Signs She Wants a Relationship but Is Scared of Admitting It

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Not every person having fallen for someone else can possibly boast knowing how to express his/her true feelings for the first time. Drifting through doubtful, frightening, rough waters of a young immature relationship is entrancing, raw, exciting and terrifying – all at the same time. As enchanted as you are by your new passionate love, you are also hungry for a true commitment, for the verbal confirmation that the faith you put into someone else won’t end up in vain. But it looks like there’s no easier way to drive yourself into the dead end than by remaining unsure of how your crush really feels about you. You want to lay out all your feelings at once, but you don’t want to be too hasty with declarations that may eventually lead to promises you’re not ready to make yet. Quite a tricky situation, huh?

modern relationships

How modern people see relationships

Modern relations and dating are usually all about fun, joy, rainbows, and unicorns prancing around. Indeed. You hang out with a person you’re driven to and get to do many things you would otherwise not get such an opportunity to do. And of course, sex is, perhaps, the best thing about dating and relationships. If you have it – consider yourself a lucky one! So, everything appears to be nicely flowing and both of you are totally contented. Now the question is: is she truly happy being where she is with you or is she expecting something more?

What can we say about modern relationships? First and foremost, they require a lot of work in order to keep developing. What to say, when to say it, how you say it, the awkwardness of the first kiss. You’ve probably got over this step. But once you’ve passed all the small talk and getting to know each other more closely, you’ve entered this phase where you either bring it to the next level or ground arms.

When does dating turn into a relationship? Well, maybe at the moment when one of you feels prepared to go pro and evolve into something bigger than just holding hands. And it is always a nerve-wracking moment. Especially if your girl tries to make this step. But sometimes it appears you seem to overlook her attempts to give your dating a push forward. So, here are some 15 major signs she wants a relationship but is scared to say it straight.

Signs she wants a relationship with you but is too scared to admit it

Struggling hard to figure out what your girlfriend feels about you when it’s too early to say “I love you” can be pretty annoying and tiresome, but it just comes down to your inability to catch and interpret the nonverbal cues. There’s an endless number of little ways people subconsciously show their concerns about our lives. And when you start taking notice of all the little clues she provides you when she’s around you, you won’t need those promises to be sure you are loved.

sign she wants a relationships 1. She’s touchy

The first sign she wants a relationship with you is one of the unclear ones. And by “touchy” we don’t suppose that she is all over you, drilling your brain. That’s not that touchy we’re talking of. We mean when she softly approaches your hand with her fingers, when she laughs at even the worst jokes of yours or fixes your hair if she sees something is out of place. Touch is one of the major indicators of her feelings for you. So, make sure you pay attention to the smallest gestures in your address. Believe it, if girls don’t want to touch you, they won’t.

2. She’s a devoted listener

When looking for signs that she wants a relationship, you may have spotted she’s always near to provide a listening ear. There’s a great difference between a woman who just wants to spend a night with you and a woman who actually likes you. This difference is in the way she listens to you. If she really loves you, she will sacrifice her personal time for a conversation with you and always listen to what you need to say. She’ll remember all your problems with your boss at work or what you prefer doing on Friday nights. Furthermore, she is trying real hard to comprehend if she fits in with your style of life and vice versa.

3. She remembers every detail about you

European women may have a million insignificant things to trouble about, so if she devotes her time and efforts to memorize even the smallest things about you that you used to mention to her by the way, it is undoubtedly one of the signs she wants a relationship with you. For real, a female who treats you simply like a man to jump into bed with, will hardly ever bother about your favorite football club, your food preferences and life goals.

4. She touches upon your future

No lady generally pays much attention to where a guy’s life path is headed, until, unless she is interested in sharing this path with him. In this case, it becomes essential for her to be aware of your plans for future and goals. Most likely she’s already begun calculating the cost of your wedding and the list of people invited, having a baby (or two) and moving to a new house. Thus, maybe a dreamy smile on her face while you talk of your life plans is one of the signs she wants a relationship with you? Possibly, yup.

