Dating After a Breakup: Rules to Build Strong Relationships

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Dating is probably the most important part of human lives because humans are very social beings, and we can’t live alone for too long. This is why we struggle so much when we have to deal with breakups, especially after long relationships. For some people dating right after a breakup is not a big deal, but this only means that they have never been very close with their partners. Unfortunately, this does not happen very often, but it is also the reason for breakups.

For most people, it is very hard to return to dating after a breakup, and we can’t blame those people and say that they are weak and incapable. In fact, everyone can face such problems, especially after a very long relationship. The moral pain after a breakup can literarily knock your socks off.

dating right after a break up

How Long Should It Take to Start Dating Again?

Should you start dating immediately after a breakup?

We can’t recommend you dating right after a breakup because you simply haven’t recovered yet to be able to dive into new serious relationships. Of course, you may try to meet a single female, but don’t expect that dating them will be very easy. Ideally, you should come back to dating only when you will feel recovered and fully ready for dating.

How soon to start dating after a breakup?

People often ask when to start dating after a breakup because they are afraid that they will be alone for the rest of their lives. Thus, they want to find a new partner as soon as possible. But in real life, there is nothing to worry about because you will easily find a new partner, but only when you will be ready for new relationships. So, how long to wait before dating again after a breakup? Don’t wait, act! Just by deciding to wait for a couple of months before you start dating other people, you won’t change a thing, and you will still feel very bad.

You should heal yourself to be ready for dating again. To do that, you need to act, for example, you should spend time with your friends, not to feel alone and to forget about your ex-partner, or you can try to read relationship tips, to make sure that you won’t face problems in relationships.

Before making any steps, you need to analyze why you actually need relationships. If you want to date someone just because you are too afraid to be alone, then you definitely should skip on dating, till you learn how to happily live alone. This is very important because understanding the real reasons that stand behind your desire to date someone is crucial for your happiness.

The Main Signs That You Are Ready to Date Again

After a hard breakup, people often struggle hard to come back to normal life. They simply don't feel like dating after a breakup. Sometimes these moral conditions last so long, so people don’t understand whether they still suffer from moral pain or it has become a bad habit. This terrible situation appears way more often than you think it does. Thus, to help you deal with such conditions, we are going to share with you 5 main signs that you are ready to date again.

should you start dating after break up1. Your past breakup doesn’t bother you anymore

You have been sad for a very long time because you missed your ex-girlfriend and still suffered from a breakup with her. Frequently, people unintentionally sacrifice their future for their past, and this is the worst thing you can do with your life. Your past doesn’t mean a thing anymore. If you don’t have those feelings anymore, and all those songs that you were used to listening together with your ex don’t hurt you anymore, it means that you let your past go, and now you are ready for new romantic adventures and beginnings.

2. Your apathy is gone, and you feel open for new experiences

After a hard breakup, people usually feel apathy and don’t want even to hang out with their friends. If you are ready not only to hang out with a friend, but also you want to, then it means that your apathy is gone, and now you won’t have to force yourself to spend time with your friends. At this stage, you will want to have romantic relationships too.

3. You found a balance in your life

After breaking up, people usually try to recompense their emotional sufferings with work or other activities. They begin to pay too much time to one activity, completely forgetting about other ones. Thus, they lose a balance in their lives. If you have passed this stage, and now, you don’t feel the need to compensate for something, then it means that you are ready to have a new relationship. A new relationship usually means new possibilities, and even if there are some small changes in your life-balance, those changes will only make you happier.

4. You feel happy

As we have mentioned before, people after hard breakups often feel depressed and don’t even dream about being happy again. For them, it seems that happiness is long gone, and they don’t deserve to be happy again. Of course, this has nothing to do with reality. When you realize that you can be happy without your ex-girlfriend, you are also ready for new beginnings and romantic relationships in your life. Happiness tells a lot about your attitude to everything.

5. You feel full of energy

How to understand that your depression is over? Depression usually drains energy and acts as a vampire that drains blood from its victims. If now you feel full of energy, it means that your depression is over. The only thing you need to do is to direct this energy correctly. You will feel more powerful and deal with all the problems much faster. Thus, you shouldn’t stop, don’t be afraid to use this energy to your advantage.

Dating After a Breakup: Major Steps to Dating Again

Many people have no idea how to start dating again after a breakup, they believe that “time heals” and they need just to wait a bit longer. Of course, this concept works and maybe even works well, but there are ways how you can reduce the amount of time that you need to suffer after a breakup. Read our 5-step guide to be able to come back to dating right after a breakup. Those steps won’t take too much effort.

