will be a good option. But a mobile phone or wallet is not a good idea. If you don’t have the opportunity to discreetly leave the item, declare your intention to do so. Go ahead and say that this thing will guarantee that you will soon return and see her again.

Make a strong impression before you leave

If you know that you are parting for a longer time than usual, make a little effort to say goodbye beautifully. This impression should be so pleasant that the person feels regret that it all ends. Be gentle and avoid conflicts. If you are talking about a romantic relationship, dress nicely and carefully tidy yourself to be imprinted in the visual memory for a long time. If you part for a long time, you can give a farewell gift. It can be something that does not last long, for example, a ball of ice cream from a cafe that this person loves, or something lasting, for example, a tastefully made work of art or a scrapbook. In any case, the act of giving will remain in the memory of a person, and every time this memory comes up, she will miss you.

Basic Ways to Make Her Miss You

And finally, here are some ways to make her miss you like crazy.

Limit the amount of time you spend together

How to disappear to make her miss you? If you want a girl to miss you, do not spend all your free time on her. Spend that much time with her so that she understands how interesting and funny you are; if you spend too much time with her, she will take it for granted. Meet with a girl once or twice a week and do not limit your social activity to this. Otherwise, the girl will think that she can meet you whenever she wants. If a girl wants to meet with you, she must agree with you about this in advance (in a few days). Do not be there for her at all times! When meeting with a girl, do not spend all day with her, but only a few hours, so that she appreciates this time. You may find the described actions strange, but they are part of the strategy.

Limit the number of your phone conversations with a girl

How to make her miss you via text? Let it be relatively short conversations so that the girl does not think that you have nothing else to do. You can talk with her over the phone about your joint plans or find out how she is doing; all this should not take you more than a few minutes. To maintain her interest in you, do not drag out phone conversations to such an extent that you don’t have much left to talk about. Do not tell her everything over the phone. This can be done in person. If you are talking with a girl on the phone for several minutes, try to flirt with her during this time, cheer her up and make her feel special. Do not watch a football match during a conversation; let her know how much you value talking to her.

Do not give up your favorite activities (hobbies) to date a girl

If you want her to be bored when you are not around, continue to do what you love. Keep playing soccer, writing an article, or learning Japanese. Let her see that you are an interesting and active person who is passionate about many activities, and not just romantic relationships. The girl will respect you and think that you are a very interesting person if you have hobbies. In addition, by doing your favorite things, you will have more topics for talking with a girl. If a girl knows that you have a lot of hobbies, she will appreciate the time spent with you more.

ways to make her miss you like crazyDo not forget about friends

Spend time with them, even if you have a fairly serious relationship with your girlfriend. Do not spend all the time with the girl but meet with your friends. You can reduce the time spent with friends, but never forget about them at all (otherwise, your girlfriend will think that she "tamed" you). If she knows that you have many friends, she will think of you as an interesting person with whom many people want to spend time. If she feels that she is the only one with whom you can talk or spend time, she will not miss you. Find the middle ground between the amount of time spent with friends and a girl. You do not need your girlfriend or your friends to lose interest in you just because you devote more time to one of them.

Contact the girl from time to time

When we talk about the best ways to make her miss you, we must remember to not go too far. If you want a girl to miss you, remind her of yourself from time to time. Send a message, a short email or call her to find out how she is doing. Contact her so often that she does not forget you, but also do not overdo it with messages or calls. Do not always call or text her first, your girlfriend should also call or text you. If you know that she is planning an important event (for example, an interview or some celebration), contact her and wish her good luck. After this event, call or text her to find out how everything went about. This will demonstrate to the girl that you care and remember her, even when you are not around.

Ask the girl questions about her life

Are you interested in texts that make her miss you? Ask her about her life. This way you show her that you are interested in her life, and she will think and miss you. Ask her questions on dates, by phone or in text messages. Do not ask too many questions - on a date, ask her about her family, pets, plans for the weekend, friends, hobbies; in a phone conversation or a text message, ask her about an important event in her life or just ask how she is doing. If you want to please a girl, show her that you are interested in her. This is much more important than being pretty or “cool.” After all, girls dream of men who care about them. If a girl feels that you care about her, then she will miss you more when you are not nearby. Do not forget her answers to your questions! If a girl has to repeat what she has already told you, then she will think that you do not care about her.

Do not try to be a different person just to conquer a girl

Be yourself; do not play the role of a man who, in your opinion, this girl would prefer. Instead, demonstrate your best qualities and tell her about your interests and hobbies. You don’t need to treat the girl as your friends, but don’t act in front of her (in the end, she will understand that you are playing someone else's role). If you love a girl and want her to miss you, you need to make sure that the person lacks you, not your embellished copy. Although it may take some time to open up to the girl and show her who you really are, so always be yourself.

And finally, now that we know some ways to get her to miss you, let’s mention something important. Do not overdo it with the distance from the girl. Yes, it is recommended to keep the girl at a certain distance (to limit time for dates and phone calls) to make her like you and think about you, but if you go too far – she will break up with you. If you are, at first, kind and affectionate, and then become cold and distant, then she will quickly become disappointed in you. If she does not understand what is happening to you, then your relationship with her will be ruined.

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I’m a woman and I can say that the best way to make a girl miss you is to limit the attention you give her. This includes both personal meetings and phone communication.
12.02.2020 01:09
I’m a woman and I can say that the best way to make a girl miss you is to limit the attention you give her. This includes both personal meetings and phone communication.
02.03.2020 11:32
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