Dating a Cancer Woman: a Comprehensive Guide

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If you meet a mysterious, calm, dreamy, good-natured, open, but a little unpredictable lady – you can be sure that it’s a Cancer woman in front of you. She may seem somewhat simple and unsophisticated, but in fact, she’s hard to understand. She’s unpredictable and doesn’t let anyone closer easily. You feel cozy and warm with her; she knows what care and affection mean. Cancer is a peculiar zodiac sign, and even the most accurate horoscope won’t help you figure out what they hide inside.

If you’re the guy who’s ready to confess feelings every day and comfort his chosen one, then the Cancer girl is perfect for you. But don’t try to make her fall in love with you if you think that in love, you can be financially and spiritually independent. Cancer women don’t believe that all you need for love is joint goals in life. For them, only such things as, affection, sincere conversations, and support play the main role. If you’re ready for this, here’s what you need to know about dating Cancer women.

how to understand a Cancer woman

Interesting facts about Cancer women

At first glance, Cancer woman personality may seem purposeful and independent, but in fact, she’s just a weak lady, who’s very afraid that she’ll never be able to find a strong shoulder to lean on. A cancer woman doesn’t like sharing her happiness with someone else. Even the slightest thought that she can marry a man, who won’t be able to provide for her or will cheat on her, is painful. She’s scared that someone will come and deprive her of warmth and protection.

How to make a Cancer girl fall in love with you

To make a Cancer woman fall in love with you, you must remember that she’s vulnerable and fragile and needs constant care and tenderness. In other words, make her constantly feel that you support her and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Trust us – this impresses Cancer girls even more than the muscles and a pretty face.

Traits of a Cancer woman make her prone to all kinds of doubts and fears. She thinks that she’s not beautiful enough, or her look isn’t as stylish as she would like, or her figure isn’t as slender as she wants. Your task is to constantly convince her of the opposite, pleasing her with compliments. She loves them, especially if they come from the heart, without flattery. Words of recognition and praise said during a slow walk somewhere in a park work best. In the moonlight, a Cancer woman becomes more emotional and receptive, which greatly increases your chances of success.

What else you need to know about a Cancer girl

Don’t worry if the Cancer woman makes a sad face when she meets you. She does this deliberately so that you ask her if she has any problems and help her solve them. When it comes to real life, Cancer women can’t cope with the difficulties themselves; they start looking for someone, who would assist them. That’s why reliable men are the best matches for Cancer woman. If she can’t find a person, who will calm her and say that everything’s fine, a Cancer lady “hides her head in the sand” in hope that the problem will be solved by itself.

Cancer woman personalityWhen chatting with a woman of this zodiac sign, don’t even think about complaining that you don’t earn enough to feel comfortable because she hates men who can’t provide themselves financially. However, she’s not interested in your financial well-being because of some personal interest. She just needs to be sure that with you, she’ll be protected and won’t have to think about tomorrow herself.

Cancer woman characteristics

These girls don’t like noisy companies and parties, preferring calm dates with their boyfriends in their family or closest friends circle. When sitting at one table with a Cancer woman, don’t criticize or discuss her with others. Hurting Cancer's feelings in someone else’s presence is dangerous. Cancer woman traits are like an unstable chemical substance that can explode if you add a wrong word or gesture to it.

A Cancer girl appreciates her family, home, and coziness. Cancers are strongly attached to their loved ones, and there’s nothing more painful than losing them. A Cancer woman is a great cook. She’s tender but very distrustful and jealous, which often causes constant quarrels.

A Cancer girl comes on a date, secretly wishing long and deep conversations (but she’ll never admit it). But deep conversations usually mask the skillful interrogation. If your answers are honest, you can count on a wonderful evening in a beautiful, intelligent, and delicate woman’s company. And maybe, there will be even more to your date.

How to understand a Cancer woman? It’s impossible. But there are a couple of tips to make it easier to cope with her.

A guide to dating a Cancer woman

Cancers have a rich, romance-oriented inner world. The perfect date for them is an evening in a quiet, cozy restaurant, an intimate conversation, and gentle touches. How to attract a Cancer woman? A little bit of wine will help her feel more liberated and crawl out of her shell. If you’re thinking about building a relationship with this girl, then it's best to show yourself an attentive listener with an understanding and affectionate smile.

How to communicate with a Cancer woman

First of all, be prepared to dispel her doubts – she’s probably unsure of her beauty and attractiveness. Nevertheless, this lady can be strict, despotic, and always knows what is right. Add the talent for creating a cozy microclimate in the relationship, and make a conclusion: Do you love strong-willed women? If the answer is positive, this option is for you. But there’s one more thing about dating a Cancer woman - arguing with her is a bad idea.