5. She takes care of you

All females tend to display that kind of motherly behavior to people they have strong links with. Of course, that can be for friends, brothers, sisters and even guys they’re not indifferent to. So if she provides her assistance in your everyday chores, makes sure you won’t leave the dining table with an empty stomach or reminds you to take your pills on time, you can be 98% sure she’s showing signs she wants a relationship.

6. She is literally glued to you

Be it 4AM or 11PM - you’re always the person she is with if she has something to share. It may mean all she wants to do is to nestle close to you and talk about some unserious stuff or it might be an impulsive call as she badly needs to hear your voice. Whatever the reason may be, you’re the first one she thinks about and addresses to. She is gradually making you a part of everything she loves because, after all, she wants you to become a part of her life.

7. She shares her favorite music with you

Music is one of the most personal things she can freely share with somebody really close. Listen carefully to a playlist of your girl’s favorite tunes and find out if they’re actually telling you something about her attitude to you. This is the way girls share their secret truths about who they really are. Just like, if they, say, look up or anyhow show interest in your music taste to know more about your personality.

sign she wants a relationship with you 8. She’s introduced you to her friends and family

Alright, women have their friends and family in top priority, so if she is trying to get people close to her to get to know you, then it clearly indicates she considers you more than just a guy dating her. It could also mean she’s introducing you to them in order to see what they think of you, which again means you mean a lot to her.

9. She apologizes frequently (even if she’s done nothing wrong)

If she’s able and bold enough to admit she has messed up, or simply was wrong or ignorant, is a clear sign she wants a relationship to evolve further. And since being always right is completely amazing, she must love you a lot. And together with that, her apologies aren’t often about that she’s really worried about you being mad with her as it is that she wishes to hear you’re totally good.

10. She wants to know your past

She aspires to know where you come from or to understand what formed your character. She tries to define where your occasional features of Western accent originate, or how your hair color is actually the most beloved thing among the women in your family. She wants to be aware of all the little joys you had in your life and the person you were before you’d met. There is nothing more bonding than that.

11. She opens to you

Girls do not usually uncover emotionally to guys, unless you’ve been friends for a while. And if it is about your relations, then know that this is surely one of the signs she wants a relationship with you simply because there are no other reasons she would make herself emotionally discreet to you.

Opening up to a man and making herself vulnerable is a horrifying thing for her to do as she realizes she may be hurt. At the same time, if she’s talking about her feelings and dreams, then she expects you to be the person she can trust. If you two aren’t “just friends”, this is a huge sign that she is comfortable with you.

12. She talks about serious things with you

Topics for a conversation like geopolitics, religions, philosophy or even such sacred things as Marvel vs. DC are constantly brought up all of a sudden. Your conversations’ stream tends to turn serious from time to time and you have certainly spotted this. Not? Well, the point is, she’s simply making those steps to get to know you better and possibly trying to deduct how compatible you two can be in the long-term relationship. So don’t scare her off because it’s a good sign she wants a relationship to last long.

13. Eye contact

Girls gaze at boys when they like them. Females are not so straightforward – they are not going to stare at you for hours, only if they want to. But you’ll definitely catch her glances at you when you’re least expecting it. So, if she’s trying to establish an eye contact with you, she literally drills you with her eyes.

14. She’s always there to help

Women can express their feelings in multiple ways. One of those is through stretching her hand to help you. She may astonish you by cooking your favorite meals right after work or help you sort out some errands when you’re off sick. Such nonverbal gestures indicate her care about you.

15. She mentions things she likes about you

No matter what you are like or how little you notice it, girls will claim it’s wonderful, just because YOU did it, just because it’s yours. They won’t probably say that they love you, but, Jesus, they will tell you everything they like about you.

Men, some of us are really lucky to have a loving girl by our side! We meet those perfect girls while in high school or graduating from a university and they stay with us forever. Yet, even if you have finally found the right woman, we still have to worry if she shares our love. Does she desire a relationship with you? Does she see you as just a friend and a good guy?

If you do feel comfortable around each other, we also recommend directly asking her about what she wants from your relationship. The only way you can be sure is to ask her, so spend some time dating, develop enough comfortable relations and then ask her if she wants to make things go deeper.

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I have noticed that women who have got through painful breakups are extremely touchy and vulnerable, and they are afraid to experience this range of emotions once again.
02.03.2020 10:02
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