1. Forget about your past relationships

What is passed is passed, and you should understand it as soon as possible. There is no coming back to your old relationships. And even if there was a way to revive your old relationship, you wouldn’t want to do this. Because there is no guarantee that your resurrected relationships won’t end up with a breakup again. Remember, the best way to recover from a hard breakup is to completely forget about your past relationships. Don’t allow your past to affect your future. Learn from your mistakes and forget about this terrible experience like you forget nightmares.

2. Consider every lesson you learned from your ex

The most important thing in human life is to learn. You should learn from everything since the more you learn, the more effectively you can act to achieve your goals and become a successful person. Some say that our mistakes are the best teachers. Of course, the best way to learn from mistakes is to learn from mistakes that were made by other people. For example, you can learn from your ex. Analyze his or her behavior, pay attention to every small detail, and make sure not to miss anything important. Thus, you will know what to search and avoid in your future partner.

3. Keep an image of a good partner in your mind

After completing step number 3, you are ready to create an image of a good partner. Now, the most important thing is to memorize this image and search for people like that. But be careful here, sometimes people in their imagination can create too perfect pictures that can be matched by any real people. Stay realistic in creating an image of a good partner. If you are not able to find someone in a reasonable amount of time, then you should lower your standards a bit. Although, make sure that your standards are not too low.

4. Improve yourself

The best thing you can do to go back to dating as soon as possible after a hard breakup is to start working on yourself. Often, apathy completely consumes those who recently went through a breakup. In this case, they tend to stay at home and watch TV series all day and night long. As you may have guessed, this is definitely not the best way to come back to dating. Instead of watching TV series at home, you can do the same in a gym while using an exercise bike or a treadmill. Thus, you won’t only improve your health, but your body will produce hormones that will help deal with apathy.

how soon to start dating after a break up5. Go and find your soulmate

The final step is to go hunting. Of course, you can stay at home and wait for a really beautiful girl or boy to come to your place and ask you whether you want to date him or her or not, but this is not the best option ever. Instead of waiting, you should go and find your soulmate yourself. Remember the picture of your perfect partner that you have created during the third step? Great, now, you should think about where people like to spend their time. Those places will be your first goals, go there and get acquainted with the new people.

Tips to Build New Strong Relationships

After breakups, people are often afraid to build new relationships because they believe that they will end the same way. Of course, this is nothing more than an exaggerated fear. But still, how to persuade your brain that this fear is exaggerated and irrational? The best way to fight fear is to learn how to deal with its consequences. We are going to share with you 5 small tips on how to build a new strong relationship. Thus, you will know how to deal with your fear of new relationships.

1. Trust

Trust is the most important thing in any relationship, especially in romantic ones. You won’t be able to relax and feel comfortable with your partner if you don’t trust him or her. Remember, there is no white lie. If you lie to your partner, even about the smallest things, it creates a hollowness in your relationship. One day, this hollowness may turn into a black hole and will consume your relationships. So, don’t lie to your partner.

2. Establish a connection

Another important aspect of healthy and strong relationships is a connection between two people engaged in relationships. In many ways, your connection depends on intimacy in relationships. The real intimacy lies way beyond any physical contact. It is about an emotional connection. Make sure that in your new relationships, you are emotionally connected with your partner.

3. Respect your partner

Without mutual respect, your new relationships won’t last long. Respect your partner’s ideas, desires, and wishes. You both must understand that you are two separate personalities who have decided to be together, so without respecting each other’s ideas and beliefs, your relationships won’t be successful.

4. Make plans together

When two people are making plans together, it means that they have serious relationships and won’t break up because of some small and ridiculous reasons. In your case, making plans together also helps be persistent in its implementation. Common plans unite people. It also shows that both of you are ready to share responsibilities.

5. Don’t be afraid of quarreling

Disputes are a very important part of any relationship. With the help of disputes, people solve problems and defend their interests. The most important thing is neither to shout nor to insult your partner during your disputes. Doing that, you will only offend your partner.

As you can see, apathy is your worst enemy after the breakup. Should you be afraid of it? Certainly not! Why should you be afraid of something that will disappear by itself with time? And don’t forget that you can take certain steps to make sure that your apathy and pain after a breakup disappear faster. The only thing that you should be afraid of after a breakup is your laziness to change anything. Don't stay still. You either move forward or backward, the choice is yours.

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After a break-up, the main thing is to realize that this is life, shit happens! Not always everything works out well. But it’s necessary to move on and fight for own happiness.
12.02.2020 01:01
After a break-up, the main thing is to realize that this is life, shit happens! Not always everything works out well. But it’s necessary to move on and fight for own happiness.
02.03.2020 11:27
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