Cancers intuitively feel deceit and insincerity. They’re possessive by nature. If she thinks that something belongs to her, she won’t let anyone have it. Besides, a Cancer woman in love is a bit paranoid, so your girlfriend may create a problem out of nothing. Is something wrong? Better discuss everything at once, or the situation may get worse.

Where to ask a Cancer girl out?

Ask her out to a theater or concert. Cancers are sensitive to romantic music. If you dine together, try to keep the background music quiet. They love water sports, so take your companion to a beach for a day. If you find a fairly secluded spot, she’ll gladly swim with you naked.


How to know if a Cancer woman likes you? Just keep praising her, and you can be sure that she’s interested in you. Cancer girls don’t like indifference. If she comes on a date in a new dress, let her know that you noticed it. If she’s wearing new earrings, be sure to comment on them. But be careful with her hypersensitivity. You can tell her that her earrings look charming, and she’ll decide that you mean that you didn’t like the ones she wore last time. You may say that she looks more feminine in this dress, and she may think that she’s not feminine enough for you.

If you want to cancel a date because you suddenly caught flu, don’t do it. Allow your Cancer companion to show her strong suit – care. Let her come to you with fruits, flowers, and a new book to read it to you or just sit by your side and hold your hand. If you really want to know how to tell if a Cancer woman likes you, you need to watch her reaction in bed.

dating a Cancer woman Cancer women in bed: 7 important rules

On the one hand, a Cancer girl in bed is charming, feminine, and affectionate; on the other, she’s demanding and hard to please. Here’s how to turn on a Cancer woman.

Show some initiative

In sex, a Cancer woman will never make the first step, although she’s responsive to her partner’s desire. She’s too shy and afraid that if she gets out of her shell, she can do something wrong. You need to provide support until her erotic imagination is freed from this fear. You must show her that she can safely follow her desires, and everything she does brings you pleasure.

Be gentle

The sensitive nature of a Cancer woman in sex is greatly influenced by her partner's attitude. If you’re understanding, sympathetic, and kind, your partner will open up before you. But it's also easy to scare her off with a rude word or gesture. The shell of her self-confidence is very fragile.

More romance

Light touches, mysterious looks, and candlelight – Cancers love it. They perceive the world through the prism of emotions, and when their heart is filled with love, the surrounding world looks much brighter and happier. But these gentle people are inclined to insecurity and shyness. They’re very cautious and often hide their desire in the shadows.

Don’t rush things

If you want to know how to please a Cancer woman in bed, remember that Cancer is a very sensual zodiac sign that loves tactile sensations. She likes to take her time and enjoy a pleasant foreplay. She loves to caress her partner’s erogenous zones and play with them. She feels pleasure turning the man on with her fingers. Bringing the partner almost to the peak of sensations, she stops and teases him a bit to give truly unforgettable emotions. Her sensuality shows itself in the most unexpected situations. For example, she likes flavored lubes.

Don’t be rude

Cancer European women are most afraid of rudeness in bed and often see it where it doesn’t even exist. That’s why they strive for a safe relationship. Sometimes, as a reaction to her partner’s rudeness, a Cancer woman leaves him without sex for a few weeks. But in general, Cancers are very resourceful in bed, but they don’t appreciate any extremes. They prefer traditional caresses but add so much imagination to them that the man remembers a night of passion with a Cancer woman forever.

Give her pleasure first

How to turn on a Cancer woman? Forget about yourself and concentrate on her. When it comes to sex, a Cancer woman can be quite romantic and erotic. She likes to put your interests before her own, so you may want to please her first.

Pay attention to her erogenous zones

Cancers’ most sensitive erogenous zones are nipples. Try to bite them a little. Another way to bring a Cancer girl the maximum pleasure is to kiss and tickle her earlobes with the tongue. As for other tricks, Cancers are surprisingly conservative. She will be completely satisfied with the classical missionary position.

Nature gives women, born under the sign of Cancer, extraordinary femininity. These women’s gaze is piercing, fascinating, sometimes naive, reflecting the spontaneity and mystery of their soul. It certainly attracts attention. These ladies intuitively feel the situation and mood, and their appearance never contrasts with the world that surrounds them. They always dress wonderfully and harmoniously, creating a complete image. Most of them like to dress womanly and choose classic clothes. When it comes to make-up, Cancer women prefer rich dark shades which only strengthen their unique mystery.

Women of this sign have an amazing trait: they become only better over the years. They have nothing against relationships with men, much younger than them: they look so good that their companions simply don’t pay attention to the difference. If you find a Cancer girl, never let her go.

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I have many close friends and those of them who have married Cancer women have healthy and happy relationships as if these girls were born to be great wives and give birth to cute kids.
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