Dating a Mature Russian Lady: How to and What to Avoid

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So the Internet is full of guides to European girls dating but not all foreign singles are interested in younger ladies. There are men who want to explore the world of senior dating too. Quite many foreigners, by the way, aim to find mature Russian women for committed relationships. Personally, I’d like to focus on 40-something women in this article. If you are reading it now, you probably know the pluses of May-September relationships and I want to give you advice on how to make it work.


What 40-something women look for in relationships

Individuality. Young girls often estimate a potential partner’s social status, physical attractiveness and his ability to amuse them. Older ladies dig deeper. A mature Russian woman wants to be with a man who demonstrates solid merits and capabilities, one who realizes his worth and his life goals.

Democracy. There is a false stereotype that all Russian women are submissive and lack self-assurance. In fact, modern ladies from Russia gain more and more independence. Females in their late 30s and 40s now seek men who wouldn’t want them to take the backseat in relationships – they wish to be equals with their male partners.

Understanding. Surely, this is one of the basic things women need. A mature person possesses an established view of life so she wants to be with one who is able to search for compromises in relationships. Such a woman is just unready to give up their principles and freedom to act for no good reason. Harmonious couples occur when two people adapt their needs to each other.

Fidelity. A rare woman from Eastern Europe wants to be in an open relationship; they all appreciate commitment. The ability to be loyal to one and only woman is vital for personal relations – that’s what Russians really think. Keep this in mind especially if you wish to tie the knot with a Russian lady.

Honesty. This feature of character is generally welcomed. A foreigner dating a Russian woman is expected to keep their communication transparent. In particular, if we talk about older ladies, you need to remember that they can’t stand lies in love. They all have already been through many tests and don’t want to waste their energy on unreliable beaus.

Emotional and intellectual connection. Slavic women typically look for it in relationships. Mature Russian ladies who have known different men throughout their lives can already choose who to spend their time with. They prefer dating decent males instead of going out with those who can’t make communication meaningful.

How to attract and date a mature Russian woman in 8 steps

Demonstrate your mental maturity. Interested in older Russian women dating? Then you need to prove yourself as a boyfriend material. Ladies of this kind value men’s intellect, determined life priorities, accomplishments, and experiences. If you manage to impress her with your mind capabilities, the age gap between you won’t be a problem at

Entertain her. Women like to be amused by men and older women are no exception. Somebody might call it a negative gender stereotype but female creatures still desire to be conquered by representatives of the opposite sex. By taking care about a lady’s mood, you show your true devotion so get inventive!

Keep promises. Being in a relationship with someone means being flexible: you must carve time out of your schedule for your lover and take her interests into an account while planning your routine. Likewise, it is necessary to be punctual and responsible for what you say and do. A Russian mature lady aims to find a grown man for romantic interaction.

Don’t be obsessed with the age factor. Regardless of how many years you two have apart, you don’t really need to raise this topic. When an older lady asks you about your age, it is better to let her guess on her own prior to disclosing it – this is just another flirting technique to use. Anyway, there is a plenty of more important things around!

Read between the lines. There is a golden rule of dating with Russian women: if she says “no” to your wooing, she actually says “yes” and vice verse. I don’t speak about cases when you pressure on your lady – it is unacceptable and you must realize it. But note also that Russian females rarely express their romantic interest in a direct way so your task is to decode signals she sends to you.

Be sincere. Russians don’t like strangers who hide their true selves. Do not pretend to be someone else if you really want to make a woman from this country curious about you. It is always better to show who you are than act out a completely different person.

Mind your outer attractiveness. When mature women seek younger men for dating, they definitely know what they want to get on a physical level: a strong fit body and a lot of good sex. Since the peak of female sexuality occurs later, this is fully understandable. So don’t underestimate good clothing and self-grooming when it comes to charming a lady!

Project manliness. If you want to know the main secret of how to make a Russian woman like you, here it is. There is the thick line between femininity and masculinity in their society so men are expected to perform their traditional role.

Commitment in one’s 40’s: what to be concerned about

Dating with mature women is different from dating with young girls partially because long-lasting commitment becomes questionable. Apart from many sure advantages of relationships with ladies in their 40s, there are some downsides too. Let’s see what pitfalls Russian women dating might hide.Beautiful-old-woman

Mature Russian women do have their past. Almost every single woman in her late 30s has ever been in relationships. In Russia, girls tend to build families in their 20s; a big proportion of them gets divorced several years after and goes through unsuccessful romances. By all means, these events hugely impact a woman’s character and mindset.

It’s hard to predict where this leads you. Russian women dating foreigners normally have clear goals but mature ladies might not be so willing to commit. Many of them date younger men because they wish to enjoy everything life may give. Moreover, some men see relationships with older women as temporary.

People like to talk about May-September couples. I suppose you know how exactly they do it. Many stereotypes circulate around such couples and partners have to deal with irritation and awkwardness. I don’t mean it is present in any relationship of this type but make it count!

Your mindsets might be too different. Age gaps may become more noticeable with time. We all get older, our habits and life values change, our characters evolve. Too often, romantic partners of the same age can’t stand through this.

There are cougars among mature ladies. Older women dating young men are often referred to as cougars. That means they only hunt for sex. I don’t want to say all 40-something ladies become cougars yet you should think twice if you want to find something different.

You will need to deal with a particular type of jealousy. Age isn’t a synonym for wisdom but physically mature women tend to be mature persons with their achievements. Younger people often feel underrated in such relationships because they don’t have so many things to be proud of. Remember that partners should feel equally appreciated if you plan to create a family with a Russian woman older than you!

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Mature ladies are the best options for committed relationships. They are still attractive, but they are not already capricious and windy. It’s much pleasant to date such women.
02.03.2020 09:39